Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Dining Room in Her Spring Clothes Complete With Accessories!

 I finally turned the corner and have one more room transformed from Christmas to Spring!
As I envision what I want the room to look like - the first thing that happens is I get a spark of inspiration - in this case I was in the guest room looking for something and noticed the green bedspread.

I decided to use it as a tablecloth and then everything else started falling into place.
I'm still tweaking things here and there and have added a few more 'accessories' over the last day or two.

Yellow is fast becoming a favorite color for me.
Last year was the first time in many many years since I have decorated with Yellow as the focal color point. That was back in the 1970's when we did Summer's bedroom.

I made this wreath several years ago and hung tea cups in amongst the roses.
I have since added a few fresh faux roses to the arrangement after taking this photo.

Since I used a bedspread for a tablecloth - I rummaged around in my dresser drawers and found some pretty green scarves to use on the buffets.

Summer made the rings for me and they look pretty on my recently thrifted green napkins/

I'm feeling the spring vibes in here!

Most everything in this photo is from thrifting!
Can you see the gorgeous flower nodding at the birdhouse?
Amber gave us a dozen roses for Valentine's Day and they fit right in with the floral scheme.

This room came together rather quickly.
No really deep cleaning to do in here so it went fast!

The Bell grands and I have had many a tea party with these.

There's now a garland of roses draped over the steeple of this sign.

The last few days have been pretty busy around here for Louis Dean and me.
We normally spend several days of the week right here at home but not lately!

Friday we did more errands and our last one was to pick up Summer's van at Firestone!
Sounds simple but it was not!
At first - I had all the info needed to put the repairs on Summer's Firestone credit card.
Alas, over and over I put the numbers in and the system rejected them.
My phone was dying so I had to charge it for a little while so I could call Summer and let her know what was going on. The charger didn't work so the guy had to come over and fiddle with that.
Finally it charged enough to call her and that was when another customer had come in and attempted to put HIS repair bill on HIS Firestone credit card and it did the same thing!!

Come to find out - Firestone's computer had a glitch!
So Plan B was to put the info on a paper form and I could go ahead and take the van.

While all this was going on - Louis Dean was sitting patiently waiting in the car to follow me home!
He is THE most patient man I have ever met!

So I go out and tell him to not leave until I drive past him and went back over to the van.
It was dead as a doornail! 
Of course, it was!
The guys there came out with a jump kit and got it started and we made it home!!!

Saturday was a Stay at Home day and it was wonderful!
I went on to work in the kitchen and took out every last bit of Christmas from dishes to glasses to greenery to wreaths!

This morning (Sunday) I watched church online and we fully expected to stay home all day.

Alas, the front door knob came off in Louis Dean's hand and he spent well over an hour to try and put it back together. We finally decided to go to Home Depot and buy a new door handle.

I opted to drive to the south Irving Home Depot - shortest and most direct route.


Alas the police had blocked off the street to enter the east parking lot!


It looked like this apartment building was surrounded by police.

We meandered through the neighborhood to reach the other side of the lot and was able to find a space to park and we walked up to the door - and found an employee waving at us from behind the closed and locked door signaling us to leave!

So we maneuvered our way back up to Beltline and went to the North Irving Home Depot!
Wouldn't you know the road narrowed to ONE lane with the police blocking lanes off!
Turns out that was a disabled truck!

We purchased a new handle.....
Arrived safely at home....

And my Knight in Shining Overalls spent a good hour trying to put it together.

He finally gave up!

So here's our shining new door handle and Summer says she will install it when she returns from Puerto Rico!

I'm so thankful that Louis Dean accepts help at times like this.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow night I will have a clean kitchen!
It's already halfway there!

Regarding the police presence at Home Depot -
it seems there was a domestic disturbance that involve a stand off/hostage situation in one of the apartments across  from Home Depot and the police had them lock the doors as a security precaution.

It's been a busy week and we are looking forward to going down to the ranch soon!

Sunday night supper! Mine....

and his!!!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my, what a weekend you have had! When will Summer return? Will you not be able to lock your front door until she gets there? What a genius idea to hang teacups from the wreath; it is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Girl! What a weekend you had! I am glad you two are feeling well enough to do all that. Your dining room looks so pretty, and I'm sure Summer will help LD with the door. I'm sure he was getting a little frustrated with that lovely handle.
Sending love! Trudy

Estelle's said...

