Thursday, December 14, 2023

Christmas Tea with Brenda and Shirley and a Good Report for Louis Dean!

 Early in December, Brenda and I planned a few Christmas gatherings.

Wednesday we had a progressive lunch along with our friend, Shirley.
I decided to wear my hair down!

I kind of liked it - for awhile.

After the party was over, I pinned it all up.
I really don't like the feel of hair on my neck!

Brenda's home was all dressed up in its Christmas finery!
This tree has all her mother's treasure ornaments on it.

Her beautiful living room.

Such a gorgeous Nativity set - a gift from her cousin.

Brenda has her own Santa wall!

Her Granddaughter's bedroom!

The master bedroom!

Even her bathrooms are decorated!

She had a great ladies lunch for us!
We enjoyed every bite as we visited.

I got in a little doggie loving!

I left first to come home and light the candles and do a little 'damage control' before Shirley and Brenda arrived here for tea and dessert!

While Brenda has her home 'party ready' - I am still working on mine.
At 75 years old, I am definitely slowing down.
No matter, the den was finished so I lit a fire log and put a Christmas crackling fire on TV from YouTube.
Sometimes if you wait until everything is perfect before you entertain - you will miss some wonderful times with friends and family. 

Today Louis Dean had his final pacemaker check.

He was pretty chipper about it, too!

He got a very good report!!
The doctor said his pacemaker is doing its job!
The pacemaker works 81% of the time!
Every time his heart rate dips below 60 - his pacemaker kicks in for him.
So only 19% of the time - his heart beats at 60 or above.
Plus the doctor reminded us that before the pacemaker was put in - his heart would 'pause' 900+ times a DAY!

So we are thankful and praising God tonight!
Dr. Kizilbash said the battery on the pacemaker will last 10 years!

I know HE got the pacemaker but I still think this is funny!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures. Glad the pacemaker is doing its job. Both you and Louis Dean look great! Merry Christmas!
Love, Trudy

Kathy said...

I haven't been on a progressive dinner (or lunch) in many years. We used to do it when I was in the Young Adult group at church. That will tell you how many years! So glad to hear the news on Louis Dean's pacemaker. Isn't God wonderful to give the doctors such knowledge to be able to do this. Love your long hair. Are you going to keep it long? Have a wonderful day!

Donna said...

SO happy LD is doing well! Love the funny at the end! Lolol...Your hair is very pretty down...and the food all looks wonderful! Ladies, food and a chat...spells fun!

Deanna Rabe said...

You are looking beautiful! Your hair looks good long or short.

Great news about Louis Dean. Pacemakers help with quality of life for sure!

I agree with what you said about hospitality. If we wait until everything is just right we will never host anyone!

Changes in the wind said...

Love that last quote.....

photowannabe said...

Those statistics are quite amazing. It seems LD's pacemaker is pretty much working all the time. What a difference it is making in Louis Dean. I'm so glad.
Your progressive luncheon sounds so nice. I really like your thought about not waiting until everything is perfect before you entertain..there is so much truth in that. Love me just like I am..warts and all.

Wanda said...

You look lovely with your hair now! For years I had long hair and 98% of the time it was tied up on top. But I did like it. Your outfit was really cute and stylish too.

What a nice party time. I wonder how many walls are graced by your paintings. I know mine is!!

I laughed out loud at Minnie Pearl...

Sending love and Hugs.!!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Sounds so lovely. I love your picture with your hair down and you all dressed up. You look so pretty! And yes your friend's house is beautiful! So happy for the good news on Louis Dean's pacemaker! And that Minnie Pearl quote is hysterical. Love it! Happy times. Thank you for sharing this with us.

MadSnapper said...

so very happy the pacemaker is working, now if i could only get bob to take the stress test, he adamantly refused. not doing well at all.
Brenda's home is as festive as yours and both are beautiful. I tried to grow my hair out and at one inch down my neck it was back to short. I can't stand hair on my neck. I wanted to do it so i could yank it back in a pony tail. I love my short hair, the way it feels and also how it looks.

Rita said...

I've never even heard of a progressive dinner. Looks like you all had fun!
Glad Louis Dean's pacemaker is doing its job so well. He has got to feel better and more rested! Happy holidays!! :)

Anonymous said...

You look lovely with long hair. Glad to hear Louis Dean had a good checkup

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I've heard of progressive dinners, but never actually taken part in one. Sounds fun.
Love the pictures of you with your hair down, abd LD's big smile after his good report.