Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Feel Like Annie Oakley!!!

I bet lots of people don't even remember who Annie Oakley was!

This morning our grandson let me do some target practice with his rifle!
He gave me a lesson in gun safety first!
He's very responsible!

I don't think I have shot a rifle before. Ever.

I DID hit the rather large cardboard target!

Sherry and Robert and I all took turns!

Robert hit the Coke can! When we got it we saw that either Sherry OR I had hit it as well.
We'll never know which one of us did it!

Things have kind of calmed down. It's quiet in the country tonight as I write. The dog is asleep at my feet and snoring. We just finished chapter one of Cross Roads. It is a novel by the author of The Shack - Wm. Paul Young. 
We spent the afternoon and early evening working on Sherry's house. I am doing the trim and door frames the same as I did her bathroom doors and cabinet. Louis Dean and his son worked underneath the house on a flooring situation. The bathroom of the house is all finished - well, NEARLY! Anyway that's where we take our showers and that nice hot shower felt good tonight!
I put a casserole of turkey and dressing in the electric oven for our supper tonight. It's beginning to smell really good so I imagine it's nearly done. We have a TV here in the camper but it's not hooked up. The radio reception is not coming in good right now either. So we are having a truly quiet evening with the ticking clock being the loudest noise in here! We will have a bite of dinner and then go to bed. I have a Sue Grafton book to read and some Scrabble games to play. 
Life is simple in the country. I like that!


  1. what a great time you are do look like Annie Oakley with that rifle...

  2. Annie Oakley is a good analogy. I read a biography on her and she was quite a lady.

    Enjoy your quiet country time.

  3. Don't lean back when shooting, put your shoulder into it and lean forward into your stance a bit! ;)

    Glad y'all are having a good time, the babies miss you!

  4. Oh my goodness - I actually have never even hold a gun. But yes, to me you look like a pro. A lady of the ranch protecting her property against unwelcomed intruders. Huh...

  5. Looks as if you might have had some fun target practicing! It also looks as if you have a good aim!

    So your daughter-in-law liked the bathroom! I must have missed that post. Very glad that she did and now you're moving on to other projects.

    Your turkey and stuffing casserole is giving me ideas! I thought it might be turkey soup day, but I like the sound of casserole a whole lot better!

  6. I learned to shoot a rifle at age 10 and it is a favorite thing to do, but I have not shot one since 2002 at my brothers land in the country. here there is no place to shoot safely except the expensive indoor shooting ranges.

  7. Linda, Do you find it hard to just listen to the clocks?? Some times I do...and will turn the tv on for just listening to others take. Not that they got a dran thing worth listening to on tv. LOL Take care dead eye. xoxo,Susie

  8. Playing "catch up" reading through your posts.
    You make a very pretty "Annie Oakley"!

  9. You are so cute shooting a gun!!! That looks like fun. I've never shot a real gun before in my life. My husband and oldest son have though. Maybe one day they'll teach me. Glad you are enjoying your peaceful time in the camper.

  10. You look GREAT with that gun, Lady. :) It's natural on you.

  11. I love Sue Grafton, read them all except her latest two (waiting for them at the thrift store). I love target practice, only had the opportunity a couple of times but really enjoyed it. Cheers!

  12. Look like you know what you're doing to me. You're just being modest you know you were the one who hit that can. LOL
    So how's the book? Sounded good.