Thursday, September 21, 2023

A Day of Rest

 I didn't get up to the hospital on Wednesday morning until shortly after 9:00.

He was given the go ahead to be discharged and he was a happy camper!
Not one bit of pain during this adventure!

We had a visit from a Church of Christ Chaplain Ministry and it turns out this lady knows and went to church with my friend, Melba! It's such a small world.

Louis Dean took our pic (and I sent it to Melba!) and thought it was funny to get his big old foot in it!
He does have a sense of humor!

I made this short video for our friend in Finland  while we were waiting for his discharge paperwork from the hospital. That reminds me that when Amber was discharged after being in hospital for 54 days - Her stack of papers were over a foot high!!

It was after 2:00 when we finally left the hospital and I finally went out in the den and put my feet up to relax - thinking Louis Dean was happily playing in his room!
Alas, when I went back to the bedroom to get something - I could hear him outside in his storage building and when I went out there I saw him lifting things and pulling stuff out looking for something.

I had a huge meltdown! Only the second one ever with him.
It was an absolute conniption fit!!
I ranted and raved and yelled and cried and went slightly crazy!
For three months I am supposed to remind him NOT to lift his left arm above his head!!
I had to go to bed early because I had worn myself out with all that emotion I was spewing out!
I left him up in his room - he loves his room - and he stayed in there until about 3:00 this morning. 

I was still sleeping when I got up this morning and I was wondering if he would even remember how upset I was last night.

He joined me for coffee on the kitchen deck......

before I went to bed, I had taken a big black marker and wrote
DO NOT LIFT on his left arm and ONLY 5 POUNDS on his right one.

I rested today and didn't even make up my bed so I could crawl back into anytime I wanted to.
So I did decide to take a good nap and guess what woke me up???
The smell of spray paint! IN the music room.

He painted a shelf and then rigged up fans to blow on it so it would dry faster!
When I went in there he jumped! Then he said, "I was hoping to get this done before you woke up!"
Never a dull moment!

His truck is still in the shop and he misses it very much.
Never mind that he can't drive for two weeks!
He wants his truck BACK!

We are hoping to get down to the ranch the end of next week.

I have been missing that place.
Dean and Sherry have had a lot going on with the ground work in preparing a place for the house they bought to be moved there.

Dean was in Oklahoma last weekend to honor his Karate teacher, Ichiro Takahata.
Dean started Karate with Ichiro when he was 12 years old.

This is a photo of Louis Dean, his beloved wife Ellen, Ichiro, Dean, and Sherry.
The entire family was involved in Karate!

Tomorrow I will resume life but now I am going to go to bed early!


Anonymous said...

My dear Linda! I pray you can rest the next few days, and keep Louis Dean from putting you in a "mental hospital". Our husbands do get us worried, don't they?
Ed had to do a battery of tests this morning and he is so tired tonight! I hope they find out if anything is wrong or if it's just " old age", as he says. When he had the slight stroke, it took something out of him, - as mine did me!
I am sorry we missed your rant when Louis Dean went "rogue"! I am sure you can "do it up right"!😘 God bless you two!Love, Trudy

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my. Well, I am so glad that Louis Dean is doing so well. But it must be so frustrating for you to have to keep him reigned in the way he is supposed to be! I do like that you wrote on his arms! Well, what else could you do...

Terra said...

That is a good idea to write on his arms to remind him not to lift. That works if he reads it, of course, and then obeys. It is hard for you when he isn't careful. The photo of Dean and his karate instructor since age 12 is wonderful.

Unknown said...

You ranted and raved and yelled and cried and went slightly crazy because you love Louis Dean and you're concerned for his well being. Don't feel guilty. It's his job now to make sure he listens to you and follows his doctors orders so he doesn't set himself back. I'm sure he got the message. Please take care of yourself too.

