Monday, October 21, 2019

On Country Time.....

Louis Dean and I were slow to get going Sunday morning and it was 3:00 in the afternoon when we finally pulled out of our driveway in the city and headed south to the country.

We had planned to go in on I35 to Bellmead at Loop 340 to pick up a few groceries at HEB.
I happened to check WAZE (our navigation app) and saw there were multiple accidents there and traffic was all red zone! WAZE took us off the Interstate and along quiet calm country roads all the way to Mart.

***It turned out that the daughter of our friend Linda - who lost her husband recently - was involved in one of the accidents. Her baby daughter was taken by Care flight to Temple with a brain bruise and Linda's daughter was taken to the hospital in Waco with multiple injuries.***

This is the reason I always say a prayer when I hear sirens. 
Prayers for those in trouble and for those who are helping.
You never know who you might be praying for.......

They are doing improvements on even the Farm to Market roads!
This is along the 7 mile stretch from Hwy 31 to Mart.

We made it to Read's Grocery before they closed and had half an hour to pick up what we needed.
Win! WIN!!!

Sherry was there to meet us at the gate!
What a welcome home that was!

Alas, the evening did not go as we had planned.
We came in and started unloading.
I flipped on the water pump and - nothing!
I turned on the AC - it was in the 80's and HOT in the closed up camper.
Again - nothing.
No worries. It was going to cool off in the night and we could hook the camper direct to the water bypassing the pump. Except there was a pipe break in the line from the duck pond to our place.
So....Louis Dean went down and repaired that and we went about our business of settling in.
Dean and Sherry came down and we all had a nice visit.
Still no water in the camper since the repair had to dry overnight.
We went to bed feeling certain that it would be easy to find the cause for the power not going to the the water pump and AC, having also discovered the kitchen and bathroom lights as well as the light on the oven vent hood were not working. Obviously a circuit breaker problem.

I went to bed in the girl bunk sipping a glass of wine and reading while waiting for the temps to fall from 80 degrees to the 60's. I was asleep before 1:00 in the morning and woke up at 3:00 when the storms rolled in. It was magnificent! No damage - just a beautiful storm here....although  there were a couple of tornadoes that did a good bit of damage in Dallas. Irving fared well and just had rain and some hail. 

We watched the storm for a few minutes and went back to bed to sleep well in the cooler weather.

Today Louis Dean has tried to figure out what the electrical problem is to no avail.
We have turned the camper upside down trying to locate the correct circuit breaker.
Later in the morning, Louis Dean did go down and turn on the water and thankfully the camper hot water heater was good to go and not on the damaged breaker - wherever that is!

I was still not feeling well and was overwhelmed with the chaos and frustrated.
So - I went to bed. Once I had put all the canned good from the pantry back where they belong because I had cleared that all out so Louis Dean could get to that set of circuit breakers.
I slept for a couple of hours but it was not all that restful.
My dreams were of chaos and confusion......
so when I got up around 4:30 - I did what I always do when I am in such a state as this.....

I find a corner and make it pretty.
I cleaned, fluffed and decorated.

I love this boot vase I got at the Whitfield Family Reunion!
I made me a pretty nest and poured a nice glass of wine and sat and read several chapters in Coming Home. A never fail therapy that works every time for me.

Then I moved on to do some art.
I hope to paint every single day we are here.
This small Santa scene will most likely be my Christmas card for this year.
I meant for it to be the Santa and the horse but that's a 12 inch square and harder to edit the size for a card. I will see what I can do and may have to ask Amber to help me.

Speaking of Amber - she is in Nashville and looking like an Angel!!

I close tonight with a cool evening to sit by a small campfire.

It's always good to be in the country!!

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Singing, Cookie House, Swamp Donkeys, New Oils and a Visit From Summer - Our Friday and Saturday

We left home around 10:00 Friday morning and didn't get back home until 10:00 that night!
First we went to Fort Worth to visit Lillian in the nursing home, stopping to get a few groceries for her and pick up pizzas.

It was a pizza party with chocolate cake in the corner living room there at Trail Lake Nursing Home.
We bought extra pizza so we would have plenty to share.
The aids and staff would wander down and listen to the music for a few minutes and get a piece of cake or a slice of pizza.

Louis Dean was in his element!

He's like a Star here - a tall, dark, handsome man with a big Martin guitar!
The ladies all but swoon when they see him coming down the hall.

