Monday, September 18, 2017

Old Love, Art, and Prayers for Summer!

Louis Dean went to town today. By himself.
He needed to return a water heater that - upon taking it out of the box - discovered that it was dented - both top and bottom!! I worried about him going alone but he needed to get some parts for the shower and other supplies - and I know NOTHING about any of this - so I sent him off all by himself.
And while he was gone - I painted!

But not before I did house work and lunch while watching.....

It was 1982 when this movie came out.....and I saw it then and several times since.
After I ate a bologna and cheese sandwich with a side of nachos....
and finished the movie....I went out to the new room to paint and wait for Louis Dean to come home.

I finished this one! You can tell because I signed my name.

I actually based in this canvas last night.
Art has been a high priority on this trip to the country.

I finished this Santa from 2016.....and I cannot remember if it was mine or one promised to another!
I'll figure it out when I get home.....

This one is based in and I plan on painting the details tomorrow.....
after I get back from my Goodwill Treasure Hunting!

I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am loving this canvas.
I take a gift box and make it into my own painting.
Sometimes it looks the same but often times it morphs into your own vision of it.

I was so ready for Louis Dean to get back to the ranch!

I was out in the new room painting and watching and waiting for his return.

My handsome husband!
I loved my time alone.....but it didn't take much before I was missing him.

Old love is every bit as much romantic as young love.
I have had both and they are equally special.

Here's a reality shot.....
The new water heater is on the left....Louis Dean's 'stuff' is as the bottom and my art is in the middle with some fall decor above and Louis Dean's aloe vera plants hanging above.
We might as well decorate and enjoy the space we have until it is out!
AND - I am excited about a conversation LD and I had tonight about the wall between the camper and the new will be tin! I love TIN!!! 
We are a work in progress here at the are we all are in life.
We are on our where we need to be.
And I am trusting God to take us there.

I close tonight with a prayer request for Summer, Sabrina and Rayne as well as all of Puerto Rico!
Hurricane Maria is headed straight for that island and I am praying God will turn the storm away from them.
They are as prepared as possible.
Here is a post from Summer's Facebook page:
One trip to Puerto Rico and not just one but two and possibly three Hurricanes!
πŸš™ filled with ⛽️ . Laundry being done, stocked on bottle πŸ’¦ , LP ⛽️ done, waiting for electrician to wire up new generator, will fill πŸ›€ with πŸ’¦, storm shutters ready to close, stocked up on non perishable food. Included trips to Walgreens, Walmart, National Hardware, Home Decor, Puma, Sam's for cases of bottle water and other things including alcohol🍺🍷πŸ₯ƒπŸΈand bags of ice, so let the Hurricane Maria party's begin!

Thank you for every single prayer.....

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Saturday Fish Fry and Company!!!

  It was like a party here on Saturday!
Company was coming!

Roy and Ruth Ann came to visit along with their sweet dog, Molly!

We had been waiting and watching for them! We even got up early so we would be ready!

I was so happy to see Ruth Ann!!!
They stopped at West, Texas on their way down and that brown bag Ruth Ann is holding held a peach pie and some apricot pastries!!

Our new room is under construction and I had my art things still out but I did pick a fresh bouquet of flowers for the art table.

Dean and Sherry came up and brought all the fixings for a big fish fry!!

Sherry is amazing!
She planned and purchased everything and set it all up like a pro!

Pretty fancy way to do a fish fry!!

She fried catfish, country fries, okra and hush puppies.

Our Sherry can do anything!


Hush Puppies - first time she'd ever made them!
She said, "How hard can they be?"

Everything was delicious!

She even made these stuffed jalapenos! 

We spent the afternoon visiting, eating and visiting some more.
I've been making some crafts from the cotton we've been picking and gave both Sherry and Ruth Ann a little burlap bag  I fixed up.

I stuffed the bag with loose cotton and glues some of the pretty bolls on top.

After lunch we decided to go out and pick some more cotton!

This is a section just down the road where the machines couldn't get to.
One whole row just for us!

Ruth Ann and I had scissors but Sherry could just pull the whole plant up.

We loaded our haul into the back of the truck and then went off for a drive.

I love country roads!

We passed Don's place (he put our AC in!) and saw his horses.

A pretty country church.
We've been looking for a Cowboy Church and heard there was one in Riesel.
I looked it up on the Internet and found Trail to the Cross Cowboy Church.
We may drive over there this week and check out the location and then go to church there next Sunday.

When we got back to the ranch we went around to visit with all the critters.
I wore my apron and gathered a dozen eggs which fit perfectly in the little pockets.

We walked up to the big tank and looked around. Molly loves water and went for a little swim.

The ducks and the goose were pretty.

The goats can get a little too up close and personal!

