Monday, November 25, 2013

Too Late to Get Dressed Now!

It's getting close to bedtime and I still have my gown and robe on from this morning.
Guess it's too late to get dressed NOW! Perhaps I SHOULD put on fresh pajamas!
Needless to say - I have not left the house today! It's winter cold outside and we have had the fireplace burning all day long so it's been winter COZY inside. Louis Dean has spent the day in his room cleaning and organizing. That's the one room in the house that I do not go in unless it's to hear him play some music. It is not even in the same WORLD as the rest of the house! So while he was occupied and I tried not to listen to the drill and saw noise coming from there - I busied myself with the living room and dining room!

The living room is DONE!!

I am planning on buying a much larger tree next year. I have so many ornaments!
This tree holds golden ones - most of them are vintage.
The tree has white lights and then I added several strands of colored ones to please Louis Dean.
This is his favorite room to sit in as we sip on a glass of wine before bed.

Then I moved on to the dining room.
As soon as I cleared out the tubs and spread the tablecloth out - the room began to come together.

The table is set with my Christmas dishes all ready for a Holiday Dinner!
My sister, Deanie, gave me the wine glasses giving the setting more class!
The decanters on the table are actually for Christmas gifts. I plan to fill them with rosemary infused olive oil as part of gift packages. Until then - they look good on the table!

I covered the birch wood wreaths which I used as bases for the woven trees with hand sewn sequined poinsettias. I cannot BELIEVE the work involved in doing this!

I bought a HUGE tablecloth at a garage sale with these sewn all around the edges. I think I paid $2!!!
The 'cloth' was netting and too light weight to support the heavy flowers.
I cut the netting away and use the sequined pieces by just laying them on the wreaths.
When Amber was a synchronized swimmer I would sequin her suits. It was a detailed and time consuming project! This makes me appreciate the time and work involved here.

I called it quits after I decorated the dining room tree. This is my Cardinal Tree and features red ornaments, cardinals and ice crystals. 

I have my work cut out for me tomorrow!
So far I have piled everything in the sewing room. The weather is cold and will be REALLY cold tomorrow night - as in 28 degrees! I MUST get this room cleared out and cleaned up and decorated AND make room for some plants that need to live inside for the winter!
I love seeing each room 'transformed.' However, I will be SO glad when the whole house is done!!!

Now, I'm off to get Louis Dean so we can Major Crimes together. 
Then I need to find a clean nightgown! 


Kathy said...

Your house is so beautiful all decorated for Christmas. I am going to start decorating right after Thanksgiving. Just a few more days. I hope mine looks half as nice as yours.

Cheapchick said...

What I wouldn't give for a jammie day. Please take some close up shots of your vintage ornaments please - I am a sucker for old ornaments. Your home looks beautiful!

jackie collins said...

Good job Linda! The house is looking great. I love jammie days, I seem to get the most work done in my jammers. I love the light in your house, it gives it such a cozy and comforting feeling!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

It is all looking soooooo festive! Falalalala!!!

Estelle's said...

Linda....your decorating just is amazing! I think you must have a high energy level making your home so cozy and festive! Love the stories of the babies. Such a sweet family! I am so enjoying your blog!!

Changes in the wind said...

Everything is looking so pretty, especially like the "Cardinal tree".

Sandra said...

a good thing to do when it is to cold to get out of the house. your trees are beautiful, and you are living in a Christmas fantasy land.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

I think you have had it colder than we have...on the Canadian west coast. It is supposed to get cold next week. It is all looking beautifully decked out over there!

Susie said...

Linda, Your house is a Christmas feast for the eyes. It is something I always dreamed of growing up. I can see why you would be tired tonight. xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

Impressed. You do so much. I love the cardinal tree.
I like those days where you never get out of your PJ's and you can just relax and do what you want. Don't happen often.

Carla said...

And I meant to add that I'm not sure if you ever relax. You an energizer bunny.