Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mending Day!

Today was mending day.....and in more ways than one!

My first piece of  'mending' was actually a little work on my birthday quilt from 2013.
I hope to be truly finished with this long before my birthday come fall!
It's been 2 years in the making!
The whole quilt is made of denim garments I have worn - mostly in the 90's.

This came from the flounce of a denim dress I wore on my honeymoon in 2005.
I got it at Goodwill, naturally!

I went through a period of dressing like a doily!
I still linger in that stage!

I am very happy with the quilt so far! I added the ribbon today and will add more embellishments to cover some rough edges in the coming weeks.
I also did some practical mending for the family. 
My children know I love to redeem things so I cinch in a waist here for a little boy and shorten a sleeve there for a daughter. It makes me feel good to restore a garment to usefulness.
I am wearing a denim shift I bought at Goodwill a few weeks back. I took it up at the shoulders just fine. It's a little on the long side and I didn't want to have to decide what length to cut it tonight - so I just hiked it up in the front with large safety pins. What COULD look charming now looks like a bag lady is wearing it! AND she IS!!

I have not left the house today! No make up and no hair do!
Not even earrings! I stayed in my gown all day until I tried on the denim shift late this afternoon and then left it on!
I DID add a spritz of perfume this morning!
I find I need two days a week to just 'be!'
That's another 'mending' I did today. I rested. Slept late. No hard work. I am letting my body 'mend.'
I feel a lot better!

The dining room is set for a special dinner party we are hosting on Saturday!

We will have six extraordinary guests and I am so excited!

We have decided on the menu and made the grocery list for Louis Dean to pick up tomorrow while I am in Fort Worth.

I love to entertain!

In keeping with my 'mending' day........

I opted to stay home and sent Louis Dean off to his jam session all by himself!
I did not even send any refreshments!!! *GASP!*

It touched my heart that he even sang me a song before he left!
Although - did you HEAR the words??

While he has been at the jam session, I have been working on the timeline of our childhood.
My sister, Deanie, sent me home with some old photographs last week.

Not sure how old I was here - younger than six months I know.
I did google the address I found on the back of the photo.
Researching the past is rather interesting!

I love seeing my mother's handwriting on the back!

My one year birthday, perhaps?

This photo was taken when we lived in Kansas City, MO.
I think I was two.

This picture was taken in front of the little house we lived in when we moved back to Texas.
I was three years old.

I will be 67 this year so it is a lot of fun to see myself as a child.
Talk about 'Throw Back Thursday!!'

I really like this photo I found on Facebook today!
The saying is so encouraging!

Louis Dean has just returned from his jam session so we will visit for a little while before bed.
In keeping with my mending frame of mind - I think I will go to bed early. At least EARLIER than I usually do.


Debby said...

Yes we need those days. What a beautiful table for your guests. It must be fun coming to your home. Have fun. Cute pictures.

Linda said...

Linda, I love your tablescape!!! Your photos are beautiful and heartwarming. You are so energetic. :)

Linda said...

Linda, I love your tablescape!!! Your photos are beautiful and heartwarming. You are so energetic. :)

Ginny said...

Your quilt is YOU! It really is you, because it is made from all the things you wore. It is SO pretty It is good to have a day just to stay in and do nothing. I think this is what God meant by having a Sabbath. To recharge your body and mind. I love your Easter centerpiece! I bet you got it at Goodwill! You were cuter than a button as a child, and you STILL are!

Deanie W said...

Good for you! We all need down time, good job I hope you try it again ❤️

Wanda said...

Your denim bedspread (quilt) is outstanding. It just say Linda all over it. This was a good TBT baby day wasn't it?
Picked out the close I will take on the trip today. It will be cooler in Brookings, and since I'm a skirt gal...they will be long, with sweaters or long sleeve shirts. I'm so excited for this trip...Tristan is growing so fast, and before I know it...he'll be 3 then 4 then school ~~Yikes!!!
We leave Sat. morning. Will take my computer of course, but not sure how much time I can spend on it. Love and Hugs for now. I'm in my nightgown and ready for bed. Sweet Dreams.

Wanda said...

I must be tired...I just read my comment...and it's full of typos. sorry. I'm sure you will figure it out. HaHa.

Angie said...

We all need time to mend my friend. Glad you enjoyed your day doing things you love. Enjoyed your throwback too, so fun to look at. Your Easter table looks amazing. Your such a talented lady my friend.

Penny said...

So interested to see your baby photographs Linda, your face has hardly changed. Thank you for sharing such precious pictures from your past. Sending love X

Arlene said...

I love days at home with nothing to do but "piddle" as we used to say in North Georgia where I was raised! I love your pictures of you as a baby! I can see You in them...lovely. Glad you are feeling better. We are off to Georgia for my nephew's wedding. I did not post that we were going out of town on my blog but we are looking forward to a little trip!

NanaDiana said...

LOVE that quilt. I wore a lot of denim back in the 90's/early 2000's, too. Just something about it-comfortable and wonderful...although it was mostly skirts and jumpers- not jeans. My audio is not working so I couldn't hear LD singing...darn it.
LOVE all those pictures of you as a youngster. How cute is that. xo Diana

Vee said...

The way you repurpose clothing is inspiring. It's giving me bigger ideas than t-shirt pillows. Louis Dean looks so cute in his hat heading off for his evening. Hope that he had a great one. Hope that your sleep was sweet. You certainly deserve down time. Such fun to see little girl're a little cutie pie.

Susie said...

Linda, I loved the saying on your last picture too. You were a cute little baby and baby you are cute now...just ask LD . :):) Your quilt is amazing. Hope you and your Mom have a good fun Friday. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Sandra said...

I love the throwback photos and i love research to. the quilt is really beautiful. me days are always a good thing

Carole said...

Love your cheeky little grin in the baby photos! - we have started the move to the new house - today I must try to get some chairs over there - it is tiring being in a house that is empty and has absolutely nowhere to sit! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! I do mend but not to the extend you do, just repairs. I have been sewing on the back binding of a quilt today and I love the quilt you made for your bed!!!! My hubby does throw back Thursdays on our facebook page too. Not sure if it encourages or discourages me! LOL Love your table setting for company. Looks so elegant with those dressed up chairs. Enjoy! Nancy

Beth said...

I love your quilt, Linda! Such memories - and it is very pretty. You are quite good thrifter. I have had good luck with dishes in the past but not so much with clothing. I think I don't hit the stores often enough; the good stuff goes pretty fast. Your table looks beautiful, Linda. Enjoy your special dinner!

Carla said...

You set a nice table and that denim quilt is beautiful.
Such a a little cutie you were.