Lillian was so happy!
She had just had her hair done and was wearing make up for the first time since I can remember!
Roberta (101 years old) and her roommate, Brenda, joined us.
The home has recently been doing some renovations and it's looking much more attractive.
Also the residents who were in a room by themselves are all slowly but surely getting roommates.
On our last visit, when I wheeled Roberta back to her room she couldn't even get her wheelchair in there! Her new roommate had lots of visitors and one of them was in a wheelchair.
They apologized and said they would be leaving soon - that it had been a long day.
I was rather put out with them and Roberta was out right mad and I didn't blame her.
She wheeled herself back out the doorway and said over her shoulder, "I'll just go across the hall to Brenda's room!"

Well, it turns out that last week they moved Brenda in with Roberta and the other lady across the hall and gave her a new roommate. I think this is going to work out well.
Brenda is younger than I am and she takes French class at a local college.
She is good at speaking up when Roberta needs some attention and Roberta is very good to Brenda.

Lillian's roommate seems to be doing well. She only speaks Spanish and she talks a lot - in Spanish - while Louis Dean is trying to sing. He was a little frustrated at one point and then Lillian asked me a question and he just stopped playing for a bit. 
There was plenty of  'elderly' to go around!
Later I told him that he needed to get used to just playing regardless if there was some conversation going on. He said he couldn't. I said then it would be best not to go anymore.
"But if you want an audience," I said, "you need to realize you are an old man just as they are old people and you can't tell them what to do anymore than anyone can tell YOU what to do!"
I was saying some of his own words back to him!
I think it worked because he's already talking about when he's going again and it won't be until December. I may have to repeat my conversation to him on our way over then.
He tends to forget!! Don't we all?

I turned Waze on to get directions from the nursing home to the Bells in Dallas.
We were leaving at 3:00 and traffic can be bad and, sure enough, we bypassed several accidents and heavy traffic from construction work by going through downtown Fort Worth and ended up on the tollway heading to Dallas. It only took an hour and 15 minutes.

We love getting to see the kids and they seem to love seeing us!

I had brought a Haunted Cookie House for us to do.
That was a job!
The icing provided in the kit did NOT glue the house together!
Amber suggested hot glue but the kids and I went with the icing.....until the house came apart for the THIRD time! Amber walked back through the kitchen at that moment and said, "Do y'all need...."
Before she could finish it - we were all saying in unison - "We need the hot glue!"
Logan added, "Because this has turned into a hot mess!"
Even then - with four set of hands helping me - the house was still not staying together.
That's when the kids went in the living room and told Granddad, "MeeMaw needs your help!"
He got it to stay together and then they all went in and used the icing in the kit to add all the candy decorations. Win! WIN!!!

Mike put the pizzas in to cook and the rest of us went out to the front yard.
It was beautiful!!
We watched them jump rope, ride their racers and have fun.
I love hearing them say, "MeeMaw! Watch THIS!!!!" 
Times FOUR!!

Even Mike had some cool show and tell things to show us.
He plays hockey and they finally got their team jerseys.

The team is called the Swamp Donkeys!!!

Trystan found this beautiful acorn with the tiny ones on top.
I love how she loves finding beauty in nature and felt special that she wanted to share it with me.

It was a Popcorn, Pizza and Coke Movie Night!
They said I went with them to see this in the theater but I really didn't remember it!
Perhaps it was Grandmommy who saw it with them.
It was a clever movie and I totally enjoyed it!
Granddad sat beside me on the couch and slept through most of it -  but he was there!
And that's what counts! Showing up and being there!

Amber had been through a couple of traumatic days with Kailey being sick, Mike out of town and all sorts of things going wrong. By Friday afternoon things had righted themselves for the most part and she was packing for a Getaway with her Synchro group. They swam together for many years and have stayed a close tight knit bunch of friends.

However, even though she had more packing to do - she stopped it all for movie night and then painted all the girls fingernails - with glow in the dark paint!!
She is the best mom!!!

On our way home the toll road entrance was closed and we had to use our Waze once again.
Driving at night is not easy at all anymore! Even with my night driving glasses. But those glasses at least make it possible!

It was a long day and I was still struggling with my allergies - so I made a hot toddy and found these cough drops! It felt good sliding into bed last night!

I must have been really tired because it was noon before I even left the bedroom today.
It was a Stay at Home day and I have loved every minute of it!

