Monday, November 11, 2013

Back Home!

We are back home now! It's always a little sad to pack up and leave the camper. We had such a good visit with Louis Dean's son and grandson. Country life seems simpler and slower and we like that! I guess all that fresh air made me sleepy because I nodded off more than once in the truck driving back. We stopped in Hillsboro for lunch at the Black Eyed Pea which Dean recommended. He was right! Very good food AND service. As soon as we got in and unloaded I went to bed for a nap and Louis Dean took a nice long hot soak in the tub. 

I had loaded some 'stuff' from the camper in a tub to bring home so after I emptied it I decided to
DE-decorate the dining room.
I took one last pic and then got to it filling that tub up within 10 minutes!!
Think I will go room by room all week!

I have had this same table setting out since August.
Truth be told - as much as I LOVE fall - I think I am just about ready for a season change.
Changes are good and also make a perfect time to do some deep cleaning.
Since we will be spending Thanksgiving down in the country I want to have ALL the Christmas decorating done before we leave. 
I wonder if Amber will help me decorate my blog for Christmas?? 

In honor of Veterans Day I took a picture of this old photo of Louis Dean.
He's the tall one on the right. He was handsome then and is handsome now.

We had to catch up on The Black List in order to be ready for the new episode.
Just TV and laundry is on our agenda for tonight. AND I need to sew several rows together on a denim crib quilt I need to have DONE by the baby shower on Sunday!

It's always a good thing to come HOME!


Vee said...

You married a very handsome guy.

We thank him for his service to our country this Veterans Day!

Deb said...

Welcome back home...just in time for a cold morning tomorrow....stay warm...

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Welcome home, dear Linda!
It's nice to have a home in the city and the country!
Mr D and I are hoping to have a motor home for travel when we retire.I hope to see Texas. ( I am the only one in my family that has never been to Texas...with the exception of a touch down at "Hobby" once many years ago!)
Your hubby and mine are both handsome vets!
We are lucky girls!
We are on a roll around here getting ready for the holidays!
With hope...a new carpet and a sofa are coming soon!
This will be our third Christmas as blog friends!

Linda said...

Welcome home Linda! I'll look forward to seeing your Christmas decorations soon!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

We do love our homes, Linda(and our campers!) Happy Veteran's Day to LD and thank him for me!

Linda said...

Welcome home, Linda! Your photos have such a beautiful and warm feel to them!

Kelly said...

Welcome back home! It's always nice to get back home after a trip. The photo of LD when he was young in his uniform is wonderful! You're right.....very handsome!

Carla said...

No doubt in my mind that LD was the one on the right. Same smile and yep handsome. I will say the short guy was kinda cute too. LOL