Monday, November 18, 2013

Santa Wall UP! Decorations DOWN!

The Santa Wall is UP! All 16 paintings!
Louis Dean and I hung them Sunday evening but I was waiting til I saw it with fresh eyes this morning before moving on to the next thing. I DO like it. Next year's Santas will have to live in the dining room. The den is FULL!

Just a portion of the decorations!
Note Louis Dean's expression!

Next on my list - getting the Christmas decorations DOWN!!!
All 6 trees, 1 can, 17 plastic bags, 4 cardboard ornament boxes, 6 DOUBLE and 17 regular tubs!

We stacked it all up outside and took the bags and such into the guest room. It's DOWN but I don't have time to start decorating just yet! That will begin on Thursday. It usually takes me a full week to get it all done but I am hoping to do it in record time this year!

Amber is needing a little extra help this week so Louis Dean and I cleaned up and headed to Quadville!

The babies were at the quad table when I came in and the crowd went wild with excitement!
That sure does make me feel like a celebrity!!
Of course they make over Granddad like he's a rock star!!

The girls all love to wear my earrings!

Pretty GIRLS!

Logan leaves hers on for a long time!!

We do have fun over here!

The babies use their granddad as a jungle gym!

That works!!

We had a good afternoon and evening.

Amber surprised him with a handmade birthday card and a Boston Cream Pie after dinner tonight!
He had asked for one instead of a regular cake. I couldn't find one so I made him a strawberry/angel food/Cool Whip dessert instead. AMBER, however, found a Boston Cream Pie - just like he wanted!!

She and the babies sang  'Itsy Bitsy Spider' in lieu of Happy Birthday since the babies KNEW that one!

It's been an all round good day.
I think Louis Dean is relieved to have the decorations down and be done with it - until he has to help me put them all UP in about 6 weeks!!


Deanie W said...

You have always been "high energy" so much that you didn't leave any for me:)
Santa wall looks great! Looking forward to another quad visit as well as Rayne:)

jackie collins said...

Happy Birthday LD! Linda, the Santa wall looks so good, just gets me in the spirit. I love your paintings! How long have you been painting? You and LD make a good team!

Judy ~ My Front Porch said...

Too cute...that they sang Itsy Bitsy Spider instead of Happy Birthday!

I can't believe how many bins of Christmas decorations you have! Have fun trimming your house. I will be thinking of you as I lug my four bins upstairs.

Kathy said...

Those quads are just so adorable. I love how they sang "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" to LD. And glad he got his Boston Creme Pie.

OK, you officially have me beat with Christmas decorations. Be sure to post pictures when you get that all up!


You KNOW I collect Santas....and this wall of yours is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

...and I like the reference to a 'jungle JIM'.

Sandra said...

so sweet in the earrings. and it occurs to me, they are learning people skills without going out in day care, because they have their own daycare and friends.... fun fun and i am shuddering while thinking of all those decorations to put out...

HoundDogMom said...

Oh my gosh, I could sit in that Santa room for hours. I just love Santa pictures. You are so very talented. Sherri

Wanda said...

Love what you do with your decorating. Just magnificent. I do watercolors, and hang my winter scenes at Christmas..Might try a watercolor Santa this year with your inspiration.

Estelle's said...

Linda, I so enjoy reading your blog. I find your stories about everyday life so interesting....the family pictures are so sweet to share! Thank you for allowing us to have a peak into your life's journey!

Vee said...

The wall looks great! The earrings do, too. The quads aren't bad either! Glad that you all had a great day. (I'm bringing John back here next week when he is complaining about boxes and trees. Six trees?! Oh the joy. Are the quads going to get to see it all? It'll be like visiting Mrs. Claus! )

Susie said...

Holy cow Linda, when does the decorating crew get there. I have never known anyone with so many totes of decorations !!! You are the queen !!! My husband just laughed about LD expression. You know LD is a rock star for those littleones. Love seeing all of you together. Blessings, xoxox,Susie

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Fun times. I love you Santa wall! I just have a little more to do outside, then I am done!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Those little toddlers are just too darned cute for words. I remember how touch it was having seven children just 13 etc. months apart. Quads...WOW...what fun but you would really have to be on your toes. Things in mouths..ohhhh...just remembering! :)
What great grandparents you are!!!
The Santa wall is amazing!! You do Christmas like I do and my stuff isn't even down yet. We have to do that by the weekend. Every year I say I'm not going to do as much..but then I do! Can't help it! I LOVE Christmas! Every single minute of it. Those quads much be in heaven when they come to visit you! S' wonderful,,,,:)

Carla said...

That is so cute how they wear the earrings and saying for LD's birthday.
You only have a couple of boxes of Christmas decorations. I don't know how you do it.