Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday With Summer and our First Craig's List Purchase!

Saturday was a Mother/Daughter day with my first born!
Summer Dee and I spent the whole day together!! That is, from noon-ish on!
The first thing we did was hit up a thrift store and I scored on textiles for my spring decorating!

I also found a pair of rain boots for Harrison!
They are in the washer right now.

From there we went to the movies!!! Both of my daughters LOVE movies and so do I!
The Second Most Exotic Marigold Hotel was a lot of fun!
Now that I am in my older years, I really DO enjoy seeing films where the main characters are enchanting, still sexy and older!!!  And I have ALWAYS loved Richard Gere!!! Do you remember 'An Officer and a Gentleman?' I do.......

We arrived early and ordered a drink.
I had some exotic rum and fruit drink called Mahala Mama or something like that.
Really good!

This morning we attended church for the first time in nearly two months!
It was wonderful to be back!
I miss church when I don't get to go.

Yesterday as Summer and I were together, I talked to her about wanting to buy new chairs for the game table in the den. She pulled up Craig's List on her phone and found one right off the bat!
She contacted them by email and they responded this morning!
After church we went back home to get $ and the truck and we were on our way to pick them up!

We loved them! A table came with the deal!

The only thing we had to do with the chairs was WD40 the squeaky casters!

I really like the way it looks!!! I meant to get wood grain chairs but these work.
Louis Dean says it lightens up the den.

I kept one of the old chairs - and I am sitting right here tonight doing my journal entry.

Lucy is in her bed. I gave her a bath the other day so she smells nice.
She's such a pretty dog. I like that she looks like she's wearing eye make up!

A chilly Sunday night called for a fire!
We are coming up on the end of the fireplace season.

YUP!!! I like it!

The foyer is now clean and decorated.

Summer gave us many of these spring decorations!

I love them all......

She gave this one to Amber when she was four years old.

These were for Summer and Benjamin when they were little.

More 'debris!'

I must admit that spring is my THIRD favorite season!!
Fall is FIRST!!
Winter is second and Spring is third.
Summer is my least favorite.
I know!!! Nearly EVERYONE loves Summer time!!!

Every year I enjoy getting out the seasonal decorations.
They are like old friends.

We put the new table from Craig's List in the kitchen.
The table is layered with the Thrift Store finds from yesterday.

I am loving GREEN these days!

Yes, I LIKE it!!

Another find from the thrift store!
Summer gave me a HUGE stack of white paper napkins!
Win! WIN!!!

A corner of the living room.

I finally took down the Christmas Angel Wreath that lived on this door for YEARS!!!
I will see it again in December!

The living room is now clean!

Candles lit and music playing!
My next Craig's List search will be for three small scale comfortable chairs for the living room to replace these three thrift store finds.

I love a clean room and celebrate with lighting a candle.

It's been a good weekend! 
The den and the foyer, the living room and most of the kitchen is all clean and decorated! Just a few more rooms to go!!!

Just for the record, I do NOT like Time Change!!!
Especially the Spring FORWARD!!!


Ginny said...

I love the new chairs! They look expensive! There is a first Marigold Hotel, and I am thinking of ordering it. I love Richard Gere, and have seen lots of his movies. Maybe the new Marigold i will be able to order on T.V. shortly. You and me both are loving spring and I am fully decorated for Easter!

Wanda said...

Everything looks wonderful in your newly decorated Spring home. So many memory things, and new things. Life is good isn't it?
Spending time with our daughters is a treasure... I got to do that Saturday.
Sending love and hugs tonight...sweet dreams.

Linda said...

Great finds, Linda. :)

Kathy said...

Those chairs are beautiful. I really love that they are on casters. Your house is so lovely all clean and decorated.

I dislike the change of time also. It takes me a good two weeks to get used to it. I wish we could just keep standard time all year long. Everyone says we gain an hour of sunlight, but that's not true. We have exactly the same amount.

Penny said...

I love your new chairs Linda, they really brighten your den area. All your Spring decorations are so pretty X

Arlene Grimm said...

What a great find for your game table. And I am like you, Summer is my least favorite season and it may be because there are not many decorations for My house gets a rest!! We loved the first Exotic hotel movie and will be looking to watch the new one. I also want to see Still Alice. Love all your Easter decorations...

Changes in the wind said...

Your new table and chairs look great....

Estelle's said...

We ere blessed with such a great weekend weren't we Linda. I cannot wait to see the new Marigold Hotel. The first one was SO fun! Have a wonderful and warmer week!

Sandra said...

I am threatening to move to AZ because they don't do the time change.
that pic of Lucy is just beautiful.. she is so pretty... the new chairs are perfect and look really nice. i love chairs with castors, so much easier to push back and get up them push back in. i have at times used my kitchen chairs like a many truck, for moving heavy things, or several small items at one time through the house.

Vee said...

We are not in agreement about a few things...moving right along...I LOVE those chairs. Louis Dean is right; they do brighten the room. I like all the nooks in your have created some wonderful spaces!

Cheapchick said...

With your love of thrifts it is hard to believe that was your first Craigslist purchase! We buy and sell off of there all the time (hubby sold something there yesterday in fact). I love the Marigold Hotel original movie - if you haven't seen it please do - waiting for the 2nd one to come onto Netflix/video so we can watch with Mom as our little theatre is so expensive. I love the extra light we get from the time change but my body does not like getting up on Monday morning with the puppy lol.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I'm chuckling at the 'time change' poster! You are the best thrift store shopper! And you did well with your first Craigs list purchase. I have sold stuff on Craigs list...but only made one purchase to this point. I was looking forward to seeing the next Marigold Hotel movie...but then read a review that said it was such a disappointment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Diana Ferguson said...

Great buy, Linda!

Doreen@househoneys said...

Cute boots :).

I'm liking green too Linda. I picked up some things at HG the other day in green and yellow for a Spring table I'll be working on soon. Something about it screams 'Spring is here' even if there's a foot of snow on the ground!

Dee said...

Oh Linda, I love those chairs and your wonderful Spring decorations. I spent the day with my daughter, too this weekend and it we had so much fun.

I saw the previews for that movie and it certainly does looks fun. I'm definitely going to see it because I've loved Richard Gere for years. Oh and yes... I loved An Officer and a Gentleman, especially the ending... :)

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

there is always a first time. I absolutely love Craigslist!

Carla said...

Your first? I'm like your other reader I'm surprised this is the first time you ever used Craig list. Several pieces in our house are craigs list finds.
Nice chairs
Spring forward is not my favorite time of year. Love the time change poster