Friday - between the grocery store and picking up pizzas - I shopped Hobby Lobby.
ALL their Master's Touch art supplies were 50% off!!!
I was thrilled! I bought a set with lots of paint plus some brushes and an easel.
Plus another set of regular sized tubes of oil....and more brushes....and canvasses.
Today I found an old rusty tackle box of Louis Dean's and he cleaned it up for me.
It held all my new paint perfectly!

I found another old tackle box for all my old paint.
As long as you can squeeze it out of the tube - it's too good to throw away!

I spent mush of the afternoon cleaning house and packing things to take to the ranch - as in my art supplies. I hope to finish all my Christmas painting while I am down there this trip.
I've even planned some new projects.

Summer came to visit early this evening.
We were so glad to see her!

She had some show and tell things!
How cool is this Notebook Grill?
You should see her van! All decked out and so cozy!

She and her good friend, Karen, recently returned from a short trip to the coast.
Karen sent me a gift! Just because!
I am going to love that tea! Maybe a cup tonight before bed.
I am finally starting to feel like my allergies are backing off. At least a little!
Plus she sent a bag of mini faux pumpkins and gourds.
I am taking them to the ranch with me.

Summer helped Louis Dean do some things printer/computer related.
She is brilliant at that sort of thing.
My friend, Sandra - aka Mad Snapper - helped me today.
Thanks to her I watched a movie on my laptop from Amazon Prime.
It was a Tommy Lee Jones film from 2009.
Summer gave me another two recommendation - both British movies....
The Bookshop and This Beautiful Fantastic.

We had the best visit - once Louis Dean let her out of his sight!
He was delighted she can figure out what he cannot!
We sat in the living room with our ice tea and talked and talked.
We don't get to do that enough.

A little update on her health.....
the last set of injections did not do nearly as well as the first and did not give her any actually pain free days but she was grateful for even a reduction of pain. She will see the doctor again and determine when she will move on to the last option....I think it's called a spinal stimulator.

I'm excited about this coming week.
Saturday, October 26 is her 55th birthday and she will be spending it with us down at he ranch.
Then that night we are all invited to a Halloween party!
We have a lot to look forward to and I can't wait to get back to the country!

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Catching the Light, Baked a Cake and Wonky Donkey.....Thursday.

We have had another lovely fall day - not chilly enough for a fireplace but I did wear a light sweater and we didn't have to use the AC!

This afternoon Louis Dean and I went out and finished up the rain curtains.

This is our third gazebo and wears parts form the previous ones - making it sturdier than just a normal gazebo. This one is- and the others were - planted in concrete and has railings to keep the wind from blowing the curtains inside. Our last covers had corner drapes on the outside and Velcro straps to hold the netting and curtains all together in the four corners. We always keep our screens in place but do like to open up the curtains in good weather. I hung the darker brown corner pieces inside between the screen and the rain curtains. They had faded in the sun but you don't see that side from the interior and the new curtains cover them on the outside. I like the way it looks. We seldom throw anything away if there's a chance we can use it somewhere else. I love re purposing things!

It was late afternoon when we took a glass of wine and settled down to rest after all the tweaking we had done. He was in his chair and I was on the small glider......

when I thought I saw a hole in the gazebo!
After all we had just done - I couldn't believe it!

Turns out it was the sun! We never could figure out where that hole was the sun was shining through and before we knew it - the sun had gone down a bit more and the hole was gone!

We are so happy with all we have accomplished this month.
Bit by bit we are getting it done.

Louis Dean was hungry today.
We've been eating up all our leftovers, cereal and easy food since we'll be going to the ranch next week. He said he wanted STEAK but I didn't have any.

He got chicken!
I had bought a huge package of drumsticks thinking I might cook them when the grands were here for the weekend. So I thawed them out and fixed them three different ways. On half I used Shake and Bake (Louis Dean LOVES that!) and did a fourth with Buffalo Hot Sauce and the rest with BBQ sauce. All three were good.

When I was putting them in the oven I was reminded of a funny story.
Not too long ago Sherry ( the lady Summer lives with in Rowlett) asked Summer to pick up a dozen drumsticks. So she did. Then Sherry wanted to know why she bought so many chicken legs!

THIS is what she was wanting!!

 I remembered I hadn't baked anything for the nursing home visit tomorrow so I whipped out the recipe from Estelle's !

She does things right but I tend to ad lib!
I baked it in a rectangle pan to better cut pieces to serve at the nursing home.
I thought I had over baked it at first but we cut a piece and pronounced it delicious!

