Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I Love.....Little Baby Ducks, Old Pickup Trucks, Slow Moving Trains.....and Rain

We are always excited about Quad Wednesdays!!!!
I think Amber is, too, and I KNOW the quads are!!!

Mother has been so happy to be part of our lives this past week!
We were ready to have some fun as soon as they arrived!

Amber knew we had chocolate cake so she went straight for a fork and tried it for herself!

Can you tell Harrison got his own fork and wanted a piece of cake all for himself??
Trystan and Logan got in on a few 'birdy bites' before they decided they wanted BIG bites!!!
Let's just say that cake has gained a reputation as has the baker!!! Thank you, Tory!!!
There is a tiny smidgen left and as soon as I finish writing tonight - I am going to go in there and take care of it!!! 

Louis Dean tried his best to take a couple of pictures of me and the quads as we gathered twigs for a craft project!

Mostly he got a string of tiny video clips!

I bought some bunnies on clearance at Hobby Lobby last Friday for 90% off!!!
I waited until today so the kids could unwrap them for me!

Four baby bunnies and a Mama Bunny!!
The kids placed them in the rose garden and lined them up with the mama!!
Kids know.....

We had one extra jack rabbit and Harrison put him on the other side of the garden!!

It was a chilly, rainy type of morning so indoor activities were the order of the day.

and coloring are always good!
While I prepared lunch, Louis Dean took his guitar in and started playing a little music!

They just LOVE 'Froggie Went A'Courting!!

Then he started playing  I Love......

and I got the kids to sing the highlighted word and chorus.
Of course they just sang the word when I held up the visual!

They know all about hay from our trips to the country!

I ran out of ink before I got a squirrel printed off! Still, they had the idea!!!

The paper picture helped them sing along......

I used a heart shaped color paper Kailey was coloring for the part where they sing,
"And I love you, too!"
LD hopes to perfect the song with them and have them sing it to their parents some Wednesday soon!!

Mother enjoyed the mini concert and she was so happy to see the children!
She is getting a glimpse of our day to day life that she has never seen before!

Hands in your lap is the rule before serving lunch and the kids are mindful of their manners!!
We ate and Louis Dean is such a help to me in getting out the pillows and blankets for nap time while I do the clean up of the dishes!
Today's chapter in Little House on the Prairie was 'The Soldiers.' A sobering chapter to me but I'm sure the heaviness was not noticeable to the kids. I have not yet read - or purchased -  Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography - but I will!

After naps we took the basket of twigs and stones that we had gathered this morning....

and Logan, Harrison and Trystan wrote their names with them!

Harrison and I used twine for his last three letters and we used small stones for an o, a and g!
Kailey napped a little longer than the other three so she will make her name next week!
Amber was here to pick them up EARLY and I must tell you, the kids were NOT happy about having to go home before DARK!!! I promised them they could stay late next Wednesday!!!
I love it that they don't want to leave!!!!

But since they DID, Louis Dean and I went outside on the deck to sit for a bit!

We took our wine outside! It really WAS 5:00 and after!!!!
I sat and read through a few papers.......

Mother sat out there with us and watched the birds and the tree and the sky!

We love an outdoor fire!!

Louis Dean started work on the gazebo deck......just a little bit!
Once he figures it all out - it will go down in a flash!

Dinner tonight was salmon croquettes, mashed potatoes and green beans from BABE'S!
The green beans were leftovers from last night and just as delicious as they were then!

Thanks to my cousin, Gay, I now roll my salmon croquettes in cracker crumbs instead of flour!
Yum! They were GOOD!!!
Today has been a bit shorter and that's a good thing because tomorrow will start EARLY!!
The quads have a parade at school and Granddad and I are going to be there whether we are awake or not!!!!


Deb said...

I love your Quad days...they are just precious...I can tell your Mom is enjoying the hustle and bustle of those sweet babies...

BeachGypsy said...

Enjoy that parade! Sounds fun. I love the pretty fire burning picture!

Linda said...

Oh my, the things grandparents do for the grands. Our grandson plays cello. I complained for years about how bad kids recitals were but all that was behind me when I started attending his. Suddenly kid recitals were great! Always enjoy seeing the quads. Since October we've had 6 days without rain. Next week we're supposed to see sun and temps be about 80. You can find us on our patio when that happens!

Kathy said...

I love hearing about your Quad days. How clever to make their names from sticks and stones. I like that idea and may have to steal it to do with two little girls I know. It is still too cool here to sit outside but this weekend it is supposed to get up in the 70s so I am looking forward to that.

Debby said...

Love quad days. I wouldn't want to home either.
Regarding your post about your feet. Mine are so messed up. I wear crocs all the time. They have so many styles. Most of them don't resemble the original chunky ones. You might want to try them. Hugs

Sandra said...

love all the bunnies, so cute and sweet, just like the quads.. tell LD when i first got my camera last year, i had dozens of little one shot movies.. they put the button right where my finger rested.

Cheapchick said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Just back from holidays catching up on my blog reading - another great Quad Wednesday!

Changes in the wind said...

Your outdoors looks so pretty...

Susie said...

Linda, What a busy fun day you all had. I love that LD is teaching the children to love music. You teach them art and even crafting. They are learning while having fun...that's a plus. Your mom seems to be happy as can be. I know she loves the little ones too. LD...that work horse is chomping at the bit to get that deck going. Makes me smile. Your salmon , which we always called patties....sure make me think of daddy. He would put every kind of filler in a can of salmon to feed all of us. There probably wasn't even a sniff of that salmon left in the can. LOL. Blessings to all of you, hug your mommy for me. Love you, xoxo, Susie

Sweet Tea said...

Lots of sweet fun - I can nderstand why the kids love to visit.
Now I'm hungry and wishing I had a salmon croquet!!

Nonnie said...

This is a perfectly beautiful post. Love the Tom T. Hall song. How cool it must be to have an in-house serenader! We had salmond croquettes the other night.

shortybear said...

good post

Carol Slater said...

I love reading about your quad days and can hardly wait for my granddaughter to get old enough to do these types of things. She will soon be a year old and she is fun, but we can't do the crafts and fun things that you do.

Carla said...

I like that Tom T Hall Song. Salmon croquettes wow I haven't had those since I got married. Long time huh? LOL My mom made those and creamed peas with potatoes. mmmm. Y'all are so good with the quads. Great memories being made

Penny said...

A busy and happy day with those precious children. I hope your Mum is very proud of you Linda, when she sees the wholesome and loving way you and Louis Dean live your life together, and the love and care you give so willingly and lovingly to the quads X