Monday, August 15, 2022

Sunday Sermon, Pool Time, Two New Grand Dogs, and Monday at Home.....

 First off, I must tell you I am having technical difficulties. 
My Ribbet editing program is no longer user friendly to me and I can edit away but when I save  them - it comes out black with no image.

Praise God this one came out okay but I can't change the font!
Thank you, Donna B. for the beautiful cards I received in the mail.
I absolutely LOVE them!

I've been at a loss as to how to make a new header and then these arrived!
I wish I could match the background to the header and I will be working on that.
Sandra, aka Mad Snapper.....I think I may need some help/advice.

Also, the email follow thing is no longer working so IF you are reading this post, I am sorry that I do not know how to alert you to when I do a new journal entry.
I was slow to use that email follow thing in the first place as this is my online personal journal and I have never sought readers - thinking only my friends and family would be interested in reading, although I dearly love the ones I have and the ones who have 'found' me one way or another.
Bearing in mind that I am not the smartest crayon in the box, if any of my more gifted blogger sisters know what I can do, I am open to learning.

On to Sunday morning!
Louis Dean slept in and I went on to church by myself.

I am so proud of Fellowship Church and pastor Ed Young for staying current in what's happening in the world right now. I had no clue what WOKE meant! Do you??
You can follow the series on Fellowship Live......all you savvy people can figure out how to find that, I hope. It's Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas, if you are interested.

Paul Harvey's 'If I Were the Devil' was playing as I walked in the side door....I'd heard it several times before but it is still as relevant as it has ever been since he wrote it in 1965.

I love that the Bells and I sit together in church every Sunday and that we linger long afterwards visiting for a little while.
There was a soft serve ice cream truck set up for after church and the kids all snacked while we stood around and talked.

I met back up with them later in the afternoon at Hawaiian Falls.

No edit and water mark here - but normally I do that with pictures of the Bell grands.

After the pool closed, Harrison and Kailey rode with me back to their house and I met my two new grand dogs!

How fun is this???

This was exciting!!

Two Puppies!!!! Two NEW puppies!!
Kona and Cash!
Sister and brother.....

What's not to love??

Sweet as sugar!

We had the very best first meet and greet ever!

What an amazing Sunday!

The sun and the pool and the visit with the Bells relaxed me so much that I was in bed asleep at 10:30 and didn't get up until 11:00 this morning!

It has been a good Monday!
Dean and Sherry called and we caught up with our news.
Louis Dean and I will be going down to the ranch together next Monday in time for me to attend the August bee meeting in Waco. Alas, we did not harvest honey this year but I am looking forward to the annual honey tasting meeting.
This will be the first time for Louis Dean to be back down there at the camper since he was so sick with heat exhaustion in June. We took him to the ER in Irving on June 26th - our 17th wedding anniversary.
He was seriously ill and I am thankful every day that he has made a complete recovery.

I've done housework, yardwork, watering, cooking dinner - a pork loin, garlic green beans, gouda mac and cheese and roasted garlic with sliced tomatoes and avocados.

I set my art out and am all ready to start my 2022 Santa painting tomorrow!

Now I am about to take the trash out, pour us a glass of wine and sit on the driveway with Louis Dean as we water the front.

Life is good today!


Anonymous said...

Grand puppies - how fun! So happy to hear Louis Dean is fully recovered. I know the NM trip did you both a world of good. Enjoy your week Linda, you always do. Joyful living!💜

Arlene G said...

What cute puppies!! I love labs and if I had a dog, that would be my breed of choice. Yes Wokism is everywhere. Everyone has their own truth etc.....please. To me it is a bunch of spoiled children who think they know best. I am glad LD made a good recovery but I would nail his foot to the floor of the front room when you go back to the ranch.:) Heat is really hard on the elderly and even though I do not feel elderly very often, I am considered elderly.:)

Bluebird49 said...

What cute grandkids and puppies! And everyone else pictured.
Love you!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The puppies are adorable! Are they Black Labs? I love your header!!

