Thursday, March 19, 2015

Skip Along Wednesday and Here it is Thursday!

Time sure flies when you're having fun!!!
Wednesdays are happy days at our house!!
The quads arrive and they are always as glad to be here as we are to have them!

I gave the girls their 'new' dresses from Goodwill and Harrison the stick horse!
Louis Dean took the black and white bows off the ears of the horse before the kids arrived.
We had a variety of activities all lined up for them to do!

Bowling! You should have seen and heard Granddad giving Miss Trystan instructions!
Then she just took the ball and rolled it right on down there!

The kids love cracking pecans.
Louis Dean frets about me allowing them to use the cracker but they do pretty good with it!

Logan lets Granddad help her sometimes!

The horse belongs to Harrison but he SHARES!!!
Logan has THE prettiest hair I have EVER seen on a child!

I sat in the gazebo doing some mending and the girls were fascinated with the tea cup pin cushion Ruth Ann made for me. They would take the pins out and stick them back in.

One of the snacks I made for them was Dill Bits.
Oyster crackers mixed with Avocado Oil, dry Ranch Dressing mix, garlic salt and lots of DILL!
Bake in a 250* oven for an hour or so - turning them so they don't burn.
YUM!! Good as croutons on salads!

We had salad/cold cut plates for lunch that day and I had everything set up outside.
We use the chairs our daughter in law, Sherry, gave us every single week!

Just as we settled down to eat - it started to rain! Not hard but enough to get us wet!

We moved our luncheon into the gazebo! Win! WIN!!!

Harrison is such a BOY!!!
Kind and generous, loving and SWEET!

Miss Trystan is making herself known these days!
Her favorite sentence is, "That's MINE!!!"
She is absolutely A-DOOR-A-BULL!!!

Kailey is still KAILEY!!!
She moves even when she's sitting still!
She comes into a room like a whirlwind and never stops!

Logan has my number! She is the one most like me so I guess I have a soft spot there.
Summer brought Taco Casa for dinner on Tuesday night and the leftovers did NOT go to waste!
They ALL loved the queso!

The kids respond well to routine so we try to keep to Amber's schedule.
After lunch we did the potty training drill and changed them into pull ups before getting them situated for naps. We darken the den and make pallets on the floor. I read the last chapter of Little House in the Big Woods and the first chapter of Farmer Boy and they were all fast asleep by the time I got to the last sentence! I joined them in a nap and we slept for over TWO HOURS!!!

Tea Party Afternoon was a dress up occasion!
This time I used real tea cups and saucers - although they did NOT understand the concept of putting the cup ON the saucer!

The Maple Leaf cookies were delicious! Harrison ate THREE and the girls each had two.
I bought these at Home Goods but they have them at Trader Joe's as well.

This little video just squeezes my heart!

We used the Bunny Tea Pot!

Next up? An art project!
This was supposed to be fingerprint art - and they DID get their fingerprints on there!!

Four masterpieces!

Everything isn't scheduled when they're here so there was plenty of time for them to play in the sandbox or with their toys. They tend to wander around and in and out of the house. I have a LOT of 'debris' and yet they seem to respect MeeMaw's stuff and just look or touch gently the things that they know aren't 'toys!' I'm not really all that surprised that they do so well here. After all, I raised four children of my own in this very same house and it has always been 'highly occupied!'

Dining was once again served outdoors. I always give the kids a choice as to where they want to eat.
When the weather isn't pretty enough to be outside, their favorite place is in the dining room. They like have place mats, plate chargers, and layered dishes!

See what I mean about 'It's MINE?"

While I did dishes and got the bath water ready, Granddad was being entertained on the side deck!

By the day's end we were all tired but happy.
I showed them photos on my iPad and they happened to see one of the fire pit in the back yard from a night or two ago. We'll have to see what we can do to have one for them next week.
We piled up in the guest room and played until Mama and Dada arrived to take them home.

We DO love our Quad Wednesdays!!

