Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Spring Fragrance on a Wintry Day

For years and years I had a whole drawer and/or cupboard chock FULL of all sorts of different perfumes, lotions, colognes and all things 'scented!'
"Ointment and perfume rejoiceth the heart." Proverbs 27:9
I know it makes MY heart happy so I wear fragrance every single day!
For winter this year I wore Cinnabar by Estee Lauder. LOVE the way that smells. Rich and luxurious.
After Christmas, since I was thinking ahead, I chose my spring fragrance!

I started wearing it March first.

I like the little charms that come with it.
My brother's young granddaughter, Katy, especially loves them and I intend to save these for HER!

Louis Dean and I packed up Lucy and some craft supplies, a bottle of wine and a bag of ingredients for dinner tonight and loaded into the truck to head over to Quadville.

As I walked down the driveway I noticed the Carolina Jasmine are beginning to bud out!

The rain would soon turn to freezing drizzle and the roads were expected to freeze making driving hazardous. Yup! That's what happened.
We were smart enough to come prepared to STAY in Quadville for a couple of days!

It was lunch time by the time we got over here and we came bearing PIZZAS!!
Love those Little Caesars Pizzas!
The kids ate and were ready for naps. 
I read a chapter of the Little House book to them and they were soon sound asleep.
More or less.
Amber and I watched an episode of Perception. I really LIKE that show!
She actually fell asleep on the couch after it was over! I went in to start the chicken and dumplings for tonight's dinner and Louis Dean was singing and playing the guitar in the play room.
I think he sang her to sleep!

I set up the craft table while the kids were still napping.
It makes me feel good to re purpose things. 
I first put a plastic table cloth down and then covered it with the fabric backing from a shower curtain I had used out in the gazebo. I had laundered and saved it. This morning I cut out the lining and it worked perfectly for our craft table this afternoon.

The first thing we did when the kids woke up was have a tea party!
They are learning to pour their very own tea these days!!!

Next we went over to the 'craft table' and did step #1 on our Bunny Boards!
Guess who did the BEST job???
Little Miss Kailey!!!
She stayed at it and painted two fence pieces!!!
We will finish them tomorrow but, for today, they were pretty pleased with what they did!

I finished dinner while Louis Dean watched Mickey Mouse Club with the quads in the play room.
He does a good job watching over them - as long as I shut both gates and they are a captive audience!
Just like Provenza in Major Crimes, he says, "I don't chase.'

Dessert was Red Velvet Powdered Donuts!
That's an EMPTY bag Harrison is holding!!!
We ate them ALL and they were GOOD!!!

Louis Dean may not chase but he DOES sing and dance!!!!

As does Kailey Girl!!!

I gave the baths and Amber got them ready for bed.

Granddad and his BABY POWER!!!

Amber and Granddad did the bedtime routine while I took a nice long hot shower.
Louis Dean truly enjoyed watching his Fox News station tonight while Amber and I watched a couple of our favorite programs!

Just as we were heading to bed we chanced to look outside!!!

Folks, this just doesn't happen very often in Texas!!!
I am so grateful that we came prepared to stay because I'm not at all sure we will be going home tomorrow! We DID leave Maddie home alone. I feel bad about that now. 
Does it count that I left some little lights and the stereo on? The radio is set to the classical music station and her food bowl was filled to the top as was her water bowl.
I hope so.


Linda said...

Poor Maddie...but cats are pretty good, as long as there is a clean litterbox, food and water, they manage quite well. It is freezing here in Montreal tonight and will be like this for the next couple of days. Many water mains have burst around the city, causing flooding, then the water turning to ice...and it took a couple of trucks to free several cars that were frozen in place due to the ice. Stay safe and warm, Linda.

Kathy said...

I think you sent that weather this way because we are to have a MAJOR storm today. So far work is still open, but I will be surprised if we work the entire day. We have 8 inches of snow predicted. So glad you went prepared to stay. As long as you are not gone for a week I think Maddie will be OK. Cats seem to make do better than dogs. I know Amber must appreciate you being there to help out and it looks as if you and LD are having a good time.

peggy said...

Loved the tea picture,are they really getting that big? Your weather is worse than ours here in Michigan.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sleet here this morning!! So ready for spring and it should be here again on Saturday. You mentioned you have a sister who lives in Alabama...where does she reside? Chicken and Dumplings sound pretty good right now!

Susie said...

Linda, Who wouldn't want grandparents as sweet as you and LD. Those little kids love you to pieces. Hope the ice isn't too thick, that can be so scary. Cat's can do well alone, they won't eat all their food in one setting like a dog. Be safe going home. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Shirley said...

Good Morning Linda, I have been watching the news and thinking about all of you down that way. I keep praying that we soon have better weather, but with all of the snow you know that the flooding will be next. Your little ones are so cute and adorable. Tea Time pictures are precious. Have a good day and stay safe. Snow is one thing, but ice is something else. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

You are wearing spring fragrance and dealing with snow. In Texas! How ironic. As for us...we are having an early spring.

Your grands are blessed to have you!

Cheapchick said...

Maddie will be fine - missing you but fine. It is too bad you can't teach her to answer the phone lol. Stay safe!

Beth said...

Maddie will be fine. It might have been stressful for her in different surroundings with 4 little ones and two big dogs. I cannot believe your weather this year! It has surely been nearly one for the history books, in the southern states and in the northeast. In our area we didn't get a lot of snow but February has been extraordinarily cold. On to warmer temps beginning tomorrow. I like fragrance too. I use a lot of body cream by Bath and Body Works; I also like Naked Bee. Enjoy your time in Quadville, Linda!!

Ginny said...

I love their little dance! Louis Dean is SO good with them! I think i may try some of your scent! Jasmine, how wonderful! Here, the first sign of spring is crocus popping up their little heads. I cannot wait to see the fence parts when they are finished! We are in the midst of another very deep snow storm. Pretty much everything is closed. So glad you are safe and sound with all your babies.

Vee said...

Crazy weather! That's the joy of having a cat...they can handle taking care of themselves. Hope that you don't get the cold shoulder when you bet home.

Must get to the PC for video watching...I know that I am really missing it!

Vee said...

typos...the bane of my existence...

Nonnie said...

This is indeed crazy Texas weather. Glad you went prepared. You guys make it look SO easy!!!

Faith Davis said...

i love the video about chicken and dumplings i hope you'll follow on my blog love you mimi or should i say bella

Faith Davis said...

i can't wait to see the lovely quads again and tell aunt amber that i will be delighted to babysit

Linda said...

I AM a follower!!! I think I'm your 5th one!!!!

Debby said...

I bet Amber is so thankful to have you and Louis Dean to love her babies and help her so much. Love how you put them to work on the bunny boards. Those are so cute. You are an artist.
Once 2 days before Christmas in a terrible ice storm that left us without power for a week, we had to leave our cat behind. We would come back every other day to check on her. She was a feral kitty. There is no way we could get her to go with us. I knew she probably cuddled up in the closet. She survived.
This crazy weather. Unreal. HUGS

Faith Davis said...

love the southerners video but were not that we go and play in the snow and drive easy

Carla said...

Crazy weather indeed. All we've had is rain and more rain. I want sunshine. They say we should see some today around 3. I'm not holding my breath. Pamela was mad that she didn't get to see snow and just north of Bryan did.
I'm glad she didn't have to drive in it.