Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tuesday Treasures and Car Repair Adventures!

Monday was a 'Stay at Home' day where both Louis Dean and I puttered around doing this and that. 

My Knight in Shining Armor did a major repair to one of last week's Tuesday's treasures.
I broke it when I fell and breaking that upset me more than the fall itself!
Which by the way - only left bruising in beautiful purple colors!

He repaired it Monday night and on Tuesday morning, he proudly showed me how well it held together! Alas, he had used his favorite Gorilla Glue and it looked like yellow snot squiggled all over it! Not to worry! Louis Dean used a chisel edge black marker and colored all the glue and it looked perfect!!

I really do believe there's nothing that Louis Dean can't fix!!

Brenda picked me up on Tuesday to do our weekly treasure hunt!

Between the two of us I scored a lot of good things!
Things that went well with my new decorating scheme.
Plus several Chico's pieces!
All my pics didn't upload to show the capes and other items.

The black shelves were most likely spice racks ...

but I used them in the hall.

I'm loving the look!

Really loving it!
Cleaner and less 'cluttered.'

I'm having so much fun changing my decor style!

And I smile every time I look at the frame and ornaments Brenda gave me.
I hung them on chains....

I cleaned up this corner and I like it!

I love waking up and seeing all my pretty things....

I know that the current 'trend ' says to avoid the 'sign' decorations and especially this one.
But I do not care! I decorate for me - not the trends. I make my own!
I am the Queen of Cover Up and the black and white valance Brenda found for me covers a stack of decorative boxes holding this and that!
This is a reality pic with the vacuum in the hall!

After our Tuesday shopping and the traditional lunch and visit at Chick -fil-A...
she dropped me off at Firestone to pick up Summer's van.
Remember her alternator burned up in Mount Pleasant on Super Bowl Sunday and she had it towed 200 miles to the Firestone here in Irving for repair.

Alas, when we got there - I saw that flat tire!

I called her and she negotiated repairs - again.

She is having and amazing time in Puerto Rico with Rayne!

Hopefully the van will be repaired and in place here at home when she returns.

Wednesday morning Louis Dean and I dropped the car off at Midas for a routine oil change.

We walked down the frontage road of Hwy 183 to the Waffle House ....

We had breakfast for lunch and the food was perfectly cooked and the price was so reasonable that we were able to leave a 25% tip!

The car required more repairs than we originally thought so we walked on down to Big Lots at MacArthur and  183....
That's quite a walk for older people.....
we only bought lightweight things and headed back to Midas. 

Louis Dean needed a breaks so we stopped for a rest and dessert when I checked in with Midas and learned of a delay in getting a part.

Thank the Lord and our sweet neighbor, Stephanie for the ride back home!

We were back at it this Thursday morning!
Our car was ready and Stephanie y drove us up to get it.!

Now on to the errands from yesterday!

We picked up our car and made an appointment with Lovely Nails that gave us time to shop the newly opened Ollie's!
Located at Hwy 183 and Beltline -they have some amazing products at such good prices.

While we were in line for for our pedicures, we ate at Lohas  Teriyajkai.

Buffalo Hot Wings are his favorite and these were exceptionally good!

I had the shrimp tempura!
It's funny I have not noticed this place before.
It's kind of a classy hole in the wall and they had a large urn of water with fresh cucumber and lemon slices. It tasted as good as it looked and reminded me that I should keep a pitcher of that in my fridge!

Lovely Nails is like old home week!
The people love us and we love them and we love being here!
Louis Dean's doctor recommended an appointment with a podiatrist,
Been there and done that!
It cost a good bit of $$ and a high quality pedicure appointment  is so much better1

We did a few errands before heading home..
We decided to go to Kroger for steaks, wine and cucumbers,,,,
Oh, my GOODNESS!! 
$50 steaks for $20!
We bought six packages of three steaks  for a big SCORE!!! 

Dinner was amazing and I'm so grateful for our life  - a steak dinner this evening with baked potatoes.

My friend, Susan, sent us this gift of cocktail napkins  - they reminded her of Louis Dean and his penchant for boxed wine.....

But this is MY box of wine!
Thank you, Susan!!!
Cheers from Texas!!!


MadSnapper said...

I need to model myself after you on the way you always are happy and full of joy no matter what happens, like extra repairs and more dollars spent and being happy you got a ride home, all things that send me in to a spin over money spent etc.. I guess we are what we are and I love the way you are. glad summer is having a great time with Rayne.

Anonymous said...

Agree with "snapper"! You have a good life cause you seldom make the time to let life you get you down! Such a good role model!
Brenda in a great personal shopper, huh!?
Love, Trudy

Deanna Rabe said...

Those photos from Summer in Puerto Rico are incredible! What a beautiful place!

You found a lot of great black and white home decor. I like that you decorate for yourself and not what the trends are! I'm not one to follow trends at all!
I hope you keep showing us what your doing with your new decor style at home! I love seeing peoples homes!

You are living a good life with God, Louis Dean and all the family and friends!

Love you friend!

Rita said...

I hope her car gets fixed before she is back home. The trip looks amazing, though.
You always find things at the thrift stores. So glad Louis Dean was able to fix your wall find. Can't even tell! Hope all your purple bruises disappear quickly.
Thanks to your good neighbor for the rides! Have a great weekend. :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

So what did you buy at Ollies? I have never found anything I like there, but you are so good at finding things! I love your hat corner, and the black shelves are so unique!!

Estelle's said...

I love your black and white vignettes and I know how much you enjoyed creating these spaces....of course, well should surround ourselves with home decor that we love and find beautiful....y'all be careful on the roads....I so love reading about your daily much fun!

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

Sweet Linda. I love reading about you and Louis Dean’s every day shenanigans. You give so generously of your life. It is inspiring to me.
Ps I’m glad you got a kick out of the napkins❤️

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So many things happening! So glad your car repairs are done and that you had a neighbor to call on for a ride when things took longer than expected, but it sounds like you had a good day in spite of it all. Love your new decor! Very chic. Who cares what others say? We do what gives us joy in our hearts and minds. I am definitely NOT a trend setter...I just enjoy what God provides. And "Live, Laugh, Love" is a wonderful way to live! Enjoy life, laugh and be happy, and by all means, LOVE!" I missed the post about your fall. I am sorry to hear of it. I guess I need to go back and find that one. I've been a bit behind in my reading and can't seem to get caught up with everyone. I am glad you weren't badly hurt, but still, any fall at our age is cause for concern. Praise God you are okay! Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.

photowannabe said...

Love everything about this post and your positive attitude.
You truly are a blessing to all of us.
Love the pictures from Summer and wow you sure got a bargin on the steaks. Way to go.

Donna said...

There's not much else you can do except smile and give it to God! lol
Glad you weren't hurt when you fell! Be careful...
Love all the food yummies!