Saturday, August 6, 2022

Amarillo by Morning ....and Tres Ritos by Afternoon....

This has been such an amazing day!
My alarm went off at 2:15 and we were in the truck and on the road by 3:30 this morning.

Our first stop was the Palace Coffee Company in Amarillo!

Jesse is a classy photographer and has an artist eye for cool shots.

The theme of Palace Coffee Company is Kindness.

The world could use some more of that.

Jesse is visiting with the barista and they are speaking a coffee language I don't really understand.....but I did drink a very good cup of coffee there!
Jesse has been known to fly up to Philadelphia for a cup of coffee!
It helps that he works for American Airlines.
He searches out local coffee roasters everywhere he goes.
You can follow him on his Instagram account - java.jesse

I'm having fun already!

Jesse drove from Irving to Amarillo .....

then I drove to Russell's Truck Stop.
We grabbed a quick lunch at Subway..... 

and then toured the museum there,

He is so cute!

He had fun today!

Can you tell?

Jesse took over the drive as we headed into the mountains of New Mexico.

Rain clouds!!
It's been so long since I've seen any!

Jesse put on some John Denver music as we climbed to higher elevations and as we went up. the temps went the 60's!

Here we are!!!

As we pulled through the entrance, we could see a family enjoying the mountain stream.
I'll be down there tomorrow!

That's the cabin! Or cabins as there are TWO!

Look who's happy to BE here!!

This place is covered in daisies!
As in they are everywhere!!


Look at this gorgeous set up!!
Jesse made us a campfire out there this evening.

Pretty flowers everywhere I looked!

Jesse was setting up the WiFi......

The big family room.....

Dining table and you can see the bedroom beyond.

Family pretty!

Louis Dean told Jesse he hasn't felt this good in MONTHS!

And I finally relaxed after having an embarrassing meltdown Friday night.

Amazing Son Jesse!
He has been so good to us and so patient!

He took this pic from the second cabin.
Louis Dean and I are sitting out in a field of daisies.
Reminds us of how much Lillian loved the song 'I'll Bring you a Daisy a Day.'

We have an exciting week planned and I am looking forward to it - right after a good night's sleep!

Jesse set his coffee up for in the morning and I set mine up.

Louis Dean is going to use 'coffee bags'.....


Kathy said...

I'm so glad you had a chance to get away. And to get to cooler temperatures. The place looks fantastic. Have a wonderful time.

Ginny Hartzler said...

This is just what you need! And your sweet son knows this! The cabin rooms are large and pretty. And now it is finally cooler weather there! And fancy running into Elvis & Marilyn!

MimiG said...

What a beautiful, peaceful setting! Jesse has done well. I hope you get some much needed rest, my friend. I have finally slept all night through and began to "catch up" on some restful time. Still need a nap some days, sometimes just quiet time to remember days of my and Paulette's youth, but it is better. Tears continue, but often tears of a beautiful memory, not sadness.
Her daughter is still having such a hard time, wants her aunts around her - so we're planning another big get together in October when the weather cools a bit. Take your time with your grief - give LD and Jesse a hug or two and just enjoy.

Latane Barton said...

2:15... is that a.m.? Girl, you slay me. So good to see Louis Dean looking so handsome and happy. Have fun.

Estelle's said...

Calgon, take me away.....this is a beautiful spot Linda...I think it will do each of you wonders after such life changing events/ Thank you for sharing with us...have a wonderful week!

Brenda said...

Healing places the ocean and the mountains…rest and relax…prayers

Arlene G said... the 60s...can I come? Yall enjoy your vacation and bottle up some of that wonderful weather to bring home. I have been to Los Alamos in New Mexico and it was beautiful. We ate our best meal at Rancho Chimayo. Marvin had been there back in his younger days working on his PHD.

Changes in the wind said...

Wow what a welcome change and flowers every where!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a great place to visit. Hope you enjoy every minute. The fields of daisies are magnificent! You needed a break from that hot weather you've had. The cabins look comfy and cozy for sure !

photowannabe said...

This week in the mountains is just what the doctor ordered.
The smiles on your faces...especially Louis Dean's is absolutely wonderful.
I would love to be sitting out in that daisy field sipping my coffee too.

Susie said...

Wow Linda, I think the flowers are amazing. LD does look happy. The cabin looks big to me. It would be a fun family outing place. I love seeing the 65 degree temp. Jesse is a handsome man, with brains. How nice. Blessings to all of you, stay safe. xoxo,love Susie

Vee said...

Perfection! Just what you folks needed. God bless Jesse for knowing that. Have a great week, everybody.

Suemn said...

Hi Linda, Oh my gosh... absolutely lovely to hear of your vacation in New Mexico and to have Jesse there to oversee everything.

Robin from P'ville said...

Y'all look 20 years younger.

Carole said...

what an early start! Looks like a cool place - in both senses of the word. Cheeers

Deanna Rabe said...

How wonderful! I can feel the peacefulness of the place!