Saturday, November 16, 2013

Baby Baskets!

Waking up in Quadville is a fun experience! I am thankful that Logan now recognizes me with or WITHOUT make up!!!
We had a really good morning around here. Their colds are getting better.
I love how babies get interested in every new thing to come along.

This is the basket I used when I brought over the quilt I was working on.

The quads entertained themselves with it for quite awhile!

Then they played with the quilt!
Kids love tents in every shape, fashion or form!

Kailey especially enjoyed the yarn ball!

At the quad table for meals is about the ONLY time I can get all FOUR in the same picture!

Since birth I have been able to recognize these babies by their feet!

Shiner is off on a hunting trip so Jersey Girl gets to come in and do clean up duty after the quads eat!

I left Quadville this afternoon after lunch and did some things at home.
I finished the quilt for the Baby Shower tomorrow, cleaned out the fireplace, vacuumed the den and cleaned the foyer and living room. I did most of this while watching a Lifetime Christmas movie.

I counted 16 Santas I need to hang as a gallery wall in the den.

The very FIRST one I painted continues to be my favorite! Done in 1994....
I am trying to CLEAN the house BEFORE we bring down all the Christmas decorations.

I arrived back in QV in time for the dinner routine.
A delicious dinner it was, too!! Shrimp Scampi for us and the quads!

Amber and I love a movie night and she had planned ahead with a couple of rentals.
The Big Wedding was our featured presentation and we enjoyed it with a glass of wine!

Today is Louis Dean's birthday and when I spoke to him earlier this evening he was setting up the lights to go night fishing down at his son's ranch. He will be home tomorrow and we will celebrate his birthday together then! I think it has been a wonderful Saturday all around!!!


darlin said...

Oh my goodness, the quads have grown so much and they are all so precious and gorgeous! What a blessing, a busy blessing, but a blessing without a doubt. It seems just a few short months ago Amber was pregnant, where is time running away to?

Another busy day for you Linda, a fun, productive, busy day and to end it with a movie, good on ya!

Happy Birthday LD!

Vee said...

Something new to notice every single day! Today, I noticed how long everyone's hair is growing. = D

Love all your Santas; the first one does have a certain sweet expression.

Have fun celebrating LD's birthday!

Donna Grote said...

Great pictures of the quads.
Sending Birthday wishes to LD.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Wow! What a growth spurt! Soon those little cuties will be too big for their table! You had a full day, Linda!
Happy Birthday, LD!

Sandra said...

these babies are growing like weeds.. can't believe how fast they are growing. and the basket of babies is just wonderful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the under the table legs shot... Happy Birthday to LD and great post, made me smile. love that first Santa. you are so talented.

Susie said...

Linda, The little film clips of the babies lets me be part of your a way, and I love it. Happy birthday to your great husband. I hope you have a wonderful time together. blessings to all, xoxo,Susie

Rob Hunt said...

Love your Santas The quads will to, Happy Birthday to LD Have a great day!

must love junk said...

Oh, you got the cutest pics of the quads! Love the one in the basket and of the feet!!
Your Santa painting is amazing-you're so talented!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to LD! I hope he has a great day today. I must ask, what are those things that dangle down from the seats at the quad table? They look like straps or something. Aren't dogs great for clean-up duty??? Mine does a great job with it himself. LOL! I bet Ambers house is always in motion. Have a great Sunday!

Sweet Tea said...

Glad the babies are feeling better.
Always love your photos and every year I "covet" your beautiful Santa paintings. Such talent!!

Deanie W said...

All of our family covet the Santa paintings:) Linda does have talent!

Deanie W said...

All of our family covet the Santa paintings:) Linda does have talent!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Never a dull moment over here! Your movie night routine sounds about perfect. I love you painted Santas! Hope your hubby has a fabulous birthday.

Carla said...

Oh My did I miss LD's birthday. Be sure and tell him Happy Belated Birthday. You need to go find Donna's Lavendar Nest on Pinterest. She has lots of pictures of various Santa's for. I can see you wanting to paint some of them.