To see what it is supposed to look like - please got to her link and see it in all its glory!

My friend Tim picked up his Wonky Donkey tonight and I worked on the last two.

Maybe a few more details and then it will be let dry and glaze time.

This video of the Scottish Grandma reading to her grandson will make you laugh!

I knew I would be cleaning up my art table tonight so I tried to finish up as many little projects as I could.

A little messy but it was a quick painting.

This one is my favorite.

And now my Thursday is done!
I am about to close the house up, turn off all my thousand points of lights and go to bed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Picking Pecans and other Wednesday Things.....

We haven't had a good pecan crop in several years and this year will not be a great one - but we are getting some! This morning I woke up to beautiful cool fall weather!! With the doors open, I could hear the squirrels chirping away and I just KNEW they were going to eat up every pecan on the tree!

They did that one year! 
So Louis Dean and I go out every afternoon like little old farmers gathering in the harvest - albeit a meager one.

In years past, the harvest would be so great it would fill a couple of big galvanized trash cans plus baskets and baskets full of pecans!
I'm just hoping for enough to make a couple batches of Fruitcake Cookies for the holidays.

This afternoon we rallied around and went out to finish getting the rain curtains up in the gazebo.

It's all quite comfy in here now. 
We couldn't find new garden chairs that we liked and could afford. 
Louis Dean held on to his old OLD chair that was well over 25 years old for the longest.
After the gazebo came down for repairs - I hauled it to the curb and Louis Dean never said a word.
We are using a chair and a double seat glider that we already had for now.
Making do with what we have is something we are both pretty good at.
Do you see my charming Witch tree?

Here she is!!
I found a shoe for her in the guest room - alas - I only had one!

This is the comfy glider and I am loving it!
A great place to read! 

When it came time to tighten up the curtain rods Louis Dean made (from PVC pipes he spray painted to match the gazebo and hung along the perimeter) we couldn't make the seams meet.

No problem.
I took one of our old rain curtains, measured it out to allow a bit of extra room and stitched a seam down the length, cut off the excess and hung them up. The zippers matched easily and now we can close it all up in bad weather!

I came in to do some art and Louis Dean took a long hot soaking bath.
Then he went to bed.
Neither one of us slept well last night.
At 3:30 this morning I had gone into the guest room after finally getting up and fixing a hot toddy to curb the coughing fits that had kept me awake. I had just got to sleep when Louis Dean came in and flipped on the lights and was about to crawl into bed - not yet realizing I was already there!!!
He had got cold (AC in the bedroom was on) and decided to sleep the rest of the night in the guest room. He backed out when he found me there but I decided it was best to get up and switch beds with him. Sure enough, he was back in the bedroom heaving blankets around with the big light on and turning the AC off. We are a pair at night never knowing which one of us won't be able to sleep. I'm sure my coughing didn't help him get to sleep! Tonight he hugged me goodnight and said he was going to start out in the guest room. Wise man. 
He's so funny. This morning I found a big white bowl, his big spoon (he uses big spoons - not the teaspoons in the silverware set) and a box of frosted mini the bathroom! He gets up and takes it all in there where it is warmer and eats. One night I got up to go to the bathroom and I heard this clicking sound. It was the spoon hitting against the bowl as he ate his cereal. I just went back to bed. That's why I wasn't surprised to see the cereal box this morning. He keeps it in his clothes cupboard right there in the bathroom!

I'm still painting Tipsy Donkeys!

And I started a few small fun canvases and hope to finish them in time to use as door prizes for the Bee Meeting this month. It's next Tuesday so I better finish them tomorrow and hope they dry in time. Reds and blues are the slowest oils to dry so I should be okay.

That's it for tonight's journal entry!
I'm going back to the dining room and paint for awhile longer.
It seems it is late afternoon before I really get going. Guess that's why I stay up so late!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

A GRAND Weekend and a Halloween Tree for my Tuesday Treasure.....

We had such a wonderful weekend!!
Saturday morning I was up early and the house smelled like a cozy coffee shop!
Louis Dean had cooked pancakes and bacon and made the coffee....oh, my!
I asked him what time he woke up and he said he had not gone to sleep!
He finally just got up around 4:30 and started 'doing stuff.'
Bless his heart! He knew we had a big day in store for us and here he was without rest!
He's such a good sport! We got ready and headed to Dallas to watch Harrison play his basketball game.

