Friday, November 22, 2013

COLD But COZY Friday Night! The Den is DONE!!

It's FRIDAY!!! Why is that such a special day?
For me - I get to see my 80+ year old mother!

Louis Dean and I picked Mother up at her beauty salon and decided to eat at The Cotton Patch Cafe.
Thank you, Nita, for the coupon!!!
We had a nice visit and I showed Mother all my latest pictures and videos on my computer!

The weather turned COLD by the time we headed home....
so naturally we had a fire in the den fireplace this evening!

I started decorating in the den!

Candles and fairy lights make for magical evenings!!

Our Friday nights usually involve relaxing with a glass of wine......

'Vintage' stockings......from the past.....

One corner of the den.....

These critters were gifted to Amber and Benjamin from their grandmother back in the 90's.
Perhaps the quads would love them now!

My Santa tree.....

trimmed with loads of Santas full of personality!

Stockings from Amber and Benjamin's first Christmas.

It feels good to have ONE room DONE!!
Clean and decorated!!!

Louis Dean loves colored lights!

The Santas for the Chinese Christmas Tree exchange with the Fort Worth family will serve as holiday decorations in the den until Christmas! Win! WIN!!

This is where I am right now......blogging away!

This pic shows all the ingredients for a wonderful Friday night:
TV control, Morenci candle (Creme Brulee!), my cellphone, and a glass of Chardonnay!!!
The pics are of my oldest grandson!!

The 'NOEL' is one of my oldest decorations!
It has such a history.  I bought it in 1965 and all my children have celebrated 
as they grew tall enough to reach the bells through the years!!

I love having the den DONE!!

It is clean and decorated!!!

Louis Dean made a vegetable beef stew for our supper and Hawaii Five O is about to begin followed by Blue Bloods!! It is a GREAT Friday night in spite of the freezing sleet and temps!
We do so love winter weather!!
I need to run in there and turn on the electric blanket!!!
What BLISS to stretch your legs out after you crawl in the bed and your feet reach the WARMTH!!!


Deb said...

looks great's too cold for me....but I know a lot of folks love it...I'm a summer girl myself...


How3 gorgeous, your den is ready and me too, I'm all decked out, huge tree and all! I will have Tksgiving tables, but around it ALL C'MAS, LOL! Your mother is lovely, my mom will be 84 this Dic. and is doing great, thank goodness.
Have a lovely weekend.

Jan said...

It is a good night to stay in! We had green chile stew for dinner tonight with hot apple pie for dessert. We went to Grapevine today and coming back the tops of the trees were iced over. Stay warm!

jackie collins said...

Ice? ooohh... not here in southwest Missouri! Just cold, cold bitter wind! We are sitting by the fire enjoying coffee and baileys watching a Christmas Movie. Have great night Linda! jackie

Wanda said...

Love the warmth of your den. I feel it right through my computer screen. It was so cold and windy here today, I wanted the oven on, so made banana nut muffins, and Shepherds Pie for dinner. Our daughter gave us a bottle of wine, maybe I should go open it! HaHa

Linda said...

Linda, so glad to see and read about your visit with your mother. Your photos are so warm and inviting. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas chez vous!

Amber B. said...

The quads would definitely LOVE those stuffed animals! Hopefully I can come over in a couple weeks and we can hang out in all the Christmas :)

jamarson1 said...

It looks gorgeous!! I put our tree up today! Although we spend Christmas itself in Mexico on the beach, I still like to see the tree up. Have a fab weekend!@

Vee said...

Nobody does cozy the way you do, Linda. Your den looks beautiful. I would love to see the grandchildren's eyes as they see it for the first time.

Susie said...

Linda, Your den looks so warm and inviting. I love it. So relaxing for you and LD to enjjoy your evening time together. Your Mom still looking happy. Bless her heart. xoxo,Susie

Carole said...

Linda, while you're getting cold there we are having a blazing hot spring - high of 26C today - that's about 79 F - and we only rarely get hotter than this even in summer! Cheers

Kelly said...

Your home sounds so cozy for the Winter weather. You got some cold weather for being in Texas didn't you? We're supposed to get VERY cold tomorrow too. All of your Santa decorations are so festive.

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! How nice to have things clean and decorated...and looking so cozy. I've been hearing from my sister in McAllen that it is COLD in Texas. Stay warm. :)

Carla said...

Christmas has hit the den that's for sure. Looks great. Spent the entire weekend in the house and did get some sewing done. The quilt retreat put me in sewing mode but then not much else got done. Ooops. Stay warm!