Thursday, March 5, 2015

Southerners and Cold Weather!!! Cream Cheese Brownies, Snow Day and We are HOME!

Wow!!! Yet ANOTHER Snow Day here in the Metroplex!!!
Who KNEW???

The rain had turned the back yard in Quadville to pure mud!
The snow made a HUGE difference!
I don't know who called this meeting!
Shiner or Jersey?
Lucy is the visitor and you can tell she is wanting to just sit it out!

Last night I PROMISED Harrison we would have pancakes for breakfast and that HE could make them!! And so he did!!!

They all ate really well!!! Bacon, pancakes, fresh strawberries and MILK!!
I love how Kailey POSES!!!! She even REQUESTED I take her picture!

After we ate everyone found something to keep them busy.

Then we all bundled up to go outside and enjoy this unexpected winter wonderland!!!

Thank you, Aunt Nita, for that load of mittens you sent over!
They have been well used!!!

The sun was out and the snow was deep!!
We got INCHES!!!

We are ALL sporting sunglasses!
When I pulled mine out from the bottom of my purse, I discovered one side had a screw that came out! 
Louis Dean fashioned a quick fix with a small safety pin!

Fun in the SUN!!!

My beautiful daughter and her FOUR children!!!

Trystan was bound and determined to hit Granddad with a snowball!!!
Granddad doesn't do COLD much less SNOW!!!
He never went past the sheltered patio!

Logan was the first one to throw in the towel and go inside to the warmth of the kitchen!!
I am so NOT a photographer but I DO like this artsy photo!!

This video pretty much tells the story of how the ice/snow/winter weather affect us Southerners!
Hello!!! We waited to go home until the whole event was OVER!!!

I baked these Cheesecake Brownies while the quads took their naps this afternoon.

I am NOT a chocoholic - but these were seriously GOOD!!!
When Amber was in the Pirouettes of Texas, we had a Team Mon who made these!
Thank you, Brenda!!!

Kailey is so her mommy's Mini Me!!!
She is multitasking - just like her momma!!

Amber and I LOVE to watch movies together!!!
THIS was one of our favorites and a perfect way to spend a little time on this cold March afternoon turn into evening!

We left Quadville to come home along about 7:00 or so.

When we got home, Louis Dean and I have a routine. 
He unloads and I put things up.
We seldom ever just pile up our stuff and leave it for a day or two.
I put it all back where it belongs!
I turned on the heat, the lights, the music and then I lit the fire in the fireplace and poured the wine!

We love to go to Quadville but we also love to come HOME!

I used to do Throw Back photos to close out my Thursday posts because I usually posted them on Facebook. Now that I have a 'Smart Phone' - they send me these Time Hops Photos to choose from.
Four years ago - BQ - (Before Quads!) - Amber and I enjoyed a trip to Galveston together!
Made memories then and making memories now!


Wanda said...

What a lovely day in the neighborhood.

How fun to have the quads in the snow. You all look so cute in your warm clothes and sunglasses.

When our grandchildren were small they always wanted to make pancakes and so we did...over and over every time they spent the night. Guess all kids love pancakes.

I'm with Louis Dean...I don't do good in cold weather.


Oh my word, those adorable quads are having a Winter wonderland ball with their grands; what else can you ask for? Except when you finally go home, I guess, lol. The feet up by the fire...priceless my friend.
Thank you for your sweet comment, you made my day for sure.

Ginny said...

I love this picture of you and amber, she is so pretty! And she is so lucky to have you to help her out when she needs a break. the video is so funny! We just got over six inches and it will be around zero tonight, so all ice tomorrow. I hope I can get to a wedding on Saturday like I promised.

Simone Dankenbring said...

The babies are getting so big. I loved all the pictures especially the one of Logan where she throws in the towel and decides that there's no place like "warm". Cute kiddos!!

Linda said...

Wonderful day, Linda. The brownies look and sound great, and I love that fireplace. :)

Kathy said...

So glad to hear you made it home safely. And I love that video! He is right, we northerners do snow better.

As usual you have posted great pictures of the quads. They are so cute out there in the snow. I know you don't get much, so at least they got enough to enjoy for a little while.

NanaDiana said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Love those brownies and I always love pictures of the quads. That last picture of you and your daughter is darling. xo Diana

Vee said...

So fun to see you all out in the snow with your sunglasses on. We rarely wear sunglasses in winter, but I can see why it would be a good thing. Harrison looks like an FBI agent. So adorable...all!

Kelly said...

Oh what fun! i know you don't get snow much in TX so it had to be a treat to play in the snow together. The pancake breakfast and cheesecake brownies sound yummy! We haven't gotten much snow this year here in GA. Well at least not enough to really play in. We've had our share of cold wet days though so I will be glad when Winter is over!

Sandra said...

of course being me, the dog meeting is my favorite. that is just to funny... the photos of you and the quads outside are really fantasic. with all these photos just think of the memories that will be stirred in the future.

Penny said...

I love your tale of the day in the snow Linda. It is still very cold here, but we have got off lightly with the snow this year X

Bev said...

WOW you would think you were in Canada:) all that least you don't have the cold!! Glad you get to enjoy it!! and those brownies!! Yum Yum

Beth said...

What a fun time you helped create for the little ones! Snow is fun when you are little; not so much when you are an adult - right, Louis Dean?
The brownies look great and being home by the fire with a glass of wine looks great too. 50 degrees here today - I'm hoping winter is over!
Hugs and blessings, Beth

Jutta said...

There is so much happiness in this post!

Carla said...

The quads are as adorable as ever but face of Trystan kills me with those smiles and dimples. Harrison becoming quite the little man. Love the reflection photo you took. Good job