Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Decorating, Visitors and a Gourmet Dinner!

I have been decorating like a mad woman today! I want to get it all DONE so I can sit back and enjoy it!
Plus this was my last 'free' day to get 'r done! Before noon I had finished my morning routine, started the laundry, ate a great breakfast made by Louis Dean while I was doing my Pilates, taken all the trash to the curb, showered and dressed - complete with cologne and earrings!!
I was MOVING!!!

The sewing room which was such a disaster yesterday is now neat and tidy and DECORATED!!
The empty Christmas tubs are all in the storage building and the gazebo is cleared out and ready to be decorated as soon as I can get to it. The tree is already up out there!

This hangs in Louis Dean's bathroom.
I used it in our camper last year.
Seems like so long ago......

I tried to keep the decorations in his bathroom on a 'manly' theme.....

NO ornaments on this tree per Louis Dean's request.

I can live with that. I can't live without having SOME decorations in there so it is now a Win! WIN!!

We hauled all our Christmas tubs in through the back bedroom door and since it was wet and muddy at the time -
the WHITE bed linens got a bit dirty as we brushed up against them!
Today they ALL got laundered and are now gracing the bed all pretty and CLEAN!!

I keep this tree up year round. It was decorated early on last week.....

but the rest of the room needs some help!!
This is all my Christmas clothes - sweaters, scarves and such.
Maybe tomorrow I can organize it all.

This afternoon I had some special visitors!
The children of our favorite synchro swim coach!
Megan coached Amber for many years and is like family to us!

How special to get to see them! They moved to San Antonio recently and while I am so happy for them -
I really miss my friend, Candie! She and I are Synchro buddies from way back!

The kids had fun counting the Christmas trees in my house!

This collage is from the Santa tree in the den.
Guess how many trees I have!
An even DOZEN!!

A wonderful meal to end our day courtesy of the best next door neighbors in the whole wide world!
Stephanie brought this over along with a loaf of French bread.
I made garlic toast and added our glass of wine and we were in heaven!

It's still early but since I worked pretty hard today I am thinking about heading on to bed.
I hear Louis Dean playing the guitar in the music room. He loves music with all his heart and it makes me smile to hear him play!

I'm on the home stretch with my Christmas decorating!!!


Deanie W said...

It all looks beautiful & so does the new header on your page:) good job!

Vee said...

What a fabulous header! Did Amber do that part? Wow. And I love your art work being showcased!

I'll say that you've been moving! And I was just congratulating myself on getting the one tree up here. = D

Blondie's Journal said...

You are the Queen of Christmas Trees! And everything looks beautiful, Linda! You create a lovely home year round but this is your forte!

How nice to have those sweet girls visit...you are one sweet person!!


Say What? said...

I love your home. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and LD.
Much Love,

Sandra said...

lovely, ALL your trees and decorations and I agree with LD, the tree doesn't need ornaments, it is beautiful.

Nonnie said...

I'm happy to get our tree up with the lights and also the Nativity scene. You are quite the industrious decorator and it all looks so lovely and festive and glows with the warmth of Christmas.

Susie said...

Linda, You are fabulous at decorating.I love all the wonderful sights. Nice you got to have fun visitors. Hope you and LD have the best Thanksgiving ever. I'll get to be with my daughters and their families and that is what makes me happy. Blessings to you, Ld and all the family., xoxo,Susie


Oh sweet Linda, you're decked out in every nook and crany, and tres even in the bathroom, wow, I am totally impressed and love it all...and the food too!!! Thanks for coming, you made my day. Here to wish you and yours a lovely Tksgiving too.

Carla said...

Looks Beautiful