Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Quiet Weekend

It's been a quiet weekend for us!
I started Friday with picking Mother up for a little shopping at Home Goods followed by lunch at Bennigen's. I have been CRAVING a Monte Cristo sandwich and it was every bit as good as I remembered! I can NOT go wrong by ordering Mother a bowl of thick creamy Loaded Potato Soup!

While we waited for our food, I was showing her my birth certificate as well as the copy from 1955 when I  started school. It brought back memories!!

I look forward to Friday because not only do I get to see Mother - I get to visit with Deanie!
We have been working on a timeline of our childhood together and this has turned into a most interesting project! One memory stirs another. Week by week we are beginning to see an overview of our lives.

While I was out visiting, Louis Dean stayed home and laid the flooring in our pantry. He was pretty proud of himself!!! The bonus of the evening came when Amber invited us over for dinner!
We had a ball and the food was excellent! Amber is such a good cook! They wanted us to see their new living room/play room. The gates are gone and it is now a comfy place for quads AND grown ups! Oh, my! These kids are growing by leaps and bounds!!

We came home and went right to bed!!!
We were tired all the way to the bone and must have slept like ROCKS because I didn't wake up until nearly 11:00!!!

I did not dress, put on make up or even style my hair at ALL Saturday!
I DID do some writing, some cleaning and some crafting!

I put the finishing touches on the bunnies for the quads!

Only one set of brown eyes in the group and those belong to 'Dada!'

This morning we once again made it to church!
It really doesn't seem like Sunday if we don't get to go!

Our lunch place of choice was Whataburger!!!
I ran into another 'churchy' lady. She was all dressed up - as I was.
We are of the old school where you wear your 'Sunday Best' to church.
I told her you can tell we are of an older generation and we chatted a few minutes. I asked what church SHE goes to and she said, "The same one YOU do!!"
We usually arrive a few minutes late and sit in the back and she said she generally sits behind us - as she did today! Now that we know each other's name - perhaps next Sunday we will sit WITH her!!

We did some errands on our way home - as in shopping at Wal Mart! That's not something we normally do these days. However, I needed just a FEW items for a dish I am making tomorrow and I wanted to look at the herbs and flowers.

After we unloaded and took a tiny nap - we headed outside to work.

Louis Dean has the entire old fence across the back of our property down and we have slowly burned it up!
The fire pit is a good way to get rid of the wood and gives us a nice fire at the same time.
Win! WIN!!!

I cleaned out some flower beds.....the more I do - the more I see that I NEED to do!!!

This is a portion of our front porch.
It is in bad need of repair.
Louis Dean will repair the mortor in this area......

and the rest of the porch we will cover with these all weather mats!
The porch is on our list of things to do - but it is nowhere near the top at this time!!
If I can't FIX something, I just HIDE it!!

We had a spring supper of strawberry shortcake.
I could eat this EVERY night!

We've been outside in our gazebo since late afternoon.

We love our gazebo!!
Right now there are NO insects buzzing around and the weather is pleasant and mild.
All too soon we will be swatting flies and having a fan blowing on us!

But tonight is simply PERFECT!!!


Deb said...

what a nice happy we are having warmer if we could just get some more sunshine!!!

Vee said...

Such a lovely way to spend a weekend. Things must look very different at the Bells' these days. It must feel "right" for everyone now that the Quads are growing so fast.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I read each and every post with pleasure Linda. Sleep well.

Ginny said...

I love the fancy design of your front porch!! Will you have an outside Easter Egg hunt with the Quads? I love the banner, and the wooden bunnies! Is that your coffee maker? I thought you had a Keurig. We do not have a Bennigans anywhere near, I wish we did.

Penny said...

Sounds like your timeline is coming on really well Linda X

Sandra said...

i did on Sunday what you did Saturday.. no make up, no where but home and we stayed outside more than in.. the bunny family is so sweet and cute.. and whataburger is a place i would love to...

Changes in the wind said...

A perfect day:)

Arlene Grimm said...

We had a quiet weekend here as well. The next two weekends will be busy so I enjoyed staying home, reading and cross stitching.

Cheapchick said...

Strawberry shortcake for dinner - you definitely are my kind of woman lol :)

Susie said...

LInda, This was a good post. You are all feeling well. ...that makes me smile. I used to love going to Bennigen's in Daytona Beach...Can't remember the last time I have even seen their place. Your gazebo looks so cozy and inviting.. I think LD can fix the porch...he's pretty handy, don't you think? :):) Got to say, I wish time could slow down some...the babies are now toddlers heading into being little kids..That time went very fast. Hugs and blessings to all of you. xoxo,Susie

NanaDiana said...

Everyone needs a Saturday like that every once in a while. How funny about the lady sitting behind you in church...and then meeting her out at the eatery.
I do Sunday best for church,too. Always have and not about to change it now. lol Hope you have a great Monday. xo Diana

Linda said...

Linda, your mother is a classy lady and she looks radiant, lovely photo. The strawberry shortcake is looking really good, and as always, I love reading about your adventures and seeing your photos.

Blondie's Journal said...

We had a Bennigans for years and then another restaurant took over...I miss the Monte Cristo! Maybe I can concoct a recipe!? I love a challenge!

Love what Amber did with her family room! Now that the quads understand not to jump off furniture (although they will), it's cool that they can all enjoy the same room.

Hubby and I always dress for church as do many of our parishioners. Sometimes I don't know what people are thinking. Is Mass an afterthought on Sunday morning?

Cook that corned and LD will have great sandwiches the next day! :)

Jane xx