Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Cold Wind Blowing!

We woke up this morning to a cold wind blowing! 
This will help dry up all the mud.
The sun was shining all day long!
After our coffee, reading and stupor time we headed back over to work on the bathroom at the new house.

Lucy is having a ball down here! Once she leaves the camper she is NOT allowed in for the rest of the day.
On the other hand, Dean has an open door policy with all his dogs so she made herself at home at his place!
She only got in trouble once for chasing the chickens!

The turkeys are rather entertaining! They chase HER instead of Lucy chasing THEM!
I let Lucy stay out all day then clean her up to come back in the camper at night.
There are coyotes out here and we don't want them to get her!

Dean is an excellent cook and is much like his dad. He cooks every single day!
He was making pancakes this morning and then the ribs were for lunch along with his potato salad.
You know how you have special  memories of favorite meals made by your grandma?
Ruby Nell's potato salad and her dumplings are two that Dean has pretty much duplicated according to him as well as Louis Dean who remembers Ruby Nell's cooking very well!

This fresh country air gives us an appetite!
Lunch was then followed by a nap in my cozy little girl bunk!

I sanded and painted the bathroom doors and what woodwork trim was there this morning.

The pieces of missing woodwork may very well be part of a chicken coop now!
We'll be bringing some 5 inch boards to match what is already here next trip.
The last few steps go much faster than what I did today so hopefully it will be finished before Sherry gets here tomorrow afternoon!

It's perfect potato soup weather! You can hear the wind whipping around the camper. I simply added a can of peas and a can of cream style corn along with some grated cheese to yesterday's leftover soup for a quick and easy supper.

It is very dark out here in the country!
The stars are just brilliant!
I like seeing the lights in the windows of the camper.
It is cozy and snug in here......and just a little CHILLY!
We forgot to bring our little electric heater.
Oh, well! We have extra blankets and it will make for good sleeping.


Deb said...

glad you are having fun in the country....enjoy your time there


Oh two DO KEEP busy!!! And as for weather, cold winds, all I can say if FINALLY. In Texas it's been a long, LONG hot summer. I'm so ready for this. And your ribs and potato salad, yummy. As is the potato soup.

I would get a giggle watching the turkeys chase your dog....and yes, keep her safe at night......away from coyotes!!!

Changes in the wind said...

It all sounds wonderful:)

darlin said...

Ahhh life in the country where work doesn't really seem like work. I wonder if it's the wide open spaces, the country air, or what it is about working in the country which makes it feel this way? Do you feel the same?

Have a wonderful weekend Linda!

Kathy said...

It must be entertaining to watch the turkeys chasing Lucy. I'd love to see that.

Hope your camper isn't too chilly. I guess winter is really coming.

Cheapchick said...

Stay warm! Lucy on vacation - dogs get so happy when they get to hang out in the country.

Say What? said...

Stay Warm. I grew up in the country and your stories and pictures make me miss it so very much!

Debbie said...

i am soooo far behind!! are we moving??

i could NEVER keep up with the two of you!!

Bev said...

Sounds like fun Linda. And I wouldn't let Lucy in either:)). Have fun!!

Kelly said...

Life on the ranch seems like a good one! I bet that's funny to watch the turkeys chase the dog! Hmmmm.......wonder if they're nervous about the upcoming holiday. LOL!

DukeCityEvents said...

I love your take on life!