Friday, April 22, 2016

Checking in With My Sister! AND Brother!

This morning I was all set to jump in the shower and get dressed for a luncheon date with my daughter, Summer!! However, I had a bit of a heavy heart for my sister, Deanie.
When Summer and I talked on the phone, she could tell I was concerned. She suggested I go straight to Fort Worth and visit her knowing how I like to see 'with my own eyeballs' as I say, that she was okay. Plus Summer gave me such encouraging words of wisdom and ended our conversation with prayer - right there on the phone with her sitting in her office. Summer gave me such a gift today. Thinking not of herself but reaching out to encourage her mom and her aunt.
She also shared another blessing she is giving us. She has contacted A Place for Mom and has prepared a spread sheet and created a portfolio with all kinds of information for us. PLUS all telephone calls, mailings and emails go directly to Summer so Deanie does not have to do a thing!
Ruth Ann has promised to help me get Mother approved for Medicaid and I will be following up with that soon! Bottom line - we want to take as much pressure and stress off of Deanie as we possibly can!

She and I had a good visit together this afternoon!

I came in bearing a jar of Texas Trash!!!

I think Mother thought I was there to take her home with me!
I assured her I was not and she said, "THANK God!!"
She enjoys herself when she is here but the going back and forth is tiring to her, I am sure!
Rest easy! She won't be back until May!

I do love my sister and felt better the minute I laid my eyes on her!

From her house, I drove over to my brother's!

I don't often get to visit with him and he and his wife were BOTH home!
I couldn't decide which photo to use of us together so since I see him so seldom.....

I used BOTH!!! 
We all had a nice little visit along with a glass of green tea and then I was ready to head back home stopping only once more to drop off some Texas Trash to Nita and Mike! Nita wasn't home from work yet so I said 'Hi' to Mike and rolled on down to the highway as fast as I could in order to get home before the heaviest of the traffic hit! Probably should have stayed until traffic was OVER and then I could had a visit with yet another sister!!!!

Louis Dean had a productive day while I was gone!
He installed the new porch light I bought at Goodwill on Tuesday!
The Frontier people arrived in a Verizon truck and took a good look at our telephone pole.
They snapped a picture of the metal plate on the front of the pole and promised we would hear from them soon. There is NO WAY they will be able to get heavy equipment into our back yard! They may have to come at it from the neighbor behind us. You know, the one with the COTTONWOOD tree? That is a rental property so I am hoping they will do it that way. We have kept adding gazebo, storage building and walkways and decks and such that it is impossible to get anything larger than a wheelbarrow around here!!!

We celebrated Friday Night together with a glass of wine and our feet propped up on the upper deck!
We caught each other up on our day and made plans for tomorrow.

Before we came in I gave Louis Dean a good haircut!
His eyebrows grow wild and that's what motivates me to 'clean him up!'
Every single time he sits down for me to cut his hair, he ALWAYS says, "Mama sent me!!"

My recent determination to get back to at least my full term pregnancy weight has driven me to count the CALORIES in my evening wine!!!

So I will close with this cute pic.....

Happy Friday Night, Friends and Family!!!


Deb said...

Summer is a very thoughtful daughter...of course because she has such a thoughtful look great Linda....have a great weekend...

Bluebird49 said...

Linda, I think we're about a year apart, and I'd give so much to have your energy! You all have a truly wonderful life!

Kathy said...

You have the best family. So glad you got a chance to see Deannie and Lonnie. And of course Summer is so sweet and thoughtful. You sure raised her right.

I'm not allowed to cut Joe's hair. Every time I offer to he goes off to a barber. Ha, ha!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love each and every one of your family members, Linda---Summer is a sweetheart and I really feel like I know Deanie. I've never seen pics of your brother but I see a resemblance in your eyes.

Texas Trash...please share!

Love that you can do LD's hair. I often want to take my hedge trimmer to my husbands eyebrows, and finger nails for that matter!

