Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Tuesday Treasures With MeeMaw!

This is Kailey and I will be doing the entire journal entry tonight!  
I am SO happy to be writing!! 


We started are morning around 6:45 

Meemaw came upstairs with some hot chocolate for us and some coffee for her along with some tea cakes.  We girls enjoyed our tea cakes and Harrison enjoyed his first one like a gentlemen but then when MeeMaw offered the rest of hers to him -he gobbled it up like he used to when he was little. We sat up in our beds and visited while we sipped and snacked for a few minutes  and shortly after 7:00, MeeMaw took the tray downstairs and began making our lunches. We needed to be at school by 8:10 because all four of us are in knee hockey club which meets on Tuesday mornings.. We had a little extra time before we left and decided to play charades. MeeMaw joined in with us and it was a fun way to start our day.

We are all independent and can make our own breakfasts - deciding for ourselves what we want to eat.

Tuesdays treasures with the Bells

After a long day of school Meemaw picked us up and we all went to Goodwill!
We were excited to do Tuesday Treasures with MeeMaw!
 We also had to have some fun in the shoe department!


How do people WALK in these things???


Trystan has tiny feet but she found lots of cute shoes.

And of course you have to have a picture of ME!

We had fun but didn't buy any!

This is what we found!

Our Tuesday Treasures!

MeeMaw scored on the fall wreath and Thankful scarecrow!
She buys out of season and is always happy to see the new things when it's time to decorate for fall.

A small Peppermint Twist candle for her bathroom and a jar of hot pepper jelly for MeeMaw!
She bought the cute pink enamel ware coffee pot with the matching cups and saucers for our 'Morning Tea' tomorrow!"

It was a fun afternoon and evening with MeeMaw and Granddad.



Anonymous said...

What a fun post. So interesting and descriptive, I actually felt I could smell your hot chocolate and see you sitting on your beds, laughing and talking! What a great way to start of the day!🤗Love, Trudy

BeachGypsy said...

howdy there Linda! Your dining room looks beautiful! Bright and happy! Love all your decor. Oh...and those 12 days of Christmas napkins!!---so fun! Enjoy the fun time with the kids...looks like a fun shopping trip today and fun in the shoe department with those HIGH HEELS! LOL. The new coffee pot and cups are neat. I bet you are having a great week!

Deanna Rabe said...

That was well written, Kailey!

It’s fun to see how independent you all are, especially since most of us remember you from your toddler sleepovers at Memaw and Granddad’s house!

What a fun week you’re all having together!

photowannabe said...

Kailey, this is the best!! Tuesday Treasures, tea cakes for breakfast and just being together with your Memaw and Grandpa.
Well done and enjoy the rest of your time together. Love your shoes you tried on.

Luann said...

Kailey you set the bar high for your sisters turn at posting. Well done! Love the pics of everyone trying on shoes. I never could walk in them well myself. Hurt my feet, but then I personally prefer barefoot or flip flops. LOL Have a great Holiday Season.

Luann Rodgers

Rita said...

Thank you, Kailey!
High heels take some getting used to. I'm glad I rarely had to wear them--lol!
Sounds like a nice time and happy mornings with MeeMaw. :)

Pamela M. Steiner said...

So much fun!!! What a treat to get to spend time with Me Maw and do so many fun things together! I loved the trying on of the high heel shoes! I don't know how anyone walks in those things anymore. I used to try, but never that high, and I was MUCH younger then! Love the Tuesday treasures you found. Thank you for writing, Kailey. You do a great job!!

Changes in the wind said...

Just got my santa card and I just love it.....thank you so much!!!

Wanda said...

Kailey, you are a "chip off the old block"...ask MeeMaw what that means. HaHa you are a wonderful blogger just like her.
Loved the shoe department. YES, we torchured ourselves back in those days and wore those awful High Heels.

Your treasures from Goodwill are wonderful. Love the little tea pot and cups to match. Will make for a lovely tea time.

I hope you will continue to write for your MeeMaw as It's nice for her to have a little break.

Sending love and Hugs

Donna said...

Oh Kailey, this post was SO fun to read!! Love your photos! Sounds like you always have a fun time with your Memaw! I know she loves you all SO much!
Happy weekend and please write another post when you get the chance!
Happy weekend!


It sounds like you had a delightful morning with hot chocolate, tea cakes, and some quality time with MeeMaw. Playing charades and exploring treasures at Goodwill added a lot of fun to your day. Thanks for sharing these moments!