Sunday, November 3, 2013

Best Little Mama We Know!!

Louis Dean and I spent this Sunday in Quadville! It is wonderful that the kids are always so happy to see us! They SWARM all over their Granddad!! He loves that! THEY may be happy to see US because WE are so happy to see THEM!! It goes both ways!

Amber had the quads all dressed for a Football Sunday!
That's where A&M went today! A little R&R for them by way of a Dallas Cowboy game!
Amber was preparing the babies lunch of organic mac and cheese with pureed carrots added, green beans, fruit and cheese when we arrived. She prepped it all before she left!

Playtime in the play room with the pregame shows on TV followed by lunch and by 12:10 the babies were down for their naps. You might be interested to know that even with the time change happening today - the babies continued with their schedules with little notice!

Louis Dean and I watched the game in A&M's grown up living room.
I whacked up some denim jeans in preparation for a denim crib quilt I need to get made ASAP!

This is my least favorite part of making these quilts - but listening to football made it go faster.

I like to have lots of squares ready to go! That way I can go in and design a quilt picking and choosing from a good supply of denim of various weights and colors.
The quilt I will be making is for a 'little girl' who grew up with Amber. She lived across the street all during their childhoods. She is now married and expecting a baby boy! I decided on a 'heavy' denim - using squares from regular weight jeans. 

When the babies woke from their naps I played with them for awhile in their nursery (during half time!) and then we brought them in the living room with us for the remainder of the game.

Amber, once again, had prepped their snacks and treats leaving it all lined up in the kitchen.
They each ate their fair share - but Trystan does like to collect stuff - especially FOOD!!

Harrison makes a handsome 'Dallas Cowboys' fan!!
AND the Cowboys WON!!!

We then went to the quad table for extra snacks and a story time.
Granddad always reads 'The Ghost Eye Tree' by Bill Martin every year.

This is the second year for the quads.
He started out reading this to my oldest son's children back in 2005 when we married.

We nearly forgot about it this year!

After THAT we gave the kids the Discovery Boxes Amber had prepared for them.

They LOVED them!!!

Then it was back to the play room for the first time since their naps for a little fun with Granddad!

We just can not sing Amber's praises loud enough or too often! She and Mike are amazing!
Louis Dean says THEY are the reason those babies are so charming! 
I think the babies were BORN with charm - but A&M have definitely made the children a delight to be around. FOUR babies - all the same age but with vastly different personalities - and ALL FOUR on the very same schedule and in harmony with each other! That doesn't just 'happen!'
We love them but Amber want others to love them as well.

We were happy to be able to spend this day with our grand quads!
Now we are back in our own cozy home with Sunday Night Football on (Houston vs Colts!) and a fragrant fire burning in the fireplace! 
It's a nice way to finish out this Sunday!


Wanda said...

We're watching the game too...Oh my Houston is playing some fantastic football!!! Just made another great pass and touchdown.
Your quads are just too adorable and Grandpa too.

DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family said...

Talk about a well coached team!
Move over NFL!
Congrats on the Cowboy win!
The Seahawk's squeaked by the "cellar" Buccaneer's today!
I'm rooting for Houston!

Kathy said...

They are the cutest little football fans I've ever seen. I'm so glad you post videos of them. I love seeing them in action.

Jutta said...

Adorable, so precious moments with the babies! I do enjoy your videos very much. I only wish they would be a bit longer! Thank you for sharing, Linda.

bj said...

What precious moments with these adorable babies...and visa versa. The action videos are great, Linda.
They are all so cute and I can see how much your LD loves them and they, him. AWESOME !!

bj said...

O, I did tell you I lost my old blog and had to start a new one...??? be sure to add the new address to your following list...

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Amazing! I think Amber and Mike are the perfect coaches for their little team. God knew!

Kelly said...

I must say that God knew what he was doing when he blessed Amber and Mike with quads. I would've been scared to death, but she has handled everything so well and done such an incredible job! That's proof that God only gives you as much as you can handle. She seems to have everything under control and the babies are thriving. I'm sure she can thank you for that too. You are such a good grandmother, that it probably taught her how to be such a good mother too. I always enjoy seeing the little videos you share.


The quads are a blessing to all the family and the gramps! I can see all the love they have for you guys, and yes, it's both ways, my Little 6 year old Cayetana, just cries so loud when we leave to come back home, even Victoria 9 cries too. Those Little movies are adorable, how have they grown and are so gorgeous. Your daughter is a super mama for sure!...but hey, they're growing together and thriving, at the same time too! You always make me smile with your Quad-posts. Hasver a blessed week sweet Linda. Oh, thanks for your compliment on my photo, hubby took it!

Susie said...

Linda, you are right about your daughter and sil...they are doing a wonderful job raising those sweet babies. It helps that she has a loving mommy herself. You and LD are a pure blessing for Amber, Mike and the quads. It's fun to see them with granddad. xoxo,Susie

Bev said...

She is a great mom!!! WOW.... And do you cute those squares all out with scissors?? or a rotary cutter??

Carla said...

Ouch! Cutting all those squares by scissors is no fun. I cut most of mine with a rotary cutter. Less painful.