Monday, April 18, 2016

An Easy Monday!

It's been a long and relaxing Monday for us. 
I've enjoyed it. Most days speed past in a blur and this is the first day in a very long time that has seemed to linger.

Every morning Facebook shows us the memories they have preserved for us through our pages and posts.

 This is the one that came up today. My youngest two children, Amber and Benjamin, from 9 years ago in 2007. I am thankful for photos because I would never remember moments like this without them!

I find the most interesting things at Central Market!
These Maple Bacon potato chips made a plain sandwich lunch a little bit special!

It was a cool and cloudy day - perfect for working in the flower beds.
Louis Dean asked me if I wanted help and I jumped at the chance to have him dig up some of the overgrown grass in one flower bed and then dig holes for a few pots of things I bought at Lowe's last week!

The rosemary, the roses, honeysuckle, the mint - everything just smells so GOOD!
The attic fan pulls all these fragrances right in through the guest and music room windows.

The cedar mulch I put down last year sure helped with weed control so I am using more of the same this year!

It's not perfect but it IS looking so much better!

Louis Dean dearly loves his roses!

This is the project we are working on. I think we are nearly half way done!
Louis Dean put in a sewer line and electric for when we had the camper on the driveway.
It's there and available if you happen to want to visit us someday in your camper or RV!
I'm trying to get flowers to grow up in front of it.
Back in 2005 when LD and I married, this flower bed was low maintenance. A large red crape myrtle grew here as well as lots of liriope. For whatever reason, Louis Dean does NOT like crape myrtles and since the camper backed up to this bed, he dug the whole thing up! He was 'new' then and got away with a lot more than he does now. Still, I treasure him more than the long row of elegant white crape myrtles that lined our driveway....and the three pretty pink crape myrtles in the back yard.....and the large red one at the curb by the driveway! They sure were pretty!

This little guy kind of reminds me of Louis Dean!!!

After the yard work, I came in and finished laundry and making up the guest room now that Mother is back in Fort Worth with Deanie. She will be coming back next month!
Doing routine chores is rather comforting in a way. I lit the candles and together Louis Dean and I cooked dinner. He made shake and bake chicken only without the 'shake and bake.' I bought some Italian bread crumbs at Central Market yesterday and he used that instead. I made microwave baked potatoes and steamed broccoli with cheese sauce to go with it.
After dinner we sat outside on the patio by the kitchen pond for a little while.
The baby possum came strolling along and was about to go inside the kitchen when I told him NO!
I guess he understood because he went back across the deck and down behind the pond.
Louis Dean said that when he saw one by the gazebo deck the other day, he yelled at it an instead of running back in the bushes, it ran straight into the sewing room. Guess that's the one that spent the night inside underneath the guest room bed.....where Mother was sleeping!

It's only a little after 10:00 but we are winding down and going to bed.
A long slow day is a good thing ever once in awhile!


Linda said...

Louis Dean you are going to have a hard time getting back in my good graces. The nerve of you, preferring possums to Crepe Myrtles! How can you be a Texan and not like Crepe Myrtles? Shameful. And you do understand most people don't have possums for house pets, even in Texas? It's going to take me a while to get over this.

Deanna Rabe said...

Marriage is requires compromise and that's what you did in regard to the crepe myrtle. I like them and I believe they are in the lilac family along with butterfly bushes.

Glad you had a slow quite day!

Debbie said...

it's nice to have a slow, quiet day....all of my days are slow and quiet. but tomorrow i will see my great nieces, and i will have help from my sil keeping up with them!!!

the gardens are looking quite beautiful and i must look for those chips, they sound good!!!

shortybear said...

I enjoy quiet, peaceful days

Changes in the wind said...

Best be will be naming those possums if you aren't careful:)

Sandra said...

i am just so happy every time you tell a possum story. i think it is just awesome those babies come out so you can see them. i assume ours stay hidden due to Jake the Jaws in the back yard... i am also happy to find a teeny tiny flaw in LD since i thought he was perfect.. i mean who does not like crepe myrtles. oh my. all those beauties gone...

Say What? said...

Your flower gardens are just beautiful. Chris and I are making plans for our "forever home" and I am getting so many decorating ideas from your blog.

Curtains in My Tree said...

I think you both are very smart to remarry at your age ,meaning in the fall and winter of your life. I'm sure a man couldn't live with me after all my years of my independance. I was a widow at age 60, and 3 years before that my husband was in an alzheimer's nursing home.
I like crepe myrtle,fyi
I do wish I had someone help with the flower beds

Susie said...

Linda, That possum would make me crazy. I can't stand anything in my house that isn't meant to be there. I found some ant today..I killed them ....I have never had ants before. I may call the bug man tomorrow. Ted sprayed outside two days ago we always spray the foundation ..then he sprays the basement.
I enjoyed your pics today. Roses are so pretty. Blessings love you, xoxo, Susie

Pondside said...

Your last line nearly made me laugh out loud. Your version of a 'long, slow day' is what many people would consider a very busy day! Your flower beds are looking very good - you are lucky to have that good helper, even if it means the odd plant just has to go!

Blondie's Journal said...

Both your kids have the same those!

I had to laugh about LD and the crepe myrtles!! He is a cutie pie!

That damn opossum. I would have had a sling shot. No...seriously, I'm an animal lover, unless they are in my house!!! Then a sling shot. ;-D