Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Rain is GONE! The Lake is UP! The Fish are BITING!!

We woke up this morning to even MORE rain!
 We pretty much holed up in the camper til late this afternoon.
I opened up the blinds to let in the sun as soon as it decided to come out!
The rain is GONE!!

Dean is an excellent cook and I do believe he cooks every single day!
He brought down a big pot of homemade chicken and dumplings - and let me tell you! - it was delicious!!!

I spent the better part of the day puttering around the camper and reading.
It's wonderful to get away from your daily responsibilities and kind of coast along on whatever you find at hand to do.

I ventured out this afternoon - AFTER reading and a nap - and headed down to the house to work on the bathroom cabinet. The chicken coop was on my way. You get to walk a lot when you are down here and that's a good thing!

As soon as the rain stopped Louis Dean decided to try his hand at fishing.
He was SO excited that he CAUGHT one!!!
The fish are BITING!!!
Robert took some great photos!

I love that HE is having such a good time! I can't TELL you how much he is enjoying his son and grandson!
I am having every bit as much fun as they are!

My handsome husband!!

The lake is UP!!!

The goats are entertaining!

It was cool today! Still doesn't quite look like fall down here!

My project this afternoon was the last step on the cabinet refinish.
I painted on a stain/varnish/sealer and wiped it off.

I really DO like it!!! Hope my DIL does!
I realized this is the step I MISSED when I redid Louis Dean's bathroom!!
Guess what I plan to do when we get home???

I love the vintage doors Sherry has in her bathroom!

It is such a LARGE bathroom it has TWO doors! Both vintage!

I'm thinking about doing these the same as her cabinet.....

including the wide trim!

Love these lock plates.....

It is like an art project going on down here!

On the way back to the camper I snapped this 'lake.' 
Normally it is dry land!

Lots of yard art!!

Well, my potato soup and the Larry the Cable Man's Beer Bread is ready for supper!
Louis Dean has his wine in hand and has just poured mine.
Life is good today.....


Deb said...

lot's of country your photos...enjoy your time there..

Kathy said...

Looks like you are having such a good time in the country. The cabinet looks great. It still looks like summer where you are. At least to me it does. I posted some pictures of autumn color on my blog if you get lonesome for it!

Kelly said...

That ranch looks so pretty! Wish I could go sit by a lake and then feed the chickens and pet the goats all while eating homemade chicken and dumplings and drinking wine! LOL! Sounds like a great day!!

Amber B. said...

Staying busy wherever y'all go! So glad LD is getting some quality time in with his family, even though he is missed GREATLY by eight little arms and this tired little mamma!

PS - Miss your comments on my blog...

HoundDogMom said...

Looks so beautiful there. I so love camper life myself. Sherri

Susie said...

Linda, Those are great photos. LD does look happy. Lots of stuff to see there. Take care , be safe. xoxo,Susie