Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Starting a New Week!

 Christmas is coming soon!
Fellowship Church is presenting special  Christmas services at all the campuses in the DFW area.

We are planning on attending the Wednesday evening one at 6:30 on the 20th and then would love to welcome you to our Chapman Christmas home afterwards for refreshments.

We picked the girls up for church on Sunday morning.
This was Louis Dean's first time to attend in person in several weeks.
The last time was shortly after he had his pacemaker 'installed.'
He was wobbly and we had to go to the upper balcony and he and I both were stumbling on the stairs leading even higher.
Some kind folks moved down when they saw us struggling and we were able to sit.

I have come to terms with the fact that he can not handle the loud music because of the huge speakers which have huge magnets in them. 
I know other elderly people must have this same situation so I asked the greeter at the entrance what we should do.
I explained about his pacemaker and the magnets and that we cannot climb stairs in the balcony.
No problem!
The ushers wear these wristwatches that they talk to each other with like the old spy movies!
They located 5 seats on the bottom floor not too near the front and led us to them.
There was one more song and it was beautiful!

After the service we met up with the Cumby's and visited a few minutes together.
Most of the people had left by this time and the girls did a slide down the church banister!
Can you hear Louis Dean fussing at them?

We took Granddad home to wait for Harrison to be dropped off by the Bell grandparents on their way home. He had a hockey game with a team from Mexico. Jim is good with getting him to the rink and doing the 'Hockey Granddad' routine.

The girls and I went to Aldi to buy Sunday lunch and a few things I had on my list.
They love to pick out the menu and shop for the meal. 
See Logan there? That's her wallet on the shelf - and accidently left it there!
More about that later.

The girls not only shopped for lunch - they loaded it all in the trunk.

They are the best helpers!!

Their meal of choice - Calzones with marinara sauce, mac and cheese, Caesar salad. 

We watched part of a Christmas movie while we ate in the den.
Harrison ate TWO lunches that day!

Next up was a visit with Kimmy and June and their friend and roommate, Gretchen.

We couldn't stay long as the kids have exams all week and needed to get back to Dallas so they could study. We brought spiced pumpkin muffins and fresh baked fruitcake cookies to them.
Next time we visit  the girls will bring their instruments and play for them.

My Louis Dean is so cute!

Handsome, really!

Harrison had been a busy boy and his tired caught up with him!

We drove back to our house and as we came in the front door - Logan remembered her wallet!!
I said, "Let's GO!" Kailey piled in the car with us and away we went - back up to Aldi some 3 hours later!!

All three of us were praying all the way and they hopped out and ran in as I parked the car.
Good news!!!
Some honest soul had picked it up and gave it to the cashier and she put it in her cash register.
Logan did not have any ID in it so there was no way for them to contact us.
By the time we returned, a different lady was at the register - there is only ONE 'assisted check out' and I ALWAYS use that. Self check is a lot of work!

She opened the register and held up the green wallet and asked, "Is this the one??"
I grabbed it and said, "YES!!! Praise GOD!!! And THANK YOU!"
We were laughing and blessing everyone on our way out!
Logan had  some cash $$ and gift cards!
She was all set to go Christmas shopping next week - and now she will be able to do that very thing!
Plus I think she will be super careful in the future!

We ate some ice cream for dessert and then headed back to their house.....forgetting to take the ice cream with them! I notice that Louis Dean has enjoyed a few servings for himself!

Our last Tea Tray on Monday morning!
They have learned to use their time wisely and we were ready to leave on the early side - so we had another early morning game of Charades.

I was waiting outside watching for the Uber driver bringing Amber and Mike HOME!!

We hugged and hugged again and they came in and took  hot showers while we picked the kids up at school! The travel time to and Croatia is something like 14 hours or more!

I put dinner in to cook and we all gathered in the living room to watch a 'slide show' on the big TV of all their photos and videos of their trip!

Dinner was a good salad....

lasagna and garlic bread!
With chocolate from Europe and lemon cake slices from Aldi.

Amber and Mike were beyond exhausted and equally joyful as they were reunited with their children!
They went on to bed while Louis Dean and I did the dishes and left the kids to take their showers and go to bed early. Testing was scheduled for Tuesday morning.

