Sunday, February 5, 2023

First Weekend in February - The Sun Came Out!!


We were so excited to see the SUN on Friday and everything started melting which made it too muddy for Louis Dean to go outside and play!

Instead we drove up to Walgreen's to pick up his new medicine - Donepezil.
I've been reading up on it and it apparently slows down the dementia progress.

We took a tin of  pear cakes up to June and visited with her for a good while.

She was laughing at Louis Dean trying to take our picture.
He didn't bring his guitar this time so we just visited.
My favorite moment of that day happened then,
June was telling us her favorite memories with the Bell Quads and I looked over at Louis Dean and he was focused right on June and listening to her. As in REALLY listening.
He is truly a man among men and I am so very thankful God brought him into my life.

Saturday was an even prettier day than Friday and at long last - Louis Dean was finally able to go outside and 'play.' I put the cats in the guest room and he spent some time on the front door.
The house keeps shifting and the door must move because we have a hard time with it locking.
It is mostly wood putty now after years of messing with it and we need to do some serious repairs using new wood!

Harrison had a hockey game in the afternoon so I left Louis Dean with his chore and went to the game.
It was a close one and they won by one point!

Amber and her girls!
We are going to turn around twice and they will be teenagers!

Chicken fried steak is probably LD's favorite meal -

- but loaded chili dogs are for sure his second favorite.
So that's what he had for his Saturday night supper.
It doesn't take much to make him happy!!

Every morning is a new day and I have to tell him what we are doing.
This morning he got up to get a drink of water and went back to bed.
I was starting to get ready for church and asked him if he felt like going.
"That's right! This must be Sunday!"
So he got dressed and for the first time ever asked if he could wear his overalls to church.

Why not??
After he dresses, he turns on some gospel music and plays until I get ready.

This morning he played Alan Jackson and Dolly Parton!

I love that we all are members at Fellowship Church.

The kids always give him so much attention - and he loves it!
He even had compliments on his overalls when we walked in the door at church by someone.

Kailey will soon be taller than her mama!

See that BIG YELLOW CUP???
That is one of the reasons Louis Dean likes to eat at Dickie's BBQ.
He LOVES those cups!
That was our Sunday lunch and then we spent the rest of the day outside sprucing up the front porch.

All last week the birds were up in the debris on the front porch because it was so cold.
Every morning Louis Dean would fill the feeders and by the end of the week our porch was a mess!
He blew it all off and I hosed it down with Pine Sol to clean up all the bird poop.

Our gutters needed cleaning out and it was going to cost us $250!
Louis Dean decided he could do it himself. I refused to let him get on the roof but he did use the ladder although he didn't go up past the third rung.

It felt good to be outside again!


Ginny Hartzler said...

He is really sharp looking in those overalls! Sounds like he is doing SO well!!

Terra said...

You and your dear hubby are doing so good and going out and about. Church and fellowship is always uplifting, isn't it? Glad he got a compliment on his overalls at church.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, filled with happy times and good memories being made. And I LOVE the overalls going to church! Nothing wrong with that...he looks spiffy in them...and hey! They were CLEAN overalls!! That's something for sure! LOL. I love the quote at the end about Monday. I guess that could be said about every day, and I like that idea. Each day is a brand new blank canvas...and a brand new page in our journal of life. Yes, let us fill it with bright colors of joy and thankfulness, and soft colors of peace and love. Something to think about this morning. Thank you.

Donna said...

I've always said church is for the's not a fashion show. LD Looked just fine in his overalls!
One Point??Lolol! That was a fun game!
Beautiful kids...and hopefully, the new medication will help him.
Big hugs Linda!

Deanna Rabe said...

I'm glad you've got sunshine! So do we! And we are warming up this week! win-win!

Those grand girls are beautiful, like their mama and memaw!

LD has a kind and tender heart and its so special! We've both got excellent men! Blessed!

Have a great week, friend!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

There's always so much to do! I know you're happy to have the icy weather over with for awhile. Enjoy your week. Hugs to you both!

MadSnapper said...

i am happy he survived the 3rd rung of the ladder. i like his sunday go to meeting overalls and see he took them off when you got back home. I say wear what you want to and glad he did.. love the mother daughter and she seems to have hit a growth spurt. i still can't believe how tall they all are. hope your weather stays good so you can play outside...

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm happy you warmed up and the ice is gone. Going to church with family is important and it's good you go together.

Vee said...

Louis Dean looks great in his overalls! I'm sure that you looked fine, too. glad that the sun shone and the ice melted...what a mess for you Texans. Yup, Kailey will be sailing past her mom any day now.

Have a good week!

Jan said...

I'm so glad we're past the days when we had to get all dressed up to be at church. Most of us wear jeans now. I remember when women would never have dreamed of wearing pants to church much less jeans! I know my husband sure enjoys not being expected to wear a suit and tie anymore! He hated that tie!

Chatty Crone said...

I assume since you worked outside it is warming up a bit. I like his overalls too. I am glad church is more relaxed too. The kids are sure growing up and one is almost as tall as mom! Kailey. You are blessed with Dean and he with you.

photowannabe said...

You are so Blessed Linda. What a wonderful husband and entire family.
I'm glad you could be outside some and "fluff" things and go to church with the family. Those are the best times.
Our younger son is here from Oregon for a few days and it was great to have him by our sides for our church service.
It will be exciting to see what the new meds do for LD.
Have a great week

Susie said...

Linda, You all forgot to squeeze those kids down. Now they are as tall as you and getting close to be taller than their mom. Wow. Good to see the pictures of the family. LD loves his music. So good for all. We had a sunshine day today and I loved it. Blessings to all. Love you, xoxo,Susie

Visits With Mary said...

Nothing wrong in wearing overalls to church. Afterall, we're going to worship, not to check out what people are wearing. I think he looked nice. We love loaded hot dogs too and have them for supper now and then. It was good to see your porch getting all clean and spruced up, our porch needs it so bad, if the sunny weather stays through next week maybe we'll get it done. Enjoyed visiting, have a great week.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Loved reading this happy post and seeing all those great pictures of the family. You are one very blessed lady.

Brenda said...

When I lived in Indy at my daughter’s church, people wore whatever. Now because I want to avoid the hugs and handshaking with Covid, I do that church online and love love the comfort of my tiny living room. I miss my Bible Study claw, Sunday School. Music class, and church in Indy even though I was just there three years. I guess my church of my heart will be the one we started in Ohio long ago. Love your blog…you both look darling. You are gorgeous…prayers for your new journey…

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend ya‘ll had. Jan

NanaDiana said...

I am so glad that LD is able to enjoy life and that you are his champion. It is so sad when we see our partners start 'slipping' and know that we will be their memory keeper for them.
It made me smile that he wore his overall to church. My dad loved his overalls on the farm and, believe it or not, I always pressed them and his blue work shirts.
I hope you both have a wonderful week, Linda. xo Diana

Carole said...

Glad to read your update - haven't been online much lately. Kia kaha