Hootin Anni said...

Sweet puppies !

Linda said...

You definitely put a smile on my face this morning. Kona and Cash are two very blessed puppies to have been adopted into your family. Enjoy them, they will love you as much as those grandchildren do.

Paul Harvey was such a wise man. It's so very sad, and frightening, that we are right where he saw us headed. I pray people are truly waking up.

Brenda said...

Love the pictures…glad husband ok…every generation thinks it has the worst…I have lived long enough to know that we are all different in our opinions…I have hope, and I love life…I believe we make the best of what we have…enjoy each day …I am often asking the Lord…What did I ever do to deserve the blessings I have…I do not dwell on negative…we have lost one million in this country alone to Covid…and we were told it is not real…that is enough to turn me to positive thinking …

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love seeing your family photos and the fun you get to have spending time with them. The puppies sure are sweet too!

MadSnapper said...

knowing me, you should know my first comment would be about Kona and Cash. I think it should be Kash. ha ha. they are soooo sweet. I have never heard the paul harvey video and it is right on and true. even though I have asked and researched several times, i have yet to figure out exactly what woke means. your time away with Jesse really helped with your heart healing, I can hear it in your words. I have never heard of ribbet so don't think I could help

Vee said...

Darling puppies! What's not to love about puppies? Well I can think of enough things to leave them to the younger set. 😏 They will be so well loved at the Bell home.

That is a good graphic on "Woke." Yes, I did know and I am concerned.

Back to the ranch! Dean and Sherry must have missed you. So sorry about the bees. Will they get healthy and robust again?

Deanna Rabe said...

Those puppies are so darling! I don't think I could handle the puppy stage anymore but I do miss having a dog!

That is a good graphic on Woke and I'm glad to see your pastor addressing it and giving you all help in understanding what it's all about. Well done!

I'm glad you'll be back at the ranch, and I am so glad LD is well!

I love seeing you all set up to paint your annual santa painting!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Welcome to the new members of your family. I hope they get along with the cats. Getting two at the same time is good. They can keep each other company.

Maryellen said...

Dear Linda: I enjoy your post and wish good health and happiness for you and Louis Dean. But that is not what woke means. 'Woke' is just about people trying to really and truly understand each other, including some of the bad history in America such as slavery. I know you are a kind-hearted person and that is why I follow your blog. Wishing continued blessings for you and yours.

photowannabe said...

Yes, Life is Good!
What a wonderful weekend and thanks for the "Woke" link. I will watch it later.
Just a thought..but, maybe when Jesse set up your computer for New Mexico it changed something and has to be set back to Texas stuff. I don't really know what I'm talking about but who knows???
Temps are suppose to be 107F. today...oh my..ugh

BeachGypsy said...

Puppies! Puppies! PUPPIES!!--- OH how I love dogs! They are GORGEOUS!!-- SLICK SHINY BLACK! they SURE look like Black labs which are GREAT dogs, so smart and loyal . Wow look at those BIG PAWS!!!

Debby @ From My House to Yours said...

Awww I love lab puppies. They always feel like velvet to me. I have a black Lab named Laydee. LOVE her to pieces!

Wanda said...

What a fun post Linda. Sorry for all the Tectical problems. That can be so frustrating. But you did great using your beautiful postcard.
Love those puppies. Makes me miss our Molly Girl.
Sending Love and Hugs...My dearest is on the road to recovery! PTL

Carole said...

Hugging those puppies what a way to get your mojo back. Glad you are more yourself. Cheers

Susie said...

Linda, I loved hearing you laugh as the dogs wiggled and licked. My g.granddaughter got a new golden doodle. It's legs are almost as long as hers. Too funny. I told her I was going to get her a saddle for it. It's wonderful you and your children can be together in church. Yes, we are so glad that LD is doing better. Please be safe. Blessings to all, xoxo,love, Susie

obscure said...

Oh goodness, that's not what woke means at all! It means "woke" to the plight of others less fortunate or different! That kind of rhetoric makes me so sad - and further divides our country.