Louis Dean and I were back to our home sweet home and we went to bed early, too!
Or at least I did! Louis Dean stayed up late giving me a 'head start' as Louis Dean calls it.

I slept so well!! Although I had a terrible dream - I was ejected from a Dallas Cowboy football game because I was making too much noise. Really?? At a football game? 
I wish I knew more about what dreams mean.

I continue to clean and decorate....it's a reality I am facing....I cannot knock things out as I used to be able to do. Today no Tuesday Treasures - I am getting ready for a progressive lunch tomorrow with Brenda and our friend, Shirley. We will start at Brenda's for chicken salad, crackers, fruit, etc. and see her beautiful home decorated for Christmas!

Then we will come over to my house for desserts and tea.

This afternoon I had an appointment with Yulisa for a haircut!

This is all my real hair!

Who knew I would have long hair again??

 Not all days are good hair days, but as long as my hair is long, I don’t really mind...

I can always pin it up!!


Donna said...

Goodness! Hope Logan also remembered to put some contact info in that wallet, as well. No Addresses! Just a number. You don't want any uninvited "guest" showing up at midnight!
Love your hair! Mine has been long for years...I mostly wear it up. Short hair is just too much work! lol

MadSnapper said...

Wow on another busy week completed. so happy they are home safe and sound from all the traveling and travel time. great news they found you a seat away from the magnets. a lot of the churches here have old people early service without loud music and the loud music is the 2nd service. that would not help you because you would not get there by 8 am.. you are right, LD is certainly handsome. have fun with the lunch, sounds good to me

Rita said...

So glad she was able to get her wallet back!
The girls picked out a yummy looking dinner!
The parents made it back safe and sound--and tired. Isn't that always the way with vacations. :)
LD is a handsome man. And he has a pretty wife, too. ;)

photowannabe said...

Now your Knight in shinning overalls is quite the DreamBoat too. Now I'm dating myself with that title..haha.
Glad Amber and hubby are home safe and back with those fabulous Quads. Beautiful kids.
I do understand about the music and the effects it has on LD. Great team that worked things out for you.
I do have "teapot" envy for your pink set..too cute.
Enjoy your progressive lunch. I haven't done one of those in years. They were lots of fun and great memories.

Wanda said...

What a husle busle life you lead. It certainly keeps you looing young! Wow, Long hair. Sometimes I miss mine, but most of the time I'm tickled to have it so short I just have to play with it with my fingers and a little curing iron.

Yes, I would say your Louis Dean is a very handsome man. You make a wonderully hansome couple.

Everyone who sees my original painting of Santa are amazed and love it.

Your grandchildren and my two teenage great grandsons remind me how wonderful our role of "Grandma" is.

I pray God will continue to give you strengh as you minister to so many people, family and friends.

Thank the Lord, our church is not a mega church, and our music is a small praise time. No loud music. The band (drums etc.) are in a enclosed area so it doesn't boom just adds. How nice that your church could accomodate your needs. That says so much about your place of Worship.

I think we have all lost wallets...how wonderful it was found and thank God there are still honest people out there.

Love and Hugs.
Thanks for the lovely Christmas Card...now I have two of your paintings.

Deanna Rabe said...

Those kids get their energy from you!

You have a great outlook on life so it makes it fun to be with you! Louis Dean is handsome and looks so young!

I’m glad Amber and Mike made it back safely!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

yes, we can all agree that Louis Dean is very good looking, lucky you, Linda, and he is also loving helpful and generous far more important qualities. Glad that the family are all back together even though you and LD had good times with them.

Susie said...

Linda, You have a wonderful family. Thankful your grandgirl got her wallet back . So glad Mike and Amber are back in the states and home with their children. Isn't it strange that no matter how old man may get to be, there always a little boy there. Your sweetheart is indeed a handsome fellow. Blessings to all, xoxo, love you guys, Susie

Brenda said...

Love the longer hair. Your husband is handsome with a beautiful wife...a lovely couple...you are an amazing woman...prayers

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas. Jan

Beth said...

Your hair looks pretty! Would love to hear more about Mike and Amber's trip!