Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Flower Gardens and Progress on the Deck!

It was a beautiful morning here in North Texas!!
While it was pleasant enough when we woke up - the temps climbed into the upper 80's by noon!

We have been watching and waiting for the Seven Sisters Rose bush to bloom! 

We just noticed the flowers blooming today!!!

Guess we haven't been looking as closely as we thought!
Louis Dean ordered this plant online and received a tiny twig in the mail!
I wish I  could remember when but it couldn't have been more than four years.
He dearly loves rose bushes and we have dozens! I think THIS one is my favorite!

Louis Dean brought these cannas from his beloved mother in law's family  home in Comanche, Texas. Ruby Nell was Ellen's (LD's first wife who passed away in 2000) mother. He treasures anything that reminds him of Ruby Nell and seldom does a day go by that he doesn't speak of her or Jerl Doggett, her husband. Louis Dean gives Jerl the credit for knowing how to fix things!
He says, "Know who taught me how to do that?? Jerl Doggett!!!"
While I never got to meet Ruby Nell or Jerl, I feel like I know them!
I am so blessed to have Ruth Ann, their daughter, for my best friend!

Everything is blooming around here, including perennials that came back from last year's 'reduced for quick sale' plants!

Logan and I walked all around this morning - I was taking pictures and she was snipping a few blooms with a pair of small blunt end scissors.

The kids planted a herbal garden and everything is growing!

A friend gave me the purple jew and you can literally break off a piece, toss it on the ground - not even really PLANT it - and it will grow!!

I put a pot of brightly colored flowers in the middle of this ground cover that has grown abundantly all over the place!!! I love it when plants just take off like that!!

Louis Dean had breakfast cooking when Logan and I woke up this morning!
Isn't she the sweetest thing in her little white gown??

I took this pic last night to send her mommy!
Amber sent a bag with play clothes and such and when I asked if she could stay the night, I remembered this little while dress from Old Navy I picked up at a Goodwill!
It made a perfect little nightgown!

Faith gave us a big bag of hair things to keep here for the girls so we picked out two ponytail bands to wear today.

She has such beautiful hair and skin!!
She definitely got her mother's good genes!

After breakfast we made up a batch of chocolate chip cookies for Logan to take home and share with her brother and sisters. We got over there in time to have lunch. Amber and I like to watch a TV show together and we both like Elementary. She and I both yawned and nearly nodded off but we were bound and determined to finish it! I came home and went to bed for a nap! AFTER I turned the A/C on! It was 84 degrees in the house!

That was MY day!
Guess what Louis Dean was doing all this time?

Pouring concrete to square up the deck!
We are getting closer and closer to putting our new gazebo up!
He had to add 6 inches to the deck plus he wanted something to anchor the corners of the gazebo DOWN - so he dug a trench or ditch along the 12 foot side of the deck and cemented a board down.
He said something about bolts and such. I don't need to understand.
My job was to wire brush the 'mud' from off the pretty new deck and clean up all the excess mortar that was spread around. Louis Dean does the hard stuff and I do the clean up!!
It looks we may be putting the gazebo together on Thursday!!!!
I can hardly wait!!


Linda said...

This is a very nice post. Logan is definitely the star. Thanks for showcasing her alone. She seems to blend in until she's almost unnoticed when with her siblings. She is exquisite, a beautiful child. Beautiful features. I'm guessing she also has a sweet & gentile personality. The roses are beautiful. Isn't spring wonderful? I'm so excited you're about to get the gazebo up. You'd thing I lived next door & would be coming over to share a glass of wine. Enjoyed this post.

Deanna Rabe said...

Did you meet LD through Ruth Ann? It's great that he was so close to his wife's family. My husband is like that with my parents too!

Glad you had such a good time with Logan. Your all making sweet memories!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Such a lovely day. Thank you Linda.

Jutta said...

LOVELY roses plus the blooming garden - it looks so beautiful out there!!!

shortybear said...

your garden is lovely, such gorgeous flowers.

Susie said...

Linda, It sure is pretty around your place. Pretty flowers, pretty granddaughter and pretty working man. I have decided LD has three middle names. His name is Louis Work, Work, Work, Dean. :)You both are hard workers and beautiful care givers. I bet it was nice to have Logan to yourselves. It might be kind of nice to have them one at a time . I know you love your Wednesdays with all of them. Blessings,xoxo, Love you, Susie

Estelle's said...

It's going to be marvelous Linda! Great job! What a darling Gradma you are to the babies! Precious!!! Enjoy the weather before those hot summer days roll in. Hugs!

Debbie said...

everything looks beautiful and very healthy, i love how you two work together, and you both do hard stuff!!!

the herb garden is looking very fine as well!!!

Arlene Grimm said...

I loved seeing all your flowers Linda. I hope to get in some annuals this weekend. And that gazebo is going to be bigger and better!!

Cheapchick said...

The yard sure is full of great things - and next the new Gazebo, your oasis :)

Sandra said...

i cant wait to see the new gazebo, what he has done looks great to me. i love the pony tails and she looks so cute making those cookies...those roses are really beautiful.. i would be bringing a few in the house.. all your flowers are doing well... we are in the high 80's to and i just turned our AC on at lunch time. it was 86 out and 84 in, so on it came.. looks like the start of a long hot summer.. we are in a drought and praying for rain.

Vee said...

Everything looks fabulous in your garden! The flowers are beautiful, the deck is fabulous. Logan is a darling and Louis Dean is, too.

Penny said...

Your garden is surely blooming Linda, everything looks beautiful. Logan looks very sweet in her nightie. X