Monday, March 23, 2015

Maddie got MAIL!! Cheese Louise!!!

Maddie got MAIL today!!!

She was SO excited!!

I opened it for her!

Thank you, Dawn!!!
Dawn is our good friend from Florida and she lives with some pretty special critters!

Maddie LOVES it!!!

This sweet gift came on a VERY good day!

I heard this sweet kitty meowing at the back door when I woke up this morning!
Apparently she had been out for a stroll when I shut the house up and went to bed last night.
Lest you be TOO concerned - I am certain she spent a comfortable night in the gazebo!
Still and all - she was happy to waltz in and settle down on top of the baby grand in the den.
She acts like it's her throne!

She had spent most of the morning in 'Cat Pose!'
That was up until I opened her mail for her!

It's been a good Monday here!
The sun was shining, the birds were singing and all was right in our world.

Louis Dean has been working hard to make us a Salad Garden!
The neighbors behind us put up a new fence and put it on the OTHER side of their old one - thus giving us at least three extra feet of flower bed along that fence line!
Louis Dean got out there and dug up the cement that the old posts had been set in.
That's hard work for a 78 year old guy to do! Hard work for ANY guy - no matter their age!
He says sometimes he forgets he's not 65 any more!

The recent rains have made EVERYTHING grow!!!

We were in the den doing our reading this morning when I heard the sounds of a blower!
It was in OUR yard!!!

The lawn guy was here!!
He comes when he comes and I don't even have his name or phone number!
He does our yard and Stephanie's next door.
I was so happy to see him I could have hugged his neck!
Instead I gave him a check with an extra $5 on it!

I see a stray fall leaf in the planter!
It's hard to get them all.


The porch ducks seem happy!

Our favorite spot to sit on the driveway!
All cleaned up and ready!

But tonight we are in the backyard.
Louis Dean is burning more of that old fence and I am in the gazebo doing my journal entry.

Hard to remember that just two years ago we were still living in our camper back in Katy at the RV park. We came home on Easter Sunday 2013.

Fond memories.
I hope we get our camper fixed up soon.
I am SO wanting to wake up in the country down on my step son's ranch!
I want to walk out the camper door and hear the chickens and the roosters and the ducks.
I hope VERY soon!!!


Kathy said...

I think Maddie deserved her "Cheese Louise" after being locked out all night. That was so sweet of Dawn to send it to her.

Your yard looks so pretty. Spring is finally there for you. Still cold here but in a few weeks I'll be sitting outside too.

It seems a lifetime ago that you were living in the RV in Katy. And in a couple of months the quads will be 3. That's even harder to get my head around. I hope you get to go to the country soon too. I know you love it there.

Linda said...

Linda, Maddie is delightful and I love the photos and videos of her. It is quite obvious she enjoyed her present! :)

Ginny said...

I love when you show Maddie! She is so beautiful and calm. Just perfect to be around Quads. What a great gift.This is the first catnip mouse that I have seen that is PRETTY, too. I love your ducks! Actually, the big one may be a goose!

Penny said...

I had no idea Louis Dean was 78! He looks absolutely fantastic! I would have put him down as a very handsome 65-66 year old! I know I will make him blush but I am just being honest! What a handsome couple you are X

Sandra said...

wish i had been there for the fire.. i do love a fire and we never get one here. Maddie is so sweet and pretty and she loves her present.. cute videos of her and her excitement.

Vee said...

Maddie was blessed! That is just so thoughtful of your blogging buddy! Ohhh...your yard looks so clean and nice; mine is still covered—with white stuff. John says good, honest work keeps a man young. That's why Louis Dean still looks 65!

Susie said...

Linda, Your cat is so pretty. So kind of your friend to send Maddie a toy. Your place looks so good. I love when our yard is freshly mowed and the flowers are blooming. You know LD doesn't look his age. He's hard worker, that will keep him going . You are a young couple, because you stay active. Blessings to you kids. :):) xoxo,Susie

Debby said...

Sweet kitty looks thrilled with her surprise. I would never have guess that Louis Dean is 78, 68 maybe.
We have snow on the ground again. We were in the 50 s and 60s last week and supposed to go right back up.

Diana Ferguson said...

I vote you get back in the camper soon, too! Would be fun.

Carla said...

What a sweetie pie. Maggie is one lucky sweet kitty
I remember that picture of you in the hot tub and the days of you
living in the RV