This is Sherry's baby peacock!
He's in a small pen with some baby chicks to keep him company.
Dean's building a really BIG pen for the peafowl.

Saturday was HOT so we gathered back up at the camper and we all ate peach pie in the cool AC!

That pie was SOOOO good!!!

Roy and Ruth Ann said their goodbyes about 6:00 so they could get back home before dark.
I love this picture of Louis Dean and Ruth Ann.
He's known her since she was 15 years old and loves her dearly.
Ellen, Louis Dean's beloved first wife, was Ruth Ann's older sister.
I feel so blessed to have a friend like Ruth Ann.

Today seemed quiet after having so much fun yesterday.
I saw Sherry on her tractor doing a lot of dirt moving, scraping and road building.
Louis Dean and I had our morning of reading and coffee and then ate a snack and went back to bed for a good long nap. He worked some on getting ready to plumb the new bathroom.
Looks like we have to take the water heater back tomorrow and exchange it. He discovered it was bent in and he didn't want to take any chances on it causing a problem. I finished making my cotton bouquets and packed all the cotton things in a tub to take home. I'm leaving some of the bouquets here and a couple of crafty things I made with them and take the rest home for friends and family.

I seem to cook more here than I do at home.
We have some 'mystery' packages in the freezer and took a couple of for today.
I always THINK I'll remember what's in a bag - but I don't.
What I thought was Taco Soup was actually one good sized serving of Louis Dean's 'Goulash' - which is a lot like beef stew. Another bag had stew meat in it so I cooked it in the crock pot with some peppers and onions, seasonings and a cup of wine. It smelled heavenly and I served it over mashed potatoes and had a side dish of candied carrots. In the process of fishing out the butter and stuff to cook with today, I found enough leftovers for all three meals for tomorrow. We have two small refrigerators and one small freezer here. It's a trick trying to remember where you put something and I have to practically lay on the floor to find any thing! 

We ate while we listened to the Dallas Cowboy game on the radio.
It was painful.
I rallied around afterwards and did some art before I lost the rest of the daylight and then fed the horses some apples and carrots before I walked down to feed the goats all the scarps from our meals today. When I go home it takes me a few days to get used to putting the scraps in the trash instead of bags for the critters. 

Amber called us and we did FaceTime this evening before the kids went to bed. 
Now Louis Dean is sitting out on the deck waiting for me.
He has a campfire burning. No wine tonight but we have ice tea.
Only one more week here and then we go least for a little while!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Cotton Picking Time!!!

The highlight of my Thursday was going Cotton Pickin'!!

When Sherry got off work, she came down to visit and offered to take me to pick some of the cotton that was leftover from the harvesting that was done yesterday.
Amber requested some of the cotton that was still on the stems!
 I wanted some to make a few wreaths plus a couple of bouquets!

There was plenty to be had for the taking!

Sherry took me on some back roads and the scenery was beautiful!
September in Texas!

When we got back to the ranch, Sherry turned the truck to the right and drove across to the far side of their property....a place I had never been to before.

This is the other side of a spot I was at the other day.....

They have a lot of land here!

This old barn was here when they bought the place and they thought about using it for the three rescue horses they have......but the coyotes run up and down here!

I loved exploring this new area!
There's always something cool to see down here on the ranch!

Even the jumbled branches are interesting!

This is called 'Jumping Jack' and it is thorny like barbs and you do NOT want to have anything to do with it! This was actually on the neighbors property but it is invasive!

Who doesn't love old tin? I do!!!
Sherry and I had a great time this afternoon!
Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your time and place with me!

Earlier today I did some housework.
It doesn't amount to much since it's just 31 feet long - plus the extra room which more than doubles the space.

I made up the Girl Bunk which is where I nap and sometimes sleep when I think my snoring will keep Louis Dean awake. He snores, too. However, it seems to be a manly thing when a GUY snores.
It's rather embarrassing to be a LADY and snore. I vacummed the camper AND the red rugs in the new room.

We watched another Denzel Washington movie while we ate a late lunch.....

A really good movie and Louis Dean liked it a lot.

I practiced cooking with the electric skillet today.
Onions, peppers - sweet and jalopeno - and zucchini, cooked in butter with lots of good seasonings.
I served this with rice and a spicy chicken dish encased in a flour tortillia. Really GOOD and really SPICY!!!

Every day I see something special!

We hung the hummingbird feeder after one came inside the room hovering at the wreath on the front door.

It's the little things that seem to give us so much pleasure.

I had a good phone visit with my friend, Linda, from Oregon and a FaceTime visit with Amber and the quads. It's wonderful that we can be in the country and still keep in touch with friends and family!

It's after midnight and Louis Dean is still waiting for me to come out and watch the stars while we have  a glass of wine......

Good night to all my Friends and Family!!