Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm Just as Happy as I Can Be!!!

I have had SUCH a good day!!! One special blessing is that I FEEL good!!
Amazing how that affects your mood! I don't believe I had diverticulitis at all. I pulled some things when I was doing Yoga last Sunday afternoon. It was a position I have done for years. You lie flat, raise your feet up and OVER your head with your toes touching the floor behind your head. Normally I do this position just fine. I did that day, as well. It was just later that evening I began to have some serious PAIN! While I am not saying I will never do that particular move again - I won't be doing it for awhile! That's for sure! Today I walked for exercise!!

Tonight I'm writing my journal entry from end of day to the beginning.

I have had such a good time this whole late afternoon and evening!
The washer and dryer were going as well as the vacuum cleaner. I had bleach water in the kitchen sink soaking my mop. The front porch was scrubbed clean of the bird messes left behind when they roosted up there in the grapevines when it was so bitterly cold. Windex, furniture polish, Fabuloso, candles, a fire burning in the fireplace........ahhhhhhhh! Sheer bliss to me!!!
I think I am a natural born homemaker!

The den is especially cozy tonight as the air turned chilly.
I bought this deck of quiz cards by The Weather Channel at an antique mall we went to this afternoon. Louis Dean and I usually play Q & A when we sit in the gazebo. We have already gone through Texas Trivia and a whole set of Q & A on everything from the arts to history to geography.
I tell him this little game keeps our minds sharp! It also gives us the odd bit of information from time to time to contribute to a conversation. 'Useless bits of information' is what Louis Dean calls it!

We went from ice and snow to a mild day worthy of celebrating with a sit on the driveway.

Here he is playing all innocent! He purposely irritates Lucy at times - thus totally defeating his purpose in trying to keep her from barking at him!!

We drove to Fort Worth this morning in the big white TRUCK!
Louis Dean thought this would be safer and we did, indeed, hit a couple of patches of ice on some underpasses.

We picked Mother up and had lunch at MiMi's Cafe!
Last night when I was making our plan for today, I told Louis Dean I wanted a Mimosa!
For some reason that just sounded so good to me!

It WAS good!!! Why do I not keep a couple of these small bottles on hand at home?

Louis Dean had slipped my camera out of my bag and was quietly taking pictures of us all the time we were waiting for our food! Mother and I were talking and talking!!!

Now, when I ASK him to take a picture - he gets all surly and says his hands are too big and he can't find the right buttons to push and other such stuff and nonsense!

Looks to me like he's figured it out!

Mother looked pretty in her green sweater.
AND she LOVED her coffee!!!

LD snubbed the breakfast menu and asked for a lunch one.

Somehow I think he should look happier than he does in this picture!
That was a GREAT hamburger! I tasted the onion rings on it! Plus I ate a few of his fries.

Mother loved her waffles! Mainly because she was given warm syrup in a little pitcher. She used TWO little pitchers of it!

Louis Dean is always the gentleman.

I kind of enjoyed being chauffeured around and having a Mimosa with my breakfast!
Perhaps we can do this again!

I was in the back seat giving the driving directions!

Louis Dean feels STRONGLY about his food!!!
Guess his mama never taught him to SHARE!

Our afternoon entertainment was the Benbrook Antique Mall.
THIS was the most interesting thing they saw there!
They had a long talk about it!

Not certain Mother wanted to walk around an antique mall - but what can I say?
I thought it would be good for her! We ALL needed to walk around after all we had eaten!
There was not ONE SINGLE CRUMB of food left on our plates!!!

The best part of the day was when we took her home to Deanie's and we all sat around and talked and laughed and then talked and laughed some more!! Charlie, Deanie, Mother, Louis Dean and I always have FUN whenever we get together!

After awhile Deanie and I left the guys and Mother to their news watching and we went in Deanie's bedroom to work on our project. We are making a time line of our childhood - with a little help from ALL of our siblings and perhaps a few cousins! This is bringing all of us closer together and strengthening the bonds between us.
I'm really enjoying doing this!
I told Mother today that the turning point in the relationship between my sisters, brother and me was when she had that stroke. Had she died then, as the doctors thought she would, we would probably not see each other or even think about each other. However, God had a plan for all of us - a plan for healing and restoration. You never know the GOOD things God has in store for us even when painfully BAD things happen to us.

I still need to finish typing up my notes so that's what I'm doing next before we go to bed.

Simple things. Simple pleasures. Simply wonderful!


Jutta said...

Pure joy and love! I have SO much to learn from You, my dear friend! Your attitude towards life is incredible. Hugs from a foggy but light Finnish morning!!

Kathy said...

I love your days and love living them vicariously with you. It's so nice that you spend Fridays with your mom. I wish you lived closer and could help me clean my house. It's a mess! I love a clean house but with working full time and all the doctor appointments for Joe and me let alone church I have no time! I keep telling Joe that once I retire the house will be clean again. Your lunch looks good!

Penny said...

What is it with men and dogs?? I recognise that 'oh so innocent' expression on LD's face, because it's the same as my husband when he teases our dog, and then he wonders why she barks at him! The photo's of you and your mum chatting are adorable Linda. Lots of positive things in your post, so glad you are feeling better and full of energy X

Changes in the wind said...

