Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Beautiful Sunday!!!

This has been such a blessed and beautiful Sunday!
Start to finish!!!
I am LOVING the fact that I get to see all five of my youngest grandchildren every Sunday now!!!!
The fact that we all go to church together is what makes it such a special blessing!!!

It is our tradition to go out to eat afterwards and Dickey's BBQ is usually our first choice!

Aunt Summer is a SUPER special aunt!!!!!!

She came with a bag of tricks aka craft projects to occupy  the kids while we were ordering and getting the food to the table. It IS a process!!!!

Rayne gives the very BEST 'slobbery kisses' to Harrison!!!

Hahaha!!! LOVE that Harrison said he was 'TIRED of slobbery kisses!!!!'

Just LOOK at this precious child!!!
LOVE her!!!! Oh, how I LOVE her!!!!!

The kids had a contest as to who could eat their ice cream cone FIRST!!!!

Harrison promised he would eat the whole CONE after he ate his ice cream!!!

Harrison won!!!!
Rayne said, "Cheers! You might want to kiss the bride!!!"
????? Never a dull moment!!!

Okay! It is hard to get pics of several children where they all look good!
One was better of Trystan but Kailey had her eyes closed....
so I went with this one as to not totally overload tonight's entry with a TON of pics!!!!
I am admiring my own restraint.......

SUCH a great photo!!!
We had two tables pushed together and the laughter and smiles spilled out into the surrounding tables!! People were smiling and laughing as they watched US smiling and laughing!!!
This reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures!
"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine."

My Sweet Summer and her precious daughter!!!

Amber and her Mini Me!!!

I brought MY Mini Me home with me!!!

Little Logan!!!!
It broke my heart when all FOUR of the quads wanted to come home with me!
And at the same time, I was overjoyed!!!!
I never ever knew a grandmother's love and the fact that I have instilled this in ALL of MY grandchildren gives my heart such joy as I have never known!
Praise God they all know the meaning of 'my turn,' and 'next time'......

We came home and Logan was down for her nap in no time with Granddad sleeping right along beside her!

Deanie and Charlie came over for a visit this afternoon and a profitable one it was!!!

It has been and continues to be a journey with our mother and, as with many families, it is a bit of a complicated one, emotionally and mentally - for all of us.
Deanie and I filled out the forms to get Mother approved for Medicaid and by the end of the week all documents and forms will be in the mail!!!
For the sake of ALL of our health - we are moving forward with finding a place for Mother!
There will be many posts in the future of this journey but for now, we are just trying to take care of ourselves as well as our mother in the best way we can.

Logan woke up from her nap hungry for Texas Trash and Dilly Bits and lots of iced tea!!!
That's because the first two are so salty! Never fear! I only gave her a Dixie cup full of each. A FROZEN Dixie cup, at THAT!!!

After Aunt Deanie and Uncle Charlie left, Logan turned to me and said, "Let's CLEAN something, MeeMaw!!!!" Child of my heart, this one is!!!! If I need to clear my mind and take control of my emotions, I do it through CLEANING!!!!
This sweet granddaughter of mine cleaned all the French doors plus the panes in our back bedroom door that had so much DIRT on them!! She used THREE dish towels before she proclaimed them CLEAN!!!

Then she and I went outside to cut bouquets to beautify and fragrance the house!

I am used to having all FOUR quads here and just having ONE is a whole different ballgame!!!
I think Logan enjoyed all the special attention she received and WE loved just looking and listening to her - all by herself!!!

Children are like flowers.......

each one so precious and so different from the others in color, shape, design and shape.

I am grateful I have children in my life!!!
They have made all the difference!!!


Kathy said...

You really did have a wonderful Sunday. I'm glad each quad gets a chance to be the "only one" and have special time with you two. Summer is a great mom and aunt. The videos were great. I like how Harrison is tired of slobbery kisses. It made me laugh. That Rayne is something else!

Linda said...

It does appear you had a good Sunday. I agree it is wonderful to have Summer and Rayne joining you on Sundays. It's great the cousins get to spend time together. Poor Harrison, he is so outnumbered with kissy girls. He appears to be a good sport about it though. Glad you and Deanie are getting that paperwork done for your mom. The sooner the better.Logan is such a pretty little girl. I can just see her slipping around quietly to make sure everybody's needs are taken care of. She's a real sweetheart. Need a report soon on the pole and gazebo construction. Hope you have a good week.

Saucy Siciliana said...

Sweet pictures Linda! It must be wonderful to get the family together. We have big families here in Sicily too. I'm glad you enjoyed your Sunday. Today is a big holiday in Italy, it's Liberation Day.

Stacey said...

I can't get over how quickly those kids are growing!

Children are like flowers... ♥ that.

peggy said...

what a perfect Sunday! I would take some of that Texas barbeque and a slobbery kiss.

Vee said...

So many perfect pictures today! May Logan come to my house next Sunday? I'll have her home in time for supper. ;D

Susie said...

Linda, I can almost feel your heart swelling with the love for your family. We love our children and grandchildren. Your family is a wonderful example of loving one another. Blessings, xoxo, love all of you, Susie

Deanna Rabe said...

You did have a great day! Your grands are darling!

Sandra said...

so Amber has her mini me and you have mini you in Logan... i wish i had her here, i need help with keeping up with the dust bunnies... love the slobbery kisses and all five of them are just so sweet and cute...

Kelly said...

It looks like you had a great time together after church. The kids are getting so tall now! My goodness time has flown. I'm sorry to hear about your mom's situation of late. My husband had to deal with his parents both ailing for many years before they passed. It was truly a hardship on everyone. However, that is life. It's no fun getting old!


What a true blessing they are Linda!!!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I can imagine that it is a 'process' getting the food on the table for your whole gang. So special that you can enjoy them every Sunday!

shortybear said...

precious family time

Angie said...

I just love everything about this post!!!

Carla said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday. And yep I think You need to send Logan to my house to clean. LOL. She'd probably run for the hills so no way.

Penny said...

Precious photographs! Logan is a wee treasure, she must have loved every moment of her time with you X