Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesdays are BACK!!!

I think this was our first all round 'normal' Tuesday in a LONG time!!
As soon as I woke up this morning, I called Ruth Ann and we checked the movie listing for Starplex.

Our featured presentation - Into The Woods!
Johnny Depp's appearance in the movie lasted less than one minute!!!

Ruth Ann and I are now Mall Walkers!!! Walked the entire mall and through one large store!
We plan to do this twice a week and I will do Pilate's and Yoga in between - and walk Lucy!

Ruth Ann came up DRY at Goodwill!!!

I found a FEW things!

Just my style - Vintage Mode!

A fun colorful top for spring!!

You can't go wrong with a bling top from Talbots.

A shell candle holder for Summer rounded out my finds today.

I dropped Ruth Ann off and came home to deal with the sewing room.
As I clean one room - the one next to it gets all the 'stuff' piled into it!
Set out the art table, heated up the roast from last night and Art Class was on!

**Louis Dean said he makes his roast as follows:****
"First thing I do is heat up the skillet,  pour in some oil (about 1/4 inch deep in the skillet) and let it get real hot. Next I get a big enough bowl to roll the roast in and put in about 1 1/2 - 2 cups of flour. And into the flour, I put a LOT of salt and pepper and garlic salt and seasoning salt. Stir all the seasonings into the flour before dredging the roast with it. Then I wet my hands and pat the roast down with water real well. Then I wet my hands with oil and do the same thing. This makes the flour stick to the roast. Next I brown the roast in the hot grease - brown it on both sides. I have a pot waiting to cook the roast in. I use a small rack in the bottom. I add water to depth of about 4 inches.
Back to the skillet that I used to brown the roast - I add the rest of the flour mixture to it and brown it well. After the roast cooks slowly on top of the stove until it's about 3/4 done - an hour and a half or so - I add the vegetables and the 'paste' I made from the oil and flour  and then continue to cook until it's done. The meat is right in the middle of the vegetables."

From his mouth to your ears!
He said this is the first time he ever told how he did it step by step.
Hope it made sense.

Sabrina and Rayne arrived for art!!!
She is growing up so fast!!!

Rayne went in to tell Granddad Hello!!

We celebrated with tiny glasses of Toffee Buttermint wine!
This is my last bottle and I don't think I will be finding any more until fall.
Louis Dean picked up the Caramel Apple wine just because.
We all taste tested it. The jury is still out. 
Let's just say - a taste is nice but that's about it. It would probably be delicious poured over some ice cream!!

I put the final glaze on the Boots Painting!!!
It is now ready to go home with Amber tomorrow!

I added one final touch to the last boot!
I used a turquoise earring my sister, Nita, gave me! She cleaned out her jewelry box and thought I could use some of them in my art! So I have an earring from two of my sisters in this one painting!

Summer and Sherry - my daughter and daughter in law - arrived and made it a FUN night!
Sherry has a magical eye when it comes to art and we all get real excited when she comes through the door. We may KNOW that 'something' isn't quite right with our painting but can't figure out what!!!
Sherry takes one look and hits it on the nail - every single time!
We LOVE it when Sherry comes to art night!!!!
Summer came straight from work and she and Rayne took Lucy for a nice walk.
It's always nice when we have a full house!

Sabrina was working hard on her Boots painting tonight and she finished it!!!
She is giving this as a wedding gift to some one near and dear to her!
You can't see Ruth Ann but she is back there behind her canvas - the Santa at the Manger one.
Next week we will ALL be starting a fresh canvas!
Since we liked the boot painting so much - we are all three painting an 18 X 24 canvas of our OWN!
THEN, Summer requested that I paint HER a BIG canvas - just like the one I painted for Amber.
She wants to hang it in her new office! I think she's going for a Texas Theme!!

It wasn't ALL art and NO play!
Rayne and I enticed Maddie to come out and see us.

Kids love cats!
That gorgeous little pea jacket Rayne is wearing was COVERED with white cat hair when she went home!!!

It was worth it!!!!

I am so happy that our Tuesdays are BACK!!!


Ginny said...

I am happy your Tuesdays are back too! And now I can enjoy your weekly finds! And now I have a new wine for YOU! It is awesome tasting! "Teavine Green Tea, White Wine and Honey Infusion." Louis Dean is a cook cook who is natural and does not need recipes. I have found that Goodwill is loaded from October on. Then after January the pickings are SLIM! I am hoping people do their spring cleaning soon!

Wanda said...

What a fun Tuesday. How was the movie? I dredge all my meat in oil and flour and brown it like Louis Dean. Even when I put a pork roast in the crock pot...turns out better if it's been browned,
The Art night sounds so fun. All working together...what a room of creativity.

Did so much yesterday, I just took it pretty easy today. A load of laundry, and my Women's Bible Study.

Love and Hugs

Penny said...

Dun to hear Louis Dean's 'voice' today Linda. He certainly knows how to cook. Your art class looks like a lot of fun X

Deb said...

Yeah Tuesday! You sure had a lot of fun

Arlene Grimm said...

Thank Louis Dean for the recipe but would he just come to my house and make it???? Love all your paintings. I dabble in painting but would love to take some lessons. What do you glaze your paintings with? I think that might be one thing that is missing from my efforts!

Susie said...

Linda, I have to say little Rayne is precious. Her sweet little face, love it. Your man , LD sure can cook. That sounds like s good way to make roast. Your boot art looks wonderful. Get a picture of everyone's when they do the next paintings. I like to see how everyone does it a bit differently but they all look great. Love the earring on the boot. Clever. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Changes in the wind said...

The painting is beautiful...great job and tell Louis Dean thank you for the recipe. Maybe you should post one every so often???

Vee said...

A big "thank you" to Louis Dean for the recipe and to you, Linda, for putting it down. I have copied it carefully, giving full credit, to my recipe box. I will be giving this a whirl one day soon.

Oh it has to feel sweet to be back doing what you love. Those paintings came out beautifully!

Bev said...

I love your Tuesdays!

Sandra said...

i know Amber will be happy to get her painting home and hung on the wall.. we have a lot of mall walkers here, if i lived closer i would do it to.. they walk before the stores open..


Love the kitty....

And the painting..."Boot Scootin' Boogie"....I'm lovin' this so much. I am a bit jealous that Amber will have it on her wall instead of mine. LOL


Beth said...

Rayne is adorable, Linda. You have the sweetest (and cutest) grandchildren (well, next to mine, or course! lol) Children are drawn to animals. When I walk my dog, the kids always want to come over and pet her. I love your boots painting, and I admired your Santas on the wall at Christmas. You have such talent, and it's really great that you are sharing it with others in terms of your art classes, and gifting your artwork. God bless you! Glad you had a good and normal Tuesday. I think routine is important in our lives. LD's roast sounds good. I am embarrassed to admit that all I do is stick my roast in the crockpot with veggies; well, sometimes I apply a coating of mushroom soup and some dry onion soup and foil wrap it - but always in the crockpot. I think I need to try his recipe sometime as it looks FABULOUS! Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.
xo Beth

Beth said...
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