Saturday, November 2, 2013

Doing What We Do Best.......

It's Saturday evening and we just came in from sitting out on the driveway.
This is what we do BEST! Sit. It is an art. One that does not come easily for me.
Louis Dean is so proud of his ability to SIT for long periods of time!

We propped our feet up and sipped a glass of wine as we basked in the glory of jobs well done.

The day was beautiful so after a good hearty breakfast - prepared by Louis Dean - and another cup of coffee while we did our reading - we headed outdoors! I cleaned up the side deck....

using the weed eater to get all the Asian Jasmine that has been encroaching on the deck OFF!

I do the light stuff - Louis Dean does the hard!
He FINISHED the walk way by the side of the house.

This is where he had dug a deep trench and put big black drain pipes down early in the summer.
No more flooding in the den for us!!

Our roses are blooming but the lantana and rosemary and honeysuckle are thick around their ankles.

I am taking a section of the yard at a time and doing what I can.
The rest of it I will think about tomorrow in true Scarlet O'Hara fashion!

Nothing is low maintenance around here! Including me and Louis Dean!

My inside work was to clean the kitchen.
I am loving my new kitchen floor!

Louis Dean did a great job!

He will be putting our new stove to use this week. Plans are to cook a brisket and dinner rolls to take down to his son's place for a Karate event. This is right up his alley. Louis Dean is happiest when he is playing music or in the kitchen!

I picked up this book at Goodwill last week and it is a real fun read.
It's true! Grandmas do not look OR act the way they used to!!
Let me know if you would like to read this when I get through with it!
It can travel from grandmother to grandmother!

Tomorrow Louis Dean and I are going to spend the day in Quadville allowing A&M to get out for some much needed R&R! Last week I took three gaudy pair of earrings for the three girls.
Notice Trystan's match her outfit!

While Harrison had a hat on he still held on to one earring just because.
I love how the quads sit close to each other.

Logan wore hers for several minutes at a time.

They won't keep hair bows on but earrings are okay!

This is such a fun age!

What shall I take tomorrow???
Hmmmmm......I must think of something! 

For now - this day is done. It is a little chilly and we have a fire in the fireplace.
Perhaps we will do some reading or watch a little TV.
We will take our glass of wine out to the gazebo before we go to bed - wrapped up in our sweaters or with a cover draped over our shoulders.
Enjoy your extra hour tonight!!! WE will!!


  1. Love reading every post Linda. I look forward to reading how your day was and seeing through your photos of events of the day.

  2. Such a prosperous day, my friend. Your new kitchen floor is lovely. I am glad that you take the time to do what you do best, because the two of you deserve to rest!
    We had a big windstorm today! The leaves are gone!
    I am looking forward to that extra hour of sleep!
    Hopefully there will be a break in the weather tomorrow for a chance to clean up!
    Sleep well!

  3. Linda, your kitchen looks so nice! It is awesome how competent LD is!!
    It is less than three weeks now until I will be in Miami Beach - getting excited already.

  4. I love that you have the warm days to get out and the cool weather to snuggle. We are just plain cold right now (37!). I am in love with your new kitchen floor and I'm wondering if the new stove is a present for you or LD?!

    That book was written for you! Maybe not for me because I will probably be 90 before I'm a grandma at the rate my kids are going! :)


  5. i am truly talented in the art of SIT... but wish I were like you... you have the energy of that famous bunny on TV...

  6. Bud and I are one of the few that NEVER tinker with setting and resetting our clocks. It got to the point where our sleep was so bum-fuzzled we refuse to do it any more. Yep, we now enjoy regular time year 'round. All we have to do is, if we have an appointment, just adjust the time on our appointment card and we're set.

    LOVE to sit with you sometime and enjoy a glass of wine and the quiet time. That just looks so peaceful and happy.

    And goes without saying, I LOVE your quad shares.

  7. Earrings for the quads -- how cute!

    My yard needs so much cleaning up. I hope I have the time (and energy) to get some of it done today. Yours is looking wonderful!

  8. Fiddle-de-dee Scarlet(Linda) couldn't LD find any bigger, heavier stone slabs....dang girl.:):) Your new floor looks great. If I ever walk down your street, I am stopping by for a sit with both of you. And if ever you see me walking down your for help, that's a long way from here.LOL
    Those quads are close, I pray they always are. Xoxo, Susie

  9. It's gotten quite brisk outside here, so we're not outside doing anything today. I still need to bring my pumpkins in that we carved for Halloween! LOL! I know what a good feeling it is to get stuff done around the house though. Your new kitchen floor looks nice. There's nothing better than a new floor in a house! It makes it feel like new again. The girls are so cute wearing their earrings. I like the one that is looking at herself in the mirror smiling! So cute! Your earrings are a hit.

  10. OMGosh, they are so adorable!! My mom has that book, too...she's a stylish and 'hip' grandma like you! :)
    Looks like you earned that seat and a glass of wine!

  11. I'm with you I don't 'sit' well:)) You weather looks so so nice... and cute cute babies!!

  12. LD's pond looks really great. When does LD sit that long or you for that matter... You too are always doing something. ;o)