He's a natural at it and was so much fun to watch.
He's 7 and that's such an entertaining age.
He's been known to do some dance moves out there and really gets into the game.
But his heart belongs to his mommy and twice he was racing over to the bleachers to tell her something when the coach called out that he was IN the game!!!

We kept our eyes on Harrison .......

but Granddad kept his Kailey Girl close by his side.

Harrison's team won (He really is the best player!) and we all met back up at their house to gather their overnight bags, stuffed animals, books and such.

We switched out vehicles and loaded up in their Suburban!

Our first stop was to Sam's and that was a hoot.
Louis Dean took two with him and I took two with me.
Then we switched when we met in the middle.
Trystan has the cutest expression for the people handing out tiny servings of the different things they are promoting. She asked, "Do they give you examples here like they do at Costco?"
Indeed, they did!!

We started reading the first in J.H. Reynolds MonsterStreet series......
Uncle Dean gave them the books - he is the author's Karate teacher.

They took turns reading out loud on the way home!

As soon as we put up the groceries, the kids were off exploring the house and yard.
It has been quite awhile since they have been here to spend the weekend.
This actually may have been the first time THIS YEAR!
We have been gone a lot and the back yard had been off limits the few times they were here visiting.

When they were little (before school!) we kept their toys in a big brown garden storage thing on the patio out by our bedroom back door. I heard Logan tell the others, "There's tubs on top! Help me get them off!" The others helped and they opened it  up to see - most of their play things were GONE!!
Only the Legos and toy cars remained. 
I had to explain to them that they had outgrown all the other 'baby toys'....even the play dough was no good. Growing up is hard! For ALL of us!

The girls went in our bedroom and found earrings to wear. And I had a huge new supply of pretty papers, stickers and all sorts of scrap booking supplies given to me by my daughter in law, Leigh Ann.
They LOVED them  and set to work writing notes, letters and making books as presents!

They had eaten a bite at home before we went to Sam's and then all those 'examples' so I decided a tea party would be perfect for the late afternoon.

I have been doing tea parties with them since they were babies and it made my heart happy that they still love them. However, it was duly brought to my attention that I did NOT have tea cakes! (Little Debbie snack cakes.) I bet that never happens again!

It was a Tea Party kind of day!

7 years olds are so good at entertaining themselves.
Granddad put himself to bed for a good nap and Harrison found a job that needed doing and the girls all stayed busy with one thing or another.
The afternoon sped into evening so fast my head was swimming.

I had planned simple meals and the one for Saturday night I just KNEW they would love!

Trystan was my special helper making the Chicken Alfredo, salad and garlic toast using the spread we bought at Sam's. Those samples pay off!
Here's Logan reading the MonsterStreet book out loud and Kailey is writing while Harrison is finishing up his 21 Rules of the House. I bought four binders and they each collected all the 21 Rules of the House that we started when they were just 4 years old. They were surprised at how different their drawing and coloring was and I told them they did really good since they were just babies when they did the first dozen or so.

Dinner was as much a success as I thought it would be and by that time we were winding down the day. We have the bunk beds my Sister Deanie gave us so two slept on the double bottom and one slept on top and Harrison slept on a little cot I had bought over the summer. It worked out great!

I have a tradition of leaving them snacks and drinks for when they wake up because they know the rule - You do NOT wake up MeeMaw!!
I put water bottles for each with their initial on the lid, and a big bowl of snacks packaged up in these small vertical zip lock bags that Sherry gave me. I put small bags of Bugles, Peanut Butter and chocolate Cheerios, homemade mini banana muffins, and a two pack of Halloween packaged Oreo cookies. It was 8:30 when I heard them scurrying around!

The girls all love having coffee with MeeMaw and Harrison and Granddad were in the den watching some football shows.

Cafe Au Lait......and they get to pour their own coffee and milk and also get a single serving of sugar in a little paper tube. I was out of the sugar cubes they love....I will have them next time!

Harrison came out to join us and he drank straight milk in his coffee cup.
Logan stitched on the sequined Trick or Treat banner while we took turns reading.

The kids were fascinated and wanted to keep going in the book!

Since we had such hearty snacks with our coffee, we made breakfast for lunch......

While the side decks are usable - we are still in the middle of getting some things done out here.
I used the cart that Louis Dean carries his music in at the nursing home as a buffet.
Earlier Harrison had loaded up a big container of heavy peat moss and hauled it on that cart out to the back where Louis Dean should have put it in the first place. But I'm glad he didn't because Harrison felt so good at getting it moved all by himself!