It always feels good to design a seasonal tablescape and bring different items together....a beautiful look...yellow seems to be the color chosen for Spring...we must be needing the sun to shine...y'all have a good week!

Donna said...

OhMyGoodness! I think you should move to the ranch full time...just saying...lolol
Sunday night supper looks great!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Wow, so much excitement! I'm glad you are safe at home and all is well, but gee, so much going on makes me dizzy! LOL. But I LOVE that you had time to redo the decor and turn your home into a lovely spring bouquet! I love the green bedspread idea and all that developed from that choice! It's all SO lovely and makes me want to get a move on and get my spring stuff out. First step in that direction was yesterday when the kids were here to help us get the stuff out of the shed and into the house. Now it is up to me to figure out the rest! It won't be quite as elaborate or beautiful as your decor, but it will be springy and fun. I think it would be fun to have you come and help me decorate sometime! Wouldn't that be a hoot? I think you could hire yourself out to people to do are very gifted in that department, along with many other areas! What a blessing you are to all of us! Oh, that salad sure looks good! I would love to have that set before me to enjoy! I hope you have a blessed and lovely week, and that soon you will be back at the ranch enjoying some fresh air and peace and quiet! Sounds lovely...

Arlene G said...

Linda, Life is never boring at your house:) Oh my, what a trying day attempting to purchase a simple door knob.:) Hope this week is a good one for you. Tell Louis Dean that we bought a new tv and we had to google how to set it up. After watching a video on You Tube we were successful. We are the kind of people who need to SEE how its done...directions on paper, or in this case, drawings, just do not do it for us!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- Is that what they mean by a comedy of errors? Not much else could go wrong with that trip!
Everything is looking very 'springy' at your house. I have some Valentine's Day stuff to get packed away. Will do a bit of St. Patrick's Day after the first and do a bit of decorating for Easter. I gave a lot of my stuff to the kids and now wish I had kept a bit more of it...but it is what it is.
Have a wonderful week with LD. xo Diana

Brenda said...

Hope you get your door fixed. I assume you are working on your book amidst all the undecorating and redecorating...I live in a tiny condo, so I don't make changes...Of course, I never did in my houses am a minimalist...enjoy your blog so much. Prayers for you and your sweet husband.

MadSnapper said...

wow and wow, when things go wrong the go really wrong. a computer glitch, a dead van, a hostage situation, so happy you got home and sorry about the door knob.
yellow is the color of joy, and you have splashded joy all over your home. now you have a joyful place to get over the day you had...

Debby said...

Everything looks so springy! I usually decorate for Chinese New Year and Valentines Day in February but not this year. I was just way too busy. Looking at your nice home makes me want to get a move on but time will tell, whether I block out some time to decorate. I think I’d rather be outside!

Rita said...

Goodness! Leaving the house was an adventure both times! Goodness sakes!

I do hope Summer will be home soon or maybe someone else can get the door handle on. Looks like a really beautiful door handle, BTW.

The yellow is very bright and cheery! Yes, fits with spring.

Hope you have an uneventful day. ;)

photowannabe said...

Linda, you are a blessing and you are Blessed with joy, love and Patience abundantly.
What a week you have had. Glad you could finally get the car from Firestone and that you FINALLY got your new door handle. Hope you can get along until Summer can install it.
Wow, your Home looks so Springy...mine just looks dull.
I do hope you can return to the Ranch very soon..that seems to be your Happy Place.
Love your Blog post and love you

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow, what a weekend you and LD had. What will you do about your door until Summer gets back?

Jim and Barb's Adventures said...

Wow, changing the theme in your house is quite the undertaking! Barb is in the process of doing ours, but it will take hours where yours is going to take days. What what a finished product you have!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

There's always so much to deal with and you always have such grace in everything you do. Enjoy your week!

Susan~aredheadonthego said...

Oh, Linda, you make me laugh! I cracked up at the thought of you and Louis Dean making your way through a police barricade walking through a hostage situation just trying to get a door knob. No one can stop Linda and Louis Dean when they are on a mission!