This was indeed a good day:) Blessings

Debbie said...

Good morning! I love reading posts like this. Simple everyday pleasures is what it's all about anymore for me. Soo glad to hear your feeling better! Yes, it is amazing how feeling good can affect our moods. I soo love hearing about the time you spend with your mom. It reminds me so of my mom living here and the fun we'd have with her and I and my hubby. We had some good times let me tell you. She too had a stroke and I wish I could say that first one brought my brothers and sisters and I closer, but honestly it was a really trying time for us. Mom worried about us so though there at the end. I promised her (literally on her deathbed) that we wouldn't fight (and we haven't!) and that I'd do everything I could to get us altogether as much as I could. We've done that too. For us it was her death that pulled us all together. No one gets it quite like a sibling when you lose your mom. .I can identify with you too on loving a CLEAN house. The smells of furniture polish and pine sol and "cleaness" is what it's all about for me, lol. Hubby and I are cleaning today. Thanks for sharing your joy with us. It's contagious!

Sandra said...

i love that old ice box and i just read this sentence out loud to bob, Here he is playing all innocent! He purposely irritates Lucy at times - thus totally defeating his purpose in trying to keep her from barking at him!! BECAUSE this sentence is what i tell him every time he irritates the dog and she barks. then he tells her to stop barking and on and on.. MALE thing i guess.
i am so glad you feel GOOD... and i wish i was a born homemaker. everything you listed is everything i don't love to do.

Arlene Grimm said...

I love the story of your siblings and your Mom's stroke. Often these are life changing moments. Every time I see your gazebo, I want to come and sit there with you and LD!! My husband has the Big D ( Diverticulosis) and we thought he was having bouts of that when it was his appendix and it ruptured!! So make sure it is not something else bothering you. I am an old nurse and I was so embarrassed at my mistake. Since he has had that old thing removed he is doing great and we think he might have had a grumbling appendix that we were mistaking for his other ailment. Love all pictures of you and your mom!!

Vee said...

You did what?! I'd be in traction after a move like that! John suggests waiting for Glory to ever try that again. LOL!

I think Louis Dean has a wonderful eye for capturing a story. Those candid shots are terrific.

Hope that we get to hear more about the project you and Deanie are working on. God always has the best plan.

You and Louis Dean have to be great Jeopardy players!

Kelly said...

Well who knew LD was such a good photographer?! He's been keeping a secret from you! LOL! Looks like y'all had a good day together. Your mimosa looked good. I haven't had one of those in years! I love champagne, so I should make those more too. It's nice that your mom's stroke left her able to do so much. My MIL had a stroke 8 yrs ago and has been bedridden the last several years. She has to be taken care of like a baby now. She doesn't have much quality of life anymore. Strokes are BAD things! So, when your mom doesn't feel like walking, remind her she could be worse off and not be able to go places and walk at all. Count her blessings! It will keep her strong by exercising those muscles. Have a great weekend.

Susie said...

Linda, I am so glad you are feeling better. I laughed about you saying you enjoyed LD driving you around.....I let Ted chaffer daughters call that, "Driving Miss Lazy. " Darn kids. LOL. Ted likes driving his truck most times too. Blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

Hello dearest Linda!



You are amazing!

I don't think that I told you that I used some of my birthday money to buy a Paris, Texas sweatshirt. I will be blogging about it . . . likely next week.
It's so ME!
I am pleased to hear that you are feeling well. It's always nice to see you back in your groove. You look beautiful and healthy in this post!
I too love a morning mimosa. I sometimes drizzle a little Lemoncello in mine.

You are spot on when you speak of health scares that end up as blessings. We have worried about Mr D's lack of physicals and care for years. His recent hospital stay opened up Pandora's box. He now has a primary care doc who will get his health back on track. We now go to the gym five or six days a week. The evening trips to the gym have taken from my blog time. It's ok. Moving more has me almost ready to go down a size! ( I need to drop three sizes.)
I wish you a lovely weekend.
We are unseasonably warm. ( In the 60's ) One of the mildest winters in memory.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love trivia!

Love LD photos of you and your mother. I don't know the story behind your life before your mother's stroke (I'm newish to your blog) but I am thankful for you all that you have become so close. God's plans are different than ours are aren't they?


LV said...

Most times the simple things of life are the best, especially when it includes family. Loved hearing about you and family adventures. Take care.

Ginny said...

We love Mimi's Cafe! And going to Antique Malls. I think that green item is an old ice-box? How interesting about you and your sisters and your mom's stroke. God even works in our troubles! I am SO SO very glad you are better and do not have the dreaded diverticulitis! That called for a day of celebration!

Beth said...

Hi Linda, Glad you had a good day! I think it's wonderful how you spend Fridays with your mother. She looks well; I remember a few months ago she was in the hospital. You look beautiful - a good haircut and a happy attitude make one beautiful inside and out! :)

bj said...

Your mama looks really good...and I'd feel GREAT, too, if I had a Mimosa for BREAKFAST...(actually, I've never had one...) LOL

Carla said...

LD and innocent. mmm not sure those two belong in the same sentence. LOL
You and he are good match. Fun, loving, and playful.

Your momma looks great. I'm sorry she had to have a stroke before you kids could figure the idea of family.