Monday, March 30, 2015

HARD Yard Work, A Center Fold, and an UGLY Faucet!!!

 Louis Dean and I spent the entire day outside - WORKING!

I did NOT look PRETTY!
However, I DID wear earrings!
After several hours of hard sweaty work - I was tired to the bone!

I can't tell you how GOOD it felt to just stretch out right there in the front yard!
No telling what my neighbors were thinking!

Here's the center fold!!! hahahaha!!!! I was EXHAUSTED!

We rested a bit and had a late lunch in the gazebo and then went right back to work!
By the time I got through late this afternoon, I could hardly stand up straight!
I came in and took a MUCH needed hot shower and put on some clean clothes......

and went to BED!!!! I asked Louis Dean if it was too early to just stay there!
After a short nap and a few more glasses of water, I got up and went outside to see the fruits of our labors. My sweet Louis Dean had put all the equipment up while I rested.

I am loving whatever these purple flowers are!

They are new - I just planted them last summer.
The mums I had in this planter died a painful scorching death!

The red cedar mulch just makes it all look SO much better!!!
Weeds have been pulled, bushes trimmed, Asian jasmine has been weed whacked back!

The plastic stones in front of the real stone wall will be replaced with the stones from the fence Louis Dean will be taking down soon......all in good time.

The Carolina Jessamine is blooming nicely!

The Texas Sage is looking good.

I cut back the honeysuckle and pulled up mint - again! I am ALWAYS pulling up mint!

I want to buy more of THIS!

I especially like it when plants come back each year!

This ground cover has gone WILD the last few years!!! It has spread all over the place!

I need to get those giant Easter Eggs out of there and put them where they can be seen!

This is a good time of year here in Texas! It was 75 degrees here today. The high for Thursday is supposed to be 86! We are giving a dinner party/jam session that night so we will need to turn on the A/C with a house full of people!

I keep sticking those blue wine bottles in the dirt but they aren't growing!
After I get a few more, I will pull them all up and use them to line a flower bed.
That big citronella plant will be coming in handy. The mosquito season arrived this weekend - earlier than usual here at our place. We are going to have to keep all the bird feeders full!

The pansies won't last much longer as the weather heats up.

I have always had a LOT of mint and I use it generously when I brew my teas.
This year I planted some Lemon Balm.

Trust me - it makes a great pitcher of tea!

Now for the ugly faucets!

Louis Dean wrapped them up VERY good this winter!
SO good - he doesn't want to UNWRAP them!
All that silver foil stuff just looks awful to me!

I don't think this looks much better!!!
Still! It's not SILVER!

I used some vintage webbing on the front faucet.
Hmmm......still not good but I think I can improve on it.
A trip to Hobby Lobby on Friday is on my to do list!
I guess they don't make GREEN burlap - do THEY???
I have so MANY faucets to cover!!! Louis Dean has put them all over the place!
No matter where you are in the front or back yard - there is a faucet close by!

That's it for our Monday!
The candle is lit and it's time for a little drive way sit.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I have the same ground cover with the little blue flowers. The dogs decided that this was a great place to dig and roll around and hide bones etc. so the flower production is barely there this year. I know that work until you can no longer move, happens to me too and the urge to finish just one more thing is usually the last straw. Loved seeing the results of your hard work.

NanaDiana said...

THAT looks great...your hard work has all paid off. I love what you have done. xo Diana

Deb said...

Busy busy all looks GreAt!! Worked outside today too...planted more seeds

Vee said...

Your pretty plant looks like ground phlox to me. It covers really well and blooms for a few weeks every spring. Yours looks very healthy and happy.

You poor people! Have you not learned the fine art of pacing yourselves? LOL! Hope that a good night's rest sets you right. Everything has to be looking so fine.

Angie said...

You and Louis Dean might just be the hardest working people I know. I will say the fruits of your labor definitely show. Your garden's are beautiful. I love flowers but I don't have a green thumb AT ALL!

Ginny said...

Your yard is beautiful, and I love the pretty abundant purple flowers. The polka dot fabric looks so pretty on the faucet. I have never heard of Jessamine. You really DO look pretty resting in the yard! Love the edits!

Linda said...

I love your yard, Linda, and I laughed when I saw your comment on one of your photos "the centerfold." LOL! :)

Linda said...

I love your yard, Linda, and I laughed when I saw your comment on one of your photos "the centerfold." LOL! :)

Linda said...

It was wonderful to look at all of your flowers.....I don't even have any peeking out yet...........well, maybe I should remove last falls dead leaves and check. I am looking forward to being in the sunshine and warm temps in El Paso next month.

Diana Ferguson said...

You worked hard! So beautiful I might add. I was out in mine yesterday planting a few more flowers; this morning I will be planting more vegetables in the garden. I'm tired already!

Sandra said...

everything looks wonderful, we are having the same temps you are and it is perfect. yesterday i sat in the swing in the sun and it was awesome. if i laid on the grass like you did i could not get back up without help.. waiting to see the giant eggs

Arlene said...

Very pretty...I am not a gardener as I am always looking for something that will take care of itself!! Love your center

Pondside said...

What a lot of work - but it all shows!
Your LD is so good to put all those faucets around. There will be no need for you to drag a hose very far!

Changes in the wind said...

All that hard work made everything beautiful....

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

I have an idea for your faucets.
Find some ivy garland, or green garland of some kind. It will look natural, and won't detract from your flowers.
I often wish that we had Texas weather.

Beth said...

Your flower bed is pretty, Linda! Your mystery plant that you love is creeping phlox. It come in several colors (bright pink, lavender, pink and white mix that I know of). We are finally getting some bloomers. The deer (naughty deer) have been out in the garden eating tulips and crocus. GRRRRR!!!!
Have a great week, Linda!

Susie said...

Linda, Nothing more satisfying than being worn out from hard yard work. You get to enjoy all the benefits of a pretty lawn knowing you did all the work yourselves. I love that purple flower, it would be pretty all over. We have a garden hose hook up in the back and in the front too. I can hide the one in front in a box Ted made just for curling the hose in sits behind an evergreen bush, that helps hide it. Blessings to you and LD, two hard working people. xoxo,Susie

Robin said...

I love phlox! It is lovely. We usually plant it where it can climb over a wall or rocks. Hard to imagine that we can grow that here too-- of course we are still under at least 3 feet of snow so it will be a while this spring til we see anything!

Sweet Tea said...

My Mom has phlox at her house and it's always beautiful in the Spring. Wonder if it's blooming now? I KNOW how hard yard work is - kudos to you and LD for your "getter' done" work. We have lawn issues that are calling to us.

Jutta said...

Oh - you are able to wear Summer clothes! Looking forward to that....we just got another load of new snow. Like every year but still it feels unfair to me. :D

Carla said...

Centerfold huh? mmm. And no one came to check on you while you layed there..... Love the phlox. At first I thought they might be trailing vinca's. Yours and LD's hard work looks great. Poor David doesn't get much help from me when it comes to the yard. Now I rather like the red polka dot wrapped job.