Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Celebrating September's Eve......

 We are home now having arrived at 5:00 on Monday afternoon.

We took Sunday as an extra day to clean and finish up our projects.
Louis Dean dug this amazing campfire pit made after the fashion of the one at the New Mexico mountain cabin. All I need now is to order my six Adirondack chairs to make it our version - Texas style.

Tuesday was a Mother/Daughter Day with Amber and I loved every single SECOND of our time together! 

We started out with a salad lunch after dropping off the girls hockey skates to be sharpened for their game that night. 

Yes, my daughter is a full fledged hockey mom!
And she is LOVING it!!
SO are the kids.

We ate and shopped and had a Starbucks break and then picked the kids up from school after they had theater tryouts.

Back to the Bell Home for a little puppy loving!

I'm glad I held both Cash and Kona a few weeks ago because they are too big to hold together now.

Sweet puppies!!!

My darling dimpled Amber!

Not only a mom to quads but now a mom to two energetic black lab puppies!!

The excitement never stops at their house between hockey games, new puppies, the kids being in the 5th grade now and her cooking gourmet meals and school lunches that are the envy of the other students as well as the teachers!!

I stayed over until after dinner - it was only the three of us - Harrison, Amber and I - as the girls had a hockey game. I would have stayed longer but Louis Dean called me and said he was lonely and waiting for me to come home. Ahhhhh......I'm so glad he misses me when I'm gone.
I called him when I was leaving and asked how much Damage Control I had. He said, "NONE"
SO not true!

But he was watching this movie and I was able to do the damage control - mostly in the kitchen and it involved oil on the floor, counter and stove. I'm not sure what he cooked but it's usually shrimp!
I finished cleaning up after him as well as finishing up my own scheduled cleaning chores in time to watch the last hour of the movie with him - which is the best part anyway!

So this morning when I woke up - the first thing I thought about was - it's September's EVE!

I've pulled out my Neil Diamond CDs and have them ready to load in the morning.
My pumpkin spice coffee is right by the coffee pot.
I am going to try my hand at homemade pumpkin spice latte - thanks to the research of my friend BJ!
When Louis Dean was in the hospital, one of the nurses shared her version  and I thought I would remember it - but I don't!

Our home is all clean and decorated and ready for September's arrival.

It rained this afternoon and there's magic in real rain.

No matter how much we watered and it was a lot and expensive.....

nothing like real rain from heaven makes the flowers bloom.

Texas sage blooms when there is a change in the weather - and it rained today.

This bank of lantana is going wild and the knock out roses are not far behind.

My white crepe myrtles haven't bloomed all summer but here they are now!

My dear sweet June was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Kimmy has kept me up to date with her condition which seems to be a very bad UTI. June will be 91 on September 25 - one day after my 74th birthday. I went by Aldi this evening and filled a bag with snacks for her and her daughters, Traci and Kimmy, and sister Tommy as I remember how much I appreciated the goodie bags my friends brought us when Louis Dean was in the hospital recently.
I told her Louis Dean would come with me tomorrow evening and I would bring her some freshly baked fruitcake cookies.

It was 9:00 tonight when I started making the dough.

It is not an easy cookie to make since it's so heavy!

I started baking fruitcake cookies 37 years ago and I nearly always make the dough on September's Eve. This year I am making it in my sister's memory. Nita always kept me in supply with the very best cinnamon and vanilla extract. I added the Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in her honor.

Tomorrow morning I will bake the first season's batch as I sip my pumpkin spice coffee and listen to Neil Diamond sing September Morn on the first of thirty magical mornings.
I truly love September and September First is my favorite day of the entire year.

I will be celebrating and remembering my sister tomorrow along with my dear sister Deanie.

Make it a September to remember!


Kathy said...

Your life is full! I love reading about it but wish we lived closer so I could experience it with you. I always think of you on September 1 knowing how special the day is for you. I love the month of September too. It's my wedding anniversary month. Glad you got some rain. We all could use some for sure.

By the way, thanks for the note you sent. Such good news!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Yes, Amber does have the cutest dimples! Your flowers are so lovely. Happy September!

Unknown said...

Tell LD he did an awesome job on the fire pit. It's going to be cozy out there when the weather starts to cool down. I hope your friend June is feeling better real soon. Those fruit cake cookies you make always look so good. I'm sure they'll all appreciate the gesture. I hope you enjoy your most favorite day of the year. Deanie will be with you, if only in spirit.

Hootin Anni said...

