Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From the Galleria to Goodwill to ART!! It's TUESDAY!

Louis Dean and I woke up in Quadville this morning. 
Breakfast in QV is always a wonderful thing! Amber keeps Bailey's coffee creamer on hand for me and hearty robust coffee for Louis Dean. Today's breakfast was blueberry biscuits, crisp bacon and scrambled eggs. YUM!!!

As soon as breakfast was over we headed to the Galleria!

The quads love the play area there!

Granddad was grateful for the seating!
He is a GREAT sitter!

He was also our personal 'carrier' aka pack mule!
I had a denim bag that matched his overalls but please take note of Amber's elegant gold Coach diaper bag!
She added quite a bit of CLASS to his load!

We lunched at the food court and it was nap time when we got back to Quadville!

Ruth Ann and I missed our movie today - the showing for the one we wanted to see was not until late in the afternoon. SO we made up for it by hitting up the DAV as well as the Goodwill!!
I made quite a haul!

The green jingle bell Christmas tree and wreath will look good in the playroom at QV.

I bought this plaque for Amber.
Strength - A mother's love is the glue that holds everything together.

Who doesn't need a shiny new jingle bell wreath?

This golden garland is in a heavy duty quality dog food dish!
Lucy will love this!

I bought three decanters for the rosemary infused olive oil I am making for Christmas gifts!

Rock of Ages - a heavy plaster plaque. Timeless truth!

More golden debris and another decanter.

A rustic Santa Bear - perhaps for Louis Dean's bathroom?

I have to say I did a tiny bit of decorating today. I put a VERY small tree in LD's bathroom - with COLORED lights!!! He's not thrilled but he does like the colored lights on it!

We made a lot of progress in tonight's art class!

All three Santas look like they are at least cousins if not brothers!!
Ruth Ann's is the far left, mine in the middle and Sabrina's on the far right.

This is the one I worked on tonight and I think I can finish it in one more session!
The little girl reminds me of my grand niece, Andie!

We have had a good Tuesday.
 A little art, a little thrifting, a tiny bit of decorating, a good dose of fun with the quads.
I am sitting in the den by the fireplace tonight as I write.
 Cooler weather has returned to North Texas and we enjoying it!!


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Loved reading about QV and your day. Sleep well.

Sandra said...

you found a lot of treasures... and the biggest treasure of all is your pack mule

jackie collins said...

What a happy day! Four little babies equals four time the fun! Great job at Goodwill. I went yesterday (25%off day) and came home with 2 sweaters! I can't wait to see your decorated home!

Susie said...

Linda, Sounds like another fun day. It's a blessing what you and LD do with the babies and helping Amber out. I love all the Snata painting so nice. My husband and I looked at the den wall of santas, he says that a great idea. Hope today is fun. xoxo,Susie

Kelly said...

That sounds like a fun day! I used to take my son to the mall to play in those public play areas too. He always liked it. Those didn't exist with my first son though. Your Santa pics are so pretty!

Vee said...

Now today I'm noticing that the girls' hair is done with barrettes and ribbons! So cute!

You had another great shopping trip, Linda. Children adore color and sounds.

Bev said...

Those 'babies' are growing!!!... Looks like fun...and I LOVE your Santa pictures:)

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Your Santa wall is your new banner! I LOVE it!
Pure comfort and joy found HERE!

Carla said...

Before I read it I was thinking...not only is LD a great sitter it looks like he's the pack mule. LOL and that was you next sentence. That little Logan has a head full of hair.
You lady are the queen of Goodwill. You turn anything into a treasure. The Santa's look great.