Sunday, November 10, 2013

Getting Ready to Leave.......

It is Sunday evening and we are enjoying our last day in the country - at least for this trip!
Most of the Karate people left last night after the dinner and the bonfire.
The rest left before noon today so it is back to just the four of us here on the ranch.
Dean (Louis Dean's son), Robert (Louis Dean's grandson), LD and me.
This is where we came in.....just the four of us.

I slept in this morning - til 10:00! 
Waking up to the fragrance of coffee and  Louis Dean cooking breakfast on our little camper stove makes for a perfect Sunday morning.

I had brought a bag FULL of jeans all marked off in squares. Today I finished cutting them all out.
It's nice to have a stack of denim all ready to be fashioned into quilts!

Life in the country is so interesting with all the critters around. They ALL have personality!!

This is a house we see on our way to and from 'town.'
It reminds me of Ma and Pa Kettle. The first few times we passed it Louis Dean would comment about no one living there. The last time we went by there were lights on and a dog in the yard.
Yup! Ma and Pa were home!!

I fixed a Sunday dinner in the camper - brisket from last night, baked potatoes, garlic green beans and some awesome garlic toast. A late breakfast and then a late lunch = 2 meals for the day.

We debated whether to have a fire tonight.
This is a fire pit Sherry fixed up for us the weekend we brought the camper down.
It has been WAY too wet to use it until now.
Louis Dean started it with a fire log and then Robert 'fed' it with debris and the scraps from my denim cuttings.

It has been a wonderful week down here in the country.
We are closing it out around the fire listening to the Dallas Cowboy game on the radio.
At this moment the Saints just scored taking the lead.
I better get out there and start rooting for the Cowboys!
I must say how nice it is to have a grandson that will sit around with us around the fire.
It's refreshing to have young people who enjoy spending time with the older generation!
Louis Dean has SO enjoyed spending this week with his son and grandson!
The good news about that is we plan to do it again in two weeks!!

Okay.....let's GO, Cowboys!!!


Kathy said...

Sounds like the perfect day. Have a safe trip home tomorrow.

Sandra said...

love that sheep and the ma and pa house, you are having such a wonderful time.

Susie said...

Linda, You and LD had a blast on your trip. Your food was better than just hot-dog over the fire.:):) I wonder it LD looks at houses and sees it's real he knows there's things he could do to make it shine. Ted and I are always saying"hey, what's wrong with a little curb appeal.?" xoxo,Susie

Carla said...

That was a cute little Ma and Pa Kettle House. This trip sounds like it was a success.