BeachGypsy said...

hi there Linda, you look so pretty in your outfit at the hospital! So glad Louis Dean did great! LordHaveMercy....he might want to hold off on spray painting things inside the house though, ha ha LOL!! Or lifting things, that one will probably be hard for him to remember. Great idea, putting it right on his ARMS!! Hope he's recovering well. And make sure you get all the rest YOU CAN TOO, OKAY? When you're a care-giver, it's easy to wear yourself out. Take care. Hugs! Oh, thank you for the and I seem to like the same dresses, etc, don't we?

Rita said...

I don't blame you for hitting the roof! He has to follow doctor's orders!! Actually a smart idea to write that right on his arms. :) Obviously he is feeling better, though. I hope you got through to him. But you will be watching him and trying to keep him from overdoing it. Being the caretaker is exhausting sometimes. Take care of yourself, too! Glad he's doing so well, though. :)

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'm glad he is feeling so good that he wants to do things but you are going to have to keep an eye on this man! He is a hand full! I hope you both get plenty of rest and no projects today! Hugs!

MadSnapper said...

super idea to mark the arms.. I know i have seen people writing notes on things so the person with memory problems knows what it is. i think this will help him a lot. You are always on alert, smoke smells and now paint smell, which is so much better than smoke. I would and have done the same thing you did. we have to let it all out sometimes or we might explode... I hope you can get to your happy place in the country for a while.. he might be harder to keep from lifting things there. the worst part of it all is this is not going to get better, you will get better at guarding him. God bless you with lots of strenth.

Arlene G said...

Oh my...I would have gone ballistic as well Linda. I think writing it on his arm is a great idea. Hope you get to your happy place next week.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Ir ia very hard to keep a man that is feeling better, down. Hope he remembers thanks to your rant and takes it much easier. There is nothing that can't wait a while. He needs rest to heal up first.. Thankfully the operation went so well, it could have been so much worse without it for sure. If nothing else we always wish the best for our loved ones. We want them around for awhile. Take care it's not easy being a caretaker.

Granny Marigold said...

I'm glad LD is home from his brief hospital stay and hopefully you can keep him from doing too much for 3 months. Sounds like a full time job.
Blessings, G.M.

photowannabe said...

Oh my...Louis Dean is a hand full..Hate to say it but its almost too bad there is no pain..that can be a good reminder of why its there. Praying for you Sister..
I do hope you can get to your Happy Place and rest a bit but reigning in your sweetheart is going to be a full time job. Praying there won't be too many Memory Lapses while there.

Wanda said...

Linda, Linda

Linda, Linda...I'm laughing and crying at the same time. Oh how I understand your concern and meltdown. My problem with my dearest is the opposite. Oh my sweetie is "paranoid" about his health. I have to force him to do things...he keeps thinking his new surgery is bleeding...IT'S NOT. I keep telling him it's healing perfectly. Both personalities are a challenge. But we are in it together, and I appreciate your words of surport and advice to me.
Love that you gave LD new tatoo's on his arms. Now if he will just read them..haha.
Praying that God will hold you in His strong and mighty right arm. You are just what Louis Deans needs!! Loved all the pictures. How special!

Pam said...

Linda, first, I want to say how glad I am that Louis Dean is doing well.

Second, I know all to well how our husbands can drive us batty with their shenanigans! Mine will put me in the grave or the nut house, one of these days! LoL Do you ever get the "I don't need a Mama!" speech? Well, I finally found a come back! "You do if you're going to act like a two year old!". HeHe!

I hope you can get some rest while things are getting back to normal.

Grace & Peace,

Debby said...

OH my - hey, you had to do what you had to do. Of course, he can choose to wear long-sleeved shirts. Quick...go hide them!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

I am thinking about you and LD now and praying he is "behaving". I can imagine how upset you were over his "behavior". Boys will be boys, no matter how old they are! I do hope you can get some rest when you go to the ranch. One day at a time, may Jesus heal LD and give you rest and no more "incidents". (((hugs))) Love the pictures of all.

Hina said...

Sending you (((((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Oh no. I would have gone ballistic as well.
Glad LD had no pain and is doing well, but oh my. Hope he pays attention to the signs you wrote on his arms and doesn't do anything that would cause a setback.