The kids wiled away the afternoon doing all sorts of things.

They played school underneath the dining room table.

And they all sewed.
My sewing machine has been a favorite place for them to gather even when they were little. They would use the end as a desk and would draw on the denim squares they found stacked up.
Sunday they each had a stuffed animal that had a split seam or a hole somewhere. I taught them how to mend them their self with a needle and thread. Then they each got a turn using the sewing machine to help me mend an old quilt I use at the ranch. They have always been fascinated by my pin cushions and the straight pins. They take all the pins out and put them back in according to colors or make a pattern with them. 

Our last activity was painting the side of the Christmas storage house.
It is the base for them to do their own art work - next time!
The older grands (Sam, Faith and Levi) did the other side back in 2012.
Alas, the wood needs to be replaced and I hate to see their art work go.....
now they are practically grown!

The kids had asked if they could stay until dark so we had just finished eating supper when Amber and Mike came to get them.

And just like that - they were gone!

I had all their stuff gathered up on the porch and they didn't forget and leave anything......
still......I love walking through the house after they are gone and seeing tell tale signs that they were here. And I left them where I found them. The pair of cameo earrings Trystan had worn and taken off and left on a table. The note Kailey wrote saying I was the best MeeMaw in the world.....written on a denim quilt square. The pin cushions all lined up in a row.

I went to bed Sunday night a very happy and contented MeeMaw.

However, when I woke up Monday morning I was sick with allergies.
The beautiful COOL fall weather of the weekend was gone and something bad must have blown in because I stayed in bed all day long. I'd get up and empty the dishwasher and go back to bed.
Then I would change out the laundry - and go back to bed.
I take Zyrtec every morning and Benadryl every night - and still I got sick.
Netti pot, nose spray, Vick's, essential oils..... I stayed down all of Monday and by this morning I was feeling somewhat better.

Being sick isn't something we look forward to but I have to say it is such a blessing to be sick and have a beautiful bedroom, a comfy bed, needed medicine and the luxury of time to rest and heal.
My siblings and I keep a message thread going on Facebook and Nita said when Summer and Jesse, Jr. were young - and I would be sick as I often was back then - that I would say, "Okay, I'm going to be sick for 10 more minutes and then I will get up."
As mothers and caretakers, we all know how we use every bit of our willpower to just keep on going.
I have been there and done that so many many times and so have you.

There are blessings of every decade we live......Nita told me to pace myself and rest reminding me that I am not 50 years old anymore. I said, "I am not even 70 years old anymore!"
One of the blessings for me is the luxury of spending a day in bed reading good books, sipping herbal teas and listening to classical music. No regards to time or needs of anyone else.

That being said, I am glad to be back to my more normal life today!
I decided this morning to get up and act like I was well.
If that didn't work - I could always go back to bed. And I did go back to bed a time or two to rest.
But I had this real urge to go to the thrift stores. Maybe just getting out would be good for me and I asked Louis Dean if he would like to go with me. He did. We each found a few treasures. His were manly things like an outdoor electric light thingy....and a zippered notebook for his music.
We also got a nice big heavy lamp for the gazebo. I found two nice blouses for Lillian and a cute warm cream colored cape for me - perfect to wear if the fall weather returns any time soon!

But my one truly big treasure was.......

A black Halloween tree in the shape of a witch!
I waited too late to get good pics so I will take more tomorrow.
It's like the tree is her skirt and I am in love with this. 
I spied it the second I walked into Goodwill on Beltline.
It was $19 but I got 30% off being Senior Citizens discount day.
I waltzed right up to her and asked a sales lady if she would keep her at the register because I did not want to lose her!
I say this because last week I came up to this Goodwill to unload my trunk of all the things I had put back there to donate. Once the truck is full, I deliver it to Goodwill.
Well, when I drove up, there were two police cars in front and two officers with a lady between them.
I drove on around to the back to unload and I asked the girl what was going on.
She said the customer up between the policemen started cussing and screaming at another customer for getting something SHE was wanting. Apparently the screaming lady was a frequent customer and a problem from time to time.  I must say I shop here often and have never ever seen anything like this happen while I was here. Thank goodness!

Alright, folks!
I think I am caught up and Louis Dean is sitting right behind me waiting for me to read this journal entry to him. I usually catch a lot of mistakes when I do this. No telling what slips past me when I don't!