Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday in Fort Worth!

It's been chilly and rainy here in the DFW area today. I was just about to get out of my warm bed this morning when Deanie texted me. Mother was ill and not able to go to the beauty shop today. I slipped a little deeper under the covers and stayed there just a little bit longer.
Then I got up and got ready and drove to Fort Worth in the pouring rain.
I wanted to at least visit Mother!

She was in bed so I joined her!
 I essentially left one bed only to crawl into another!

Mother seemed to cheer up some as soon as I arrived.
We talked and laughed and watched a little TV together while holding hands.

I brought chicken noodle soup and some of those dill bits for our lunch.
I must admit - I ate most of it!
Mother just sipped some of the broth and saved the Maple Cookie I gave her for later.

We decided it was time for a nap!
 Deanie had been out and about doing errands.

She came home and found us sleeping - and took our picture!
What can I say?The rain made for perfect sleeping well!

Deanie and I worked some more on the time line we're making of our childhood.
Basically we are 'connecting the dots'  between 1947 and 1968.
Every week we make a good bit of progress.

Mother was feeling better by this evening. We decided to attend the Sock Hop at Andie's school.

Isn't she cute???

Andie and her MiMi have so much FUN together!!!

I was thrilled to tag along with them!!

There were lots of activities at the sock hop!

Just look how cute these 50's style little boys are!
Dinner was Chicken Express!

I could have sat there and watched these kids all evening!
They were just adorable!!!
Poodle skirts, white shirts, saddle oxfords, pink scarves and glasses, slicked back hair, black leather much creativity!!

We sat right in front of the karaoke stage.
Deanie and I wanted to go up there and do a song!

Andie was mortified!!!

She really got nervous when I went up there and checked out the song list!
I picked B-I-N-G-O!

She could NOT believe that we would actually get up there and sing!!
So we didn't! Thank goodness!!!
I am SO NOT a singer OR a performer!
We were just trying to scare Andie and I think we DID!!!
She was SO relieved!
Although......if I had to do this evening over again.....I think I would go for it!!

Andie dancing with her dad!

It was a fun time!

Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Andie!!!

Louis Dean had been home alone all day!

When I came in the door tonight I could smell the home made biscuits just coming out of the oven!
That's what we had for supper.... hot biscuits with real butter and apricot jam!
A simple supper, indeed!!

Not only did he surprise me with the biscuits - but there was NO 'Damage Control!'
NONE!!! Not anywhere in the whole house!!!
THIS is a memorable moment!


Linda said...

Linda, these photos of you and your mother resting together side by side are just priceless.

Deanie W said...

Thank you for coming, it was fun. I loved that you tricked Andie, she was worried for a minute❤️

Ginny said...

What fun pictures! I love the ones of Andie, very nervous that you would SING! I hope your mom feels better, she must be miserable if she is staying in bed. I think you are like can sleep anywhere anytime. I love your tiger jacket!!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

what a loving family you have, Linda! Great pictures of you and your mother. I miss mine. Always will. Her phone calls..I can still hear her voice...
How great of her Dad to get up and dance with her. So cute! Good for them. Next time get up and there and sing your little heart out.

Penny said...

Lovely photo's and your night out looked like lots of fun Linda. Louis Dean's biscuits look delicious, is that what we would call scones in uk? X


Oh Linda, you cracked me up...going to visit your sweet mom and than end up sleeping together, such a cute and adorable time together. I'm so glad she's better too. You had such fun with that cutie. Precious times my friend.
Enjoy your weekend.

Sandra said...

this might be hard to believe that there was no damage control.. and biscuits i would be happy with every single night. i love biscuits. now i want one... love the pics of you and your mom sleeping. so sweet and glad she felt better. that dance looks like everyone was having a blast.

Kathy said...

You have a good day every day no matter what you do. I love the pictures of you sleeping with your mom. So cute. And you should have sung at Andi's Sock Hop. That would have been fun.

Those biscuits look amazing. I can hardly believe there wasn't any "damage control." You are training him right! LOL.

Vee said...

I loved seeing you both napping! When my mom was ill, I'd say, "move over and let me in." She would laugh, but she didn't. Glad that your mom is feeling better.

Andie is so cute and I am glad that you honored her need to be more reserved than you might otherwise have been. LOL! She's so cute and I love that pic of her dancing with her dad.

Is Louis Dean just getting too good or what?! =D

Susie said...

Linda, So sorry your mother was ill. But that was a blessing for you to nap with your mommy.I sure miss mine. What a fun time at Andie's school hop. I love seeing dads and daughter dancing together. What a great surprise coming home to those wonderful biscuits and the house clean....kudos to LD. What a man !! Blessings to all there, xoxo,Susie

Linda said...

What a great day! I am glad you had a nap so you'd be rested up for the sock hop. Have a great weekend.

Cheapchick said...

The first thing I thought when I saw those biscuits was "damage control" lol. What a sweet man. I hope your Mother is feeling better!

Jan said...

Sounds like a great day! How wonderful that you have your mom to visit and nap with! The sock hop looks like lots of fun!

Diana Ferguson said...

Hope your mother is feeling better. Yay to sock hop fun!

Carole said...

I had to google what a sock hop was! Sounds like a lot of fun. Cheers from cArole's Chatter

Debby said...

What a day. Love the picture of you and your mother napping. Watching movies holding hands. You are blessed to have such a wonderful mother. I still have my mother but our relationship is far from yours. The sock hop was cute. So wonderful that anyone can go. I love those pink glasses. Your little great niece, I am assuming, looks a little red faced. I bet you will sleep good tonight.

Carla said...

How'd you get so lucky to get out of damage control. Such a cute picture of you and our mom asleep.
Cute pictures of Andie