I know how you live September!! I'm just happy August is gone for the seemed an extra long month. Love Amber's Dimpled smile. Now, 'bout those milk?!!

Brenda said...

My birthday month also…prayers

Estelle's said...

It is a glorious day isn't it? For those of us who love the autumn season, there is much to do and plan! Amber is a very pretty girl just like her Mama.....enjoy this day and know that I will join you in all the fun for this season!

Deb said...

Hello Linda. Happy September to you! September 1st is one of my daughter's birthdays so it's a day with lots of gratitude at our home. You and I both have beautiful daughters named Amber. I always thought it was such a pretty name! I love that new fire pit that LD built. I hope you have a wonderful month. See you again soon!

Vee said...

Do you know whom I think of when September 1 rolls around? You, of course! Neil Diamond will be belting out "September Morn" there soon and you'll be sipping your delicious coffee. 🌻☺️🌻

What fun to have hockey starting up. The girls are certainly active, but then their mom is an excellent example.

What a ray of sunshine you will be for your dear friend and her girls. There are times when we need those rays most especially.

Enjoy ♥️September.♥️

Deanna Rabe said...

I’ve been counting down with you knowing this day is your favorite September 1st! Enjoy it to the fullest!

Glad you and Amber get your days together. What a joy!

MadSnapper said...

prayers for your sweet friend June. You know what my favorite thing today is.. those puppies just stole my heart in that video. love the dimples too.. how do our hubbies get so much oil every where? that is the quesiton. bob cooks his breakfast every day and every day I clean up the mess. the reason you like Sept is because all the BEST people were born in Sept. Its our birthday month but mine was 4 years before you. enjoy your month. LOVE the pit and want one

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy September 1st! I'm celebrating today by starting to decorate my house for fall. I love the picture of you and the pups! That fireplace the camper will come in handy as the nights should start getting cooler too. I do love pumpkin spice coffee too and have some on hand. I hate to see the summer fade away but I'm looking for to the fall colors and cooler days. It won't get cold yet for awhile so I'll enjoy them while I can.

Anonymous said...

The fire pit is nice and know you and LD will enjoy it this fall. The puppies are cute. Best wishes for a wonderful September

Judy said...

So many good things in this post, and you always have me smiling with your 'damage control' stories! There are many hockey moms here in Canada, but I never expected that in Texas. How fun for the girls! Love that they have 'twin' black Lab pups. We got new neighbours last week and they also have two black Labs (Huncho and Hugo). Enjoy that fire pit! I heard there was rain and flooding in parts of Texas. We haven't had any measureable rain here since June. Everything is parched. Enjoy your favorite month!

Bluebird49 said...

Hey gurl! Your life is so busy it makes my head spun. I am not surprised you and Amber make each other so young looking, you both love being busy together! The puppies are so cute!
Poor Louis Dean -- lonely! These men!! 😇
Thanks for posting about fruitcake cookies -- you have me thinking of them with a glass of milk.
I know Neil Diamond is playing at your warm, sweet home today, along with the wonderful scents emanating from your kitchen. (Swoon!) No real need for a candle today, but you may just have one burning, so what scent dud you choose?!I can always count on you to carry on carrying on, and there is so much comfort in that. This world is carried by Christian wives and mothers like you, my dear, and I am thankful we found one another. Our friendship means the world to me, and I have my NM postcard you sent right beside me, still! 💓 Have a most wonderful and Spirit- filled day, gUrl!😚

BeachGypsy said...

It's YOUR DAY LINDA! I thought of you immediately this morning as I was waking up!! Bring on the pumpkins!and neil diamond!!! Enjoy your special day my friend!!-

photowannabe said...

Precious memories and you really are a human dynamo.
Your cookies look sublime and everyone will savor them.
Amber is darling and she is really like her Mama.
Enjoy your September morning for the next 30 days.

Susie said...

Linda, It seems rare that something isn't happening around your place. You and Amber both look so pretty . From the looks of that cookbook page, you have made those cookies many times. Your idea and LD's of little to clean up seem far apart. I had to laugh. I have found that true with kids too. LOL Your sweet sister is smiling from heaven knowing you put the rum in the cookies. Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Susie

Eva said...

Linda, I thought of you first thing this morning and woke up with Neil Diamond singing "September Morn" in my head. I hope your favorite day was lovely. and you'll be on my mind this month, with prayer.


Carole said...

Happy september! Cheers

Changes in the wind said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound and love the fire pit, LD did a great job. Those puppy's are the cutest and of course Amber is beautiful.