Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A Walk, Movie, Goodwill, and Art Class - A GOOD Tuesday!

We slept with the attic fan on last night and it was WONDERFUL!!!
I intend to enjoy it while I can because once the temps of the season climb, we will be sleeping under the A/C!

I picked Ruth Ann up early enough so that we could walk together.
Today was BEAUTIFUL!

TOO beautiful to walk in a mall!!!
We hit the jogging trail at North Lake College instead.

This is a scenic place to walk!

Lots of things to look at.....

and a long enough walk to do us some good!

I  walked this trail for many years when Amber did Synchronized Swimming with The Pirouettes of Texas here at the natatorium. I would walk while she had synchro practice. They still have the lamb's ear plants growing just as I remembered.

Interesting art work!

We are staying faithful in our commitment to walk together twice a week.

The turtles were all sunning themselves.
Earlier they were stacked up standing on top of each other all along the edge.

There's the natatorium back there - that big white bubble top.

Walking DONE!
Now on to the next Tuesday activity!

Neither one of us were in the mood for a hot dog at the movie today so we stopped in at The Burger King for a Whopper JR meal!

Our fifty cent movie was Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.
Entertaining and a good choice for two little old ladies with the discernment of twelve year olds when it comes to a movie!

It's not Tuesday unless we go to the Goodwill!!!

I thought this sturdy metal basket would feel right at home here at my house.
And so it does.

Louis Dean held up the clothes I found.
A size 4T skirt for a little girl quadling.....

and a cute sundress for another one!
THIS is the back view!

THIS is the front!

One more dress since there are THREE quadling girls.
Not pictured is a black stick horse I found for Harrison. 
No luck in finding any clothes for him today. Not that he needs them but I didn't want him to feel left out.

I got two tops! I'll wear this one tomorrow with black comfy pants.
(Tomorrow is Quad Day, you know!)

Ruth Ann and I stopped and had pedicures before heading home!
We had a FULL day!!

Now for the ART class!!!
First of all, Rayne and Summer came as well and they brought dinner!
Taco Casa! Delicious!

We just finished Boot paintings and now here we are starting on another one!
The one I painted before was for Amber and the one Sabrina painted was a wedding gift.
NOW we are painting OURS!

The first step is to put on the pattern.
We use graphite paper to transfer the pattern to the canvas.
Ruth Ann and I are painting 18 X 24 inch canvasses while Sabrina is doing a 20 X 24.

Once the pattern's on, we based in the background.

We used a LOT of paint!

Then we based in our boots.

Not much detail - just cover the canvas!

Ruth Ann was ROLLING with this one!!!

AND.....Sabrina is DONE with Session #1!!!

Ruth Ann painted faster than she has ever painted before!!!
DONE! Canvas covered!

This one is mine!

We ALL enjoyed painting tonight!
Next week we will start detailing the boots and move on from there!
I think we're getting the hang of this!

NOW!!! I better skedaddle off to bed!!
The Quads are coming in the morning and I need to be up and at 'em on the early side!!!


Angie said...

You DID have a busy day but it sounds lovely. I'm jealous, I'm totally ready for a pedicure. I'm trying to hang off just a little longer though till the weather gets warmer.

You enjoy Quad Day tomorrow :)

Kathy said...

What a beautiful place to walk! So nice.

I like the dresses you got the girls. I can just see Kailey wearing that pink skirt.

You are really moving on those paintings. They will be done before you know it.

Susie said...

Linda, You are right, walking out in fresh air beats the mall walking. It is a pretty place. Cute finds for the kiddos.Love the girls are very fast on this one. They are so darn cute. Hope you have a good fun day with the quads. Blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

peggy said...

I did the Value World thing yesterday, had a 50% off coupon. Sounds like you had a fantastic day and a progressive one too.

Changes in the wind said...

Love the picture of the turtles:)

Linda said...

Lovely photos, Linda...and I love the turtles!

Penny said...

I am laughing at those wee turtles all in a row! What a lovely place to walk Linda X

Debbie said...

Yes a full and pefectly wonderful day sounds like to me. Loved the turtles! And the dresses are just darling. And a fun painting class! Enjoy the rest of your week!

Sandra said...

I love whoppers but i always have the SR.. love the fountain and the metal basket ...and the fish art. wish i were there to let you teach me how to paint

Wanda said...

What a fun Tuesday, and with gals you love. Your walk in the park is beautiful. And what good Thrift Store finds.

The other day I found the "find" of a lifetime and got so excited. A white cotton duvet in perfect condition (queen size) and a white cotton gathered dust ruffle. Dust ruffle $2.99 (yellow tag 1/2 off) and the duvet $9.99. I've been looking on line...and they were ranging $135-$250. WinWin. All I need now are some cotton pillow shams and I have my summer bedding. Love it. Sending love and hugs

Diana Ferguson said...

What a fun day! That turtle pic is awesome.

Vee said...

What a great place for walking! The turtle family is a riot! Somehow, I just knew that you would have a wonderful day. Now I imagine that you're all finishing up at the supper table and enjoying your early evening together.

Sweet Tea said...

Like others, I loved the turtle photo - one doesn't see that every gals sure did a lot of painting for one session. Is it "Spring Fever"?

Kelly said...

You packed a lot into one day! I loved seeing the pictures around the park. that looks like a beautiful place to walk. Those turtles were adorable! Love the boots picture y'all painted. I'm so impressed with your painting skills.

bj said...

Love the boots...I am not a painter and didn't know that you put a pattern on canvas you draw the pattern or how does that work? My mom painted and...let me think...she did something in pencil with blocks, I think...can't remember but wish now I'd paid more attention.
Have you always painted?

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You found such cute things at Goodwill. The little sundresses are adorable. And I love your boots! What a cute banner it makes! Happy Spring!!! Hugs, Diane