Today (Thursday) has been a quiet day for us. I had lunch with my long time friend, Brenda, and then picked Ruth Ann up so we could go for a nature walk together. We are determined to stay at it and increase our heart healthiness! We stopped in at Years to Your Health - a local herb shop - and I picked up some lavender and orange essential oils. Not sure exactly what to do with them but Amber made her own plug in refills so I think I'm going to try that first!

Tonight was Jam Session and Louis Dean always wants me to go if I can.

It was a nice evening of music and fellowship.
We are hosting a Jam Session/ Dinner Party at our house right before Easter.

Everyone is looking forward to it and so are we!
We'll have BBQ Brisket, potato salad and baked beans. I am drawing the line on Louis Dean making bread! I'll let him do that a few days later for Easter.

Louis Dean has been patiently reading a book - Crossroads by Paul Young - while I finish my journal entry. He is all but itching to get in there and pour our wine! He always has lots to talk about after a jam session and I think trying to be quiet so I can concentrate on this blog post has just about used up all his self control!

I'll close with this photo of our two onions pulled fresh from what I COULD call our garden but is actually just a square plot of dirt that I marvel ANYTHING could grow in!!!
Louis Dean bought two really LARGE tomato plants at Sam's today and they are loaded with flowers!!! Every year we try to have a bit of a garden but there is too much shade in the back yard. The fact is - we don't HAVE much of a back yard with all our storage buildings, sandbox, patios, decks and gazebo. IF he can get Sanford and Son's junk out of the rest of the space - we MAY have a chance!!!

Okay! Good night, folks!!!


Linda said...

Great post, Linda, and the quads are growing, and they are so beautiful! I love the Gingham tablecloth!

Kathy said...

I always enjoy your posts about Wednesdays. I feel as if I am right there with you and the quads.

Angie said...

No wonder those Quads love coming to your house. You are one cool Grandma!

Bev said...

Love reading your posts...and love the videos:)

Ginny said...

I love to watch them dance while Louis Dean sings the Darlin' song. Also the pecan cracking..Logan is eating them almost faster than he can crack them! You always have such fun things lined up. I love the way you sit them to eat outside, using the bench as a table with a colorful cloth. My two year old granddaughter's favorite word is MINE. I want to make your Dill Bits, can I use the dried dill in the spice jar?

Deb said...

Oh love hearing about those sweetie pies! They are just too too cute!

Penny said...

A lovely day with the quads. They are non-stop Linda, I am not surprised you have a nap when they do X

Sandra said...

they are no longer toddlers but have turned into little people with their very own personalities. i love the bunny tea pot and the dresses are so cute. great idea on the dill crackers and i am thinking the person who enjoyed this day of all is Amber.

Arlene Grimm said...

I am having three of my grands next week, all older than yours Linda and I am already worried about how I will keep up with them. You and LD are amazing.

Estelle's said...

Linda....I marvel at how both you and your darling LD have the energy for a full day of quads! They are so adorable! I just love visiting and seeing what is going on at your house! Enjoy our rainy weekend ahead!!

Linda said...

What a lovely post! The quads are adorable. I'd be in bed for a day after having 4 kids that age. It is good to keep a schedule for them, kids thrive on it. Your yard looks nice, from what I could see of it. I plant tomatoes in pots and it is hard b/c we have too much shade too. I keep trying to think of a (legal) way to get rid of the neighbors HUGE tree. Happy first day of spring!!!! We are excited in the north :-)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French bread & family said...

What a HEART LIFTING post!
I am filled with emotion!
You and LD always inspire and motivate me!
I love following those four little miracles through your lens and words!
Happy Spring!

Susie said...

Linda, I love that your day was filled with fun. I think the little ones are growing in leaps and bounds now. LD singing with them is so cute too. They will have a love of music. I can see him teaching Harrison the guitar soon. The girls twirling was so cute. You and LD are a major blessings in your children and grandchildren's lives. As they are yours. Good, good wishes for a fun weekend. love you guys, Susie

Vee said...

Must get to PC for video time. =D

Lots of fun for all...Logan's hair is so long and thick! Very cute she is as are all her siblings.

Oh you may really appreciate your lavender essential oil. I sniff deeply of mine whenever I can't get to pretty well.