Thursday, October 27, 2022

Cats, Santa Paintings and Jack-o-lantern #27!

 The cats are loving their time down here at the ranch!
While they are visitors and are not allowed to mingle with the residents here -

they do watch one another through the screen doors and windows.
That's Tarzan outside on the deck. He's brother to Samantha and Tabitha and is the only cat from the two litters of two years ago plus the two mamas that are here at the ranch.

Tarzan hissed at Samantha and she didn't bat an eye.
After a minute or so,  she did a long slow hiss at him....and he didn't bat an eye.
Then Samantha sauntered off and left him there.

She's such a pretty girl.

Tabitha is living the life here - basking in the sunshine at the window.

I really and truly finished 2022 Christmas Santa.
I realized that I had not painted in the bench he was sitting on!
NOW, he's DONE!!!
Just dry and glaze!

This Christmas truck painting has a Santa behind the wheel and what I have based in so far looks more like an elderly Mrs. Claus than Santa Claus!
No worries. Once it's dry, I will rework that face!

I've loved being down here with Sherry and sharing my Great Pumpkin Project with her!

This is last night's pumpkin # 26 and we relocated him just a short ways down the road from the cemetery. This is where Amon lives who helps with the goats when Dean and Sherry are away.
He is also an assistant in a special ed class at the local school. There's quite a few children who live here - and so we set Jack here for them to find when they come home tonight.
Since it's dark when they leave for school in the morning - I am certain they will see him!

This sweet dog lives at Amon's place and so does his brother.
Reminds me of our Remmie and Rugar!

Jack-o-lantern #27 is sitting on a dark bridge as we came back from Amon's.
I didn't set him on the concrete curb there because there's a deep ravine below.
No falling Jacks tonight!

We admired this beautiful sky on our way back to the ranch tonight.

It's been good to be here in the country.
It is my Happy Place and I am feeling more rested and calm day by day.
My medicine is working because I did not cry again today - two days in a row.
Not that I didn't FEEL like crying - but I didn't.
I'm glad to feel my feelings without all the exhaustion that comes with meltdowns and crying jags and sobbing.
And it's been good to be with Dean and Sherry.
I love them dearly and they are always looking out for us.

Back in 2020 when everything froze - it was a nightmare for the camper and front room with the plumbing. Every single line froze and broke and we lost water and the water heater and even the water reservoir in the camper.
For over a year I didn't have any water inside the camper and for awhile not even in the bathroom off the front room.
I'm grateful all the leaks, breaks and problems with the plumbing have now been repaired - and I DO have water inside the camper - for the kitchen sink and the bathroom.
It's just cold water but I am grateful for it!
As a surprise for me, they have been working on getting HOT water in the camper before winter!
Rosey gave us an inline water heater and Dean has got it installed and ready to go once the electric part is done.
I am beyond excited at the thought of hot water IN the camper kitchen and bathroom!
It's the little things, folks, that make mean so much!!
Thank you, Rosey and Dean and Sherry!!!

They seem like BIG things to me!!!
Thank you!!


Anonymous said...

I’ve had cold and hot water in the big bathroom in the add on for over a year now. It’s like camping here what with that awful freeze in 2020 and all the damage it caused. Normal weather looks like a piece of cake now!

Anonymous said...

Oops! This is Linda and I thought I was replying by email! But this works too!

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Oh, those cats are so beautiful! I love how they are enjoying being there, basking in the sunshine and hissing at the natives. LOL. What fun! And your jack o'lantern project sure is a big one, but what fun it must be for you and for those who help you and especially for those who discover these characters in unusual places. Oh, HOT water! What a joy and luxury that will feel like when you finally get it! We are so spoiled to have it readily available at our fingertips. We grumble when it takes five minutes to get from our hot water heater all the way to our bathroom...but when it comes it is glorious! I pray yours will be available soon! I am sure you will want to take a happy dance shower in it!! LOL. So glad you are starting to feel better...and that Santa is amazing, as is the red truck picture. You are truly gifted.

Brenda said...

Glad things are better

Hootin Anni said...

It's good to know the message helping. Sweet kitties!!!

Hootin Anni said...

message=meds (typo auto correct)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

OH yes, those little things do mean a lot. I cannot imagine taking a cold shower. Hot water is a necessity to me. You are blessed to have such good helpers there. So glad you are feeling better. The time in the country always seems to do that for you. Even though you now have medication, it might have happened without it.
Glad you found and painted Santa's bench the picture wouldn't be the same without it !

Deanna Rabe said...

You love people well, Linda, and in return you are loved back!

How awesome to have hot water at the camper! That first shower will feel amazing!

I'm enjoying your pumpkin project!

MadSnapper said...

to me hot water is a really big thing and at the top of my list, the first 3 are power, internet and hot water. LOL love your kittie pics and so glad your meds are working and you feel better. peaceful country living is a good thing

BeachGypsy said...

So glad you're feeling better! I've enjoyed seeing your pumpkin project-- fun! Your Santa this year is gorgeous!!-- love it! You are so talented girlfriend. I could never sit down and paint like that. Happy weekend!!

photowannabe said...

Yes, oh Yes!!
It is the little things in life that can seem so huge.
Hot water though is huge to me..Yay for family and friends that step up to help.
These are the blessings of life for sure.
So glad you are resting and getting the "Ranch" therapy..

Chatty Crone said...

You are so right - it is the little things that are so important at times - hot water is a good one.

Mandy said...

I’m so glad you are enjoying some time in your happy place. I’m catching up on blog reading and was glad to see you reached out to your doctor. Praying for you. Your Santa is absolutely beautiful! What a treasure!

Eva said...

I'm so glad you're doing Santa in the red truck! Do you remember that I've suggested that a couple of times? I have okra that I picked out of my daddy's last garden in 1982 just after he died--I wish I could paint Santa faces, I'd make them into decorations for my tree! So cute! Merry Christmas to you, too!