Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Real Family Style Weekend.....and Another Possum Visit....or two....

Saturday was an old fashioned kind of day where we worked outside in between rain showers.
We even worked IN the rain for awhile! Louis Dean has been building a deck behind the house where we can store some things and he was determined to get 'r DONE and he did!!

I am slowly getting the decks cleaned up and the flower beds weeded and mulched.
Of all the flowers I could possibly have - roses and honeysuckle are my favorites!!
To me this is the fragrance of summer! I have fond memories of these two flowers from my early childhood!

Before I headed outside, Mother and I sat huddled over my iPad watching the U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships! Talk about bringing back memories!!!! Amber swam for 11 years and I loved every single minute of it!
We had a really good Saturday.

 No TV until the day was done and we watched an old movie (1997)....Dante's Peak with Pierce Brosnan back when he was young and handsome!!! Now he is older but still handsome!!!

Mother had already gone to bed and we were closing up the house and turning off all the lights when Louis Dean called to me from the bathroom!
"Linda! Come in here and bring your camera!"
I had already escorted a baby possum out of the sewing room earlier Saturday afternoon.

I guess he had a sibling with him that I had not noticed!

Bless its heart!!! After I snapped his photo I threw a towel over him and took him outside!
Now, little did I know there was a THIRD baby that was left lurking in the den!

I heard him this morning when I was making coffee!
I opened the French door that is right there beside the coffee bar and hoped he would find it!
Before we left for church, I showed Mother the pics I had taken of him and told her to NOT be afraid if she saw one!!! She assured me she wouldn't! 
(Just for the record - so far SHE has made NO possum sightings!!!)

We had a glorious Sunday!!!!

Summer and Rayne joined us in church service and that made it even more special!!!
Here is Louis Dean with the five youngest grands.
He loves them every bit as much as if they were his blood!!!
So far they are too young to know he's not and it will never make any difference to them even after they get old enough to understand. They could not have a BETTER Granddad!!!

Dickey's BBQ is our favorite place to eat lunch on Sunday!!!
We take up a whole section of the restaurant with our crew!!!

We had such a good time visiting while we ate!

Logan snuggled up to her Granddad and said, "Take our picture, MeeMaw!"

Of course, then I had to take one of Trystan........

and Rayne!!!

And Harrison.......
Now tell me!!!! How in the world did I miss Kailey???

I found one!!!

Aunt Summer is a favorite with EVERYONE!!!
Especially the quads!

You can tell Rayne loves her cousins and they love HER!!!

Rayne didn't skip a beat when it was time to leave!
She said, "GROUP HUG!!!!"

My mother's heart was full to overflowing today!!!
Church and then lunch with my two precious daughters and their children just made my day!

Mother stayed home and had a good time reading the Sunday paper and watching figure skating on TV!

Sundays are perfect days for naps and I took a good long one before I went outside and starting working on the decks and flower beds again. Mother sat on the front porch when I worked in the rose garden and then sat out here on the side deck when I moved out here to blog.

Mother sat out here while I wrote and Louis Dean played music for us!

It was a wonderful evening!

Louis Dean is loving all the Tom T. Hall songs.
He just recently rediscovered him!

I am done and he is ready to put his guitar up so we are taking our party inside!!!

I have loved every minute of this special Sunday and I am already looking forward to the next one!!!!


shortybear said...

glad you enjoyed your weekend

Deb said...

What a nice family weekend!!!

Kathy said...

I love hearing LD sing. Tell him I really liked that song. How wonderful to have this great family weekend.

Nancy Chan said...

What a wonderful weekend spent with love ones. Love your family gatherings.

Latane Barton said...

What a perfect day, filled with lots of love and fellowship.

Nita said...

Well you did have a full weekend ! Time well spent !

Sandra said...

i like the song... this is the kind of music of my child hood in KY.. what a fun lunch at the bbq. the deck looks great and so does your mom... so 3 down there might be more in the house. they sure are cute. wonder where the mom is.

Susie said...

Linda, What a wonderful Sunday. Full of God, family, food and lots of love. I will say you do have your share of adventures, those possums. I would be out of my mind. LOL. Please don't laugh, but sometimes I will sing along with LD...reminds me of when my real dad played music. Your family is so cute and loving. The kids photos were sweet. Your mom looks like she is doing very well. Blessings to all, love you, xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

I can certainly see why you loved your day!

Nonnie said...

Just perfect! Those babies are precious ... Your babies. The possums ... not so much. Yikes!

Vee said...

The possums would wig me out!

"Group hug" now that is darling!

Carla said...

I still laugh thinking of LD calling out to you to bring your camera. LOL I like your movie choice!

Penny said...

A lovely report on your Sunday activities. It amazes me how much you pack in to one day Linda. I think I would faint if I found a possum in the bathtub (apart from the fact we don't have them in Scotland!) x