Love the pic of your relaxed feet up on a lazy night. I love my weekend wine indulgence. I'd give up a week of the few carbs I eat for just that!!! ;-D


Pondside said...

Like Jane, I love the picture of the two pairs of feet at the end of the day......and yes please, a recipe for Texas Trash.

Carol Slater said...

Well, the visits were just what you needed to easy your mind and enjoy the day. I am glad that mom is settled and happy and I pray that you find a place for her. My mom lives with me and sometimes it is trying.

Sandra said...

i can always come here and get a 'family fix'. you have such a wonderful relationship with all your family and it makes me feel good to see it... hope they get your pole fixed soon and without problems getting there... great news Summer is helping find a place for your mom... it takes lots of work.

Arlene Grimm said...

What a sweet daughter to give up her time to allow you to set your heart and mind at rest Linda! Hope Deanie is feeling better soon. And I hope they will get that pole fixed soon! I think there is utility right of way behind most homes so you should be good to get it changed out. Off to Bham...the big city!!

Latane Barton said...

that post was so homey and filled with news that I had the feeling I had been to visit you, Linda, just sitting on the deck with you and Louis Dean, sipping our wine and talking our heads off.

peggy said...

I always enjoy reading about your family Linda and I am so glad you Mom is happy!!!

Vee said...

If we were going on looks, everyone looks great! (Looks can be deceiving and I sure hope that Deanie gets some answers. She has been waiting a long time.) Your mother's comment made me laugh. I remember some dear older folks in our family who just said what they thought. My sister still deals with one of them. Still, a gal could get a complex. Have a pleasant weekend, both you and Louis Dean.

Debbie said...

So glad you were able to get a good visit in with Deanie and your brother! I KNOW what you mean..sometimes you just have to SEE with your own little eyes. Have a great week-end with that sweet hubby of yours!

Linda said...

A lot to say about this blog post. Summer is definitely the star of this post. Bless you Summer! Every family needs a Summer. Mothers and grandmothers are especially bless when they have a Summer to help them with life. I can't believe all of you are not going to feel better once the situation is settled with your mother. When we served as court appointed guardians we learned that sometimes family situations needed an objective person to take over and call. The shots then the family could fall in line and function. Sometimes emotion and baggage clogs up the works. You are fortunate to have Summer be your objective person. She'll be able to see what's best for all of you. Love that Summer, she's my kind of girl. I don't cut Bob's hair but I do get him down quite often to refine him. I can't stand ear hair. We can only hope Frontier has to remove the cottonwood in order to fix the pole problem. Your grocery bill must be enormous. You take food everywhere you go & feed a lot of people coming through your home. Food heals an awful lot of things. Our daughter is here from Texas. Think I'll go to Trader Joes and buy green cheese and invite son's family over tomorrow afternoon for wine and cheese.

Nita said...

How sweet and thoughtful of Summer, but of course that is her nature. I love the wine glass, I prefer the Who Care's line !

shortybear said...

precious family

Susie said...

Linda, Glad to hear Deanie is doing well. You all looked good in your photos. I laughed about your mom..saying Thnak God. LOL. I cut Teddy Bear's hair with a flo-bee. We got a new one cost more than our old one but works great. He has a tendency to get those Andy Rooney eye brows too. God has a great sense of humor...makes hair grow where it shouldn't and takes it off where it needs to be. LOL. So good Summer is helping you...I know that is going to work. Your mom will want her company, but seems to get by alone as far as entertaining herself. Blessings to all, xoxo, Love, Susie

Carla said...

Glad to read that is doing well. I called "a Place for Mom" thinking that is where we were headed with my mom but Thank the Good Lord, Meds and maybe the diet Joe has her one she is doing pretty good. Now on the wine calorie count issue I'm in trouble if I have to count those calories. LOL

Penny said...

What a star Summer is! Thoughtful and understanding, organised and efficient. Hold on, that reminds me of someone!! Like mother like daughter I say. Deanie is looking bright in the photograph. X