Thursday, March 12, 2015

A QUAD Day and a Year Ago Photo!

What a difference a YEAR makes!!

Last year we always went to Quadville on Wednesdays.
This pic is from a year ago today when my sister, Luann, came over to help out with the babies.

Now the quads come HERE on Wednesdays!!

This gives our Amber an entire day -
to work as hard and fast as possible!!
Sometimes she has run herself so ragged that she simply goes home and goes to bed until time to pick the kids up. Other times she works fast and furious to do all the things she can't get to when taking care of FOUR little munchkins - all the same age!

Aunt Summer had unloaded a whole trunk full of 'new' toys and the kids came right in and starting playing with them!!

Granddad has been saying for a long time that he thinks Kailey is taller than Harrison.
Today he found out he was RIGHT!!
Kailey is on a real growth spurt right now so I'm sure Harrison will catch up soon enough!

For lunch today we had Louis Dean's pot roast - again and for the last time!

I added a pan of Tangy Bacon to the lunch plates!

YUM!!! We could have eaten TWICE this amount easily!!!
Kailey LOVED it and tried to talk everyone else out of theirs!

I asked the kids where they wanted to eat lunch.
They all chose the den! They liked the silver plate chargers and the new chairs!

Ice cream for dessert!!!

Granddad and his BABY POWER!!!

For naps I darken the den and lay down a thick comfy fur blanket and toss out four small throw pillows from my bed. Perfect size for these little heads!
Everyone settles down and I read a chapter in The Little House in the Big Woods.
We ALL took naps in the den together. I ended up on the floor beside Trystan and Harrison and Logan. Kailey was asleep on a blanket beside Granddad's chair and Granddad was asleep in his recliner. When three of  the four woke up, we quietly threaded a paper ribbon through holes I punched in the top of some pastel colored foam Easter egg shapes. We also snacked as we worked on pastel colored M & M's! Later I used dimension paint to write Happy Easter on the banner for the quads to take home. While we worked on the banner, the kids would say, "SH!!! We can't wake up Granddad!!!"

Our next activity was working on our Fence Post Bunnies!
I will paint in the details tomorrow afternoon and deliver the finished bunnies to them this weekend!

The girls love to cook so they were eager to help me bake a cake!
For years and years and years I baked nearly every single day.
Then with no children at home and a new husband not given to sweets - and since he is diabetic that is a very good thing! - I simply stopped baking so much!
I think it's time to start again!!!

We had fun in the kitchen even if it DID make Granddad nervous to have the girls sitting on the counter!

THIS is what we made!

And it turned out DELICIOUS!!!

The cake was baking and I worked some in our gazebo while Louis Dean prepared dinner - or supper as we call it! He made grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade fried potatoes. He used Velveeta Cheese and the potatoes were the kind fried in plenty of oil. Not exactly heart healthy - which is why LD didn't eat any of it! - but most likely good for growing two - soon to be three - year olds!

Yup! I added ketchup and some dill pickle slices and they thought it was a yummy meal!

AND we had CAKE for dessert!!!
I think they liked it even more since they helped make it!

After supper they all played outside some more and then wandered back into the guest room to make things out of the tinker toys!
We left the French doors open in the kitchen and the sewing room so they could go in and out all day long. Kailey asked me, "MeeMaw, you leave the doors OPEN?" When I told her yes, she just SMILED!! Quad Days are so much easier when we can go outside!!!
We filled bird feeders and they ran in circles on the driveway - we had parked the car in front of the truck to give them 'running room!'
We did lots of things today but not ONCE did we get around to turning on TV!
Getting to play outside makes all the difference!

Amber arrived to gather her children home!
We enjoyed a little bit of visiting and talking before they left.
Love these kids and how cute they are!!
They are usually sweet to each other and on the occasion when they are not - they take it in stride and the situation usually turns itself around.

It was a GOOD day!!!



Pondside said...

That year flew by!
You make memories with the four little ones every Wednesday. What a lovely thing to do!

Linda said...

Outside play is the best thing! What a difference in the quads since I last visited. You are heroic baking with 3 helpers!!

I posted a wee bit of Texas on my blog :)

Sandra said...

i love that very creative picnic table and wow have they grown in one year.. i do love bacon and i know Amber is so happy to have a day alone..

Kathy said...

I love Logan's "OK?" and Trystan batting her eyes. Are you sure they aren't teenagers? You always have a nice Wednesday and I love reading these posts. Just a couple of more months to their third birthday. So hard to believe.

Ginny said...

They are growing so fast! And your videos today are just precious! Louis Dean cracks me up with the Baby Power! He must keep you laughing and you two must have fun all the time! Who doesn't love ice-cream sandwiches? I just bought some Skinny Cow myself. You had GOOD plans for the day, and as far as I am concerned, that is the only way to do it. Plan ahead to keep them busy and happy.

Marsha Young said...

Linda, How the time flies. I remember reading your posts when Amber was going through that loooong, tough pregnancy - some of it on complete bed rest. NOW just LOOK at the wonderful family God has bless her (and you and Dean) with. So Happy for you - Marsha

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

So nice that you are capturing all the moments right here on your blog! They will thank you one day. You make their Wednesdays most special!

Beth said...

I agree with Judy; you make their Wednesdays as well as yours - SPECIAL! They are adorable and learning and changing and growing so fast. What a privilege for you both to be a big part of their lives. The 'Better than Sex Cake" (you didn't tell them the name, did you - lol) recipe I've heard of before is one of those where you bake a chocolate cake in a 9x13 pan, then poke holes in it and pour in sweetened condensed milk, liquid caramel and chocolate syrup and then top with cool whip. Either one would be good! :) My favorite cake of all time is a Texas sheet cake - being Texan, I imagine you've heard of it. :) There is also a white Texas sheet cake. And speaking of Texas, Sunday we fly down to visit our daughter, s-i-l, and almost 2 year old grandson! Happy, happy, happy!
Sometime if we drive down perhaps we'll get a chance to meet. This time, we are going farther south.
Hugs, Beth

Carole said...

Oooh, love your tangy bacon. Am going to give that a go for sure. Cheers from Carole's Chatter

PS love your boots header too!

Diana Ferguson said...

I so enjoy seeing your "Quad Days" documented in such a special way!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Love seeing the cutie quads. They are growing up so fast. Tangy bacon...yumm! Thanks for sharing this very special post.

Vee said...

Oh we both cracked up when the eyelashes started batting! What fun to watch the videos and see them and hear them in action. They are talking so much!

Linda said...

They grow up so quickly!!! :)

Linda said...

They grow up so quickly!!! :)

Gypsy Heart said...

So adorable and growing so fast! You're creating such wonderful memories for all of you. Wish I had your energy! :)