Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday Again!!

Ruth Ann and I are loving our Tuesdays!!!

Today we saw Daddy's Home. While it was not our favorite movie, we've seen worse!
The hot dog, popcorn and Coke was really good and the ending of the movie more than redeemed the duller parts!

We hit up a couple of thrift stores after we visited The Curiosity Shop where I bought three chairs for the living room! THREE!!! I didn't take pics yet as I am going to stain the blond wood on two of them to better match the rest of the room! 3 chairs = $100!

Goodwill had some great debris!!!! This is three garlands of greenery that I KNOW will be perfect for decorating the new gazebo! Louis Dean and I have been burning old wreaths and baskets and things that just look SAD so I really am in the market for some 'new' old stuff!!

This is a cool basket!
The chair on the porch is one of the ones I replaced in the living room.

A summer bag to take with me when I go to the splash pad with Amber and the quads!
I always need a glass tea pitcher and that is one interesting vase with a fish theme!

I love wine......signs!

These will hang on the kitchen side of the house. The OUTSIDE of the house!

I picked up some new threads.....my camera battery died before I got pictures of them all but lots of nice things!

Did you know ALDI takes credit cards now??? I am so excited!! Ruth Ann and I have been in the habit of stopping in there on our way home on Tuesday afternoons!

I rushed in the house, started the Taco soup and put up all my goodies and it was time for art class!

What better way to start than with a pitcher of refreshing cocktails?
Tonight I made a peach sangria and for ice cubes, I froze peach slices covered with 7-Up in the ice trays. No more diluted wine!!

We ate in the back yard where the gazebo USED to be and where we will have a new one in time to come!!!

Louis Dean had all of our attention!!!
He loved it!!

Let there be ART!!!

Tonight we highlighted our clouds and finished the background hills before working on the bushes and foreground tree.

Two more classes and we will be done!

It was a successful art class and we even sat in the living room and chatted a few minutes before everyone went home.
Now Louis Dean is sitting out on what little is left of the gazebo deck.
It was a very warm day but it has cooled off nicely and there is a little breeze blowing.
It will be nice to put my feet up for a few minutes and talk before going to bed!


Blondie's Journal said...

Three chairs!!! I can't even fathom that. I'm coming down to thrift shop with you girlfriend! The pitcher is a great find...we can always use a few around here and at the lake! ;-D

The oil painting time~~~you gals are true artists. I'm in awe.

Finally, you mentioned in an email or comment that LD was almost 80 years old. I simply can't believe that. The man has more energy than you and I put together and looks no older than 60. I simply can't compete with that realm!!! Tell him I think he's awesome and you are one lucky gal!!

Thanks always for your visits underlay uplifting comments, Linda.


Linda said...

I might have to fight you for the basket. I've always loved baskets. Bob accuses me of buying them, donating them back, and later buying them a second time. These days I buy very few. No place to store them. Will look forward to seeing the "new" chairs. It's going to be summer in Texas before you know it.

Penny said...

Another busy, productive day for you Linda. I like your charity shop finds, the heart shaped basket is particularly pretty! X

Latane Barton said...

You have the most fun, girl!! Seriously, I want to come play with you sometime.

Susie said...

Linda, I am loving the paintings. Please show us each one when they are finished. You treat your guests so nicely. Must be such fun to eat outside. My gosh we are freezing here . Blessings for a fun day, love you guys, xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

You have the best Tuesday's! I haven't seen that movie. My husband and I went to see clover field recently. It was scary and good!

Sandra said...

Time of your life Tuesday is what you should call that day of the week. I had fun looking at all your new finds and can't wait to see the future gazebo... i have not had taco soup but i am thinking i would like it..

Nancy Chan said...

I love that basket in the 4th picture. Looking forward to see the new gazebo. Have a beautiful day!

Say What? said...

Wow! You find the greatest things. I went to a few antique stores while I was on the mainland last week and now I have the antique shopping/ thrift shopping / GoodWill fever!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It looks like a terrific Tuesday all around...from thrifting to taco soup...to art classes and time for friends!

Deanna Rabe said...

You have amazing thrift stores!

I like the paintings you girls are doing!

shortybear said...

looks like a good day.

Sweet Tea said...

I always enjoy seeing the paintings you two make. So talented!

Carla said...

love that heart shaped basket. The paintings are looking great. Now I love the idea of a peach in 7up so you don't water down your sangria. You're sooo smart.