Sunday, January 16, 2022

My 'Ah' Moment on Saturday, Hockey on Sunday and Photos of Amber and Mike......Two Beautiful People.....

 Saturday afternoon we turned the reins over to the other set of grandparents!
Amber and Mike lived in the Houston area when the quads were born but moved back up to the DFW metroplex when they were eight months old. Having both sets of grandparents close is important to them and a blessing to all of us! From the beginning, we had traded off duties with the Bells and it's worked out perfectly!

We go with our strengths - we are better at getting them to and from school and in bed on time.
Mike's parents are better with sports related activities so this weekend was a Win! WIN!! all the way around.

It had turned off really cold Saturday morning and, as Louis Dean was carrying our stuff out to the car in anticipation of going home later, BOTH of our cats ran out the front door!
I was so thankful it wasn't Bandit or Ginger!
We all ran out and gave chase.....I in my gown and robe, and two of the kids barefoot and one in socks.
Samatha was captured rather easily - but Tabitha!!! She gave us a run for our money - going from the street to the yard then raced back across the street withe all of us right behind her.
What froze our hearts, though, was when she stuck her head in a drain opening at the curb!
We screemed! She stood still with her head inside the drain.......and Kailey came up behind and grabbed her!!!! Whew! That scared us!

Thankfully, by the time the other grandparents arrived, we were all dressed and calm.
We loaded our cats up and headed home around 1:00 that afternoon just as snow flurries began to fly!
It was COLD!!!!

I dropped Louis Dean off at home and I did errands......picking up presciptions and shopping for groceries at Aldi. I nearly froze my fingers loading my groceries because I don't bag them up in the store but wheel them out to the trunk of my car and load them directly into the insulated bags I keep in there. I need to rethink that plan when it's so cold!

Louis Dean unloaded everything for me and I put it all up, went out and filled the bird feeders, emptied the dishwasher and did a few other chores. Finally, I lit lots of candles and got a fire going in the den.
I poured a glass of wine and plopped a strawberry in it, went to den and put my feet up.
My AHHHHH moment!

I took this pic right before that first sip of wine........
That's when Louis Dean came in and said he left his shave kit over at the Bells and we needed to go back and get it! 
That was a low blow!
I had JUST settled my mind down and was totally relaxed - for less than one minute!!!
Wine went in the fridge and we got in the car.
It was quiet all the way over there.
I did take some kitty litter  while I was at it so I took that in while Louis Dean looked for his shave kit.
It wasn't there.
I drove back home and tried it once 'ah' moment!
This time it took!

We had our coffee and devotionsthis morning and then got ready to go to the kids hockey game.
I needed to be there early so I could briad the girls' hair.
Grandmommy - that's what the kids call the other grandmother - had three boys and no girls so she hasn't had much experience braiding girls hair.

Here we are at the hockey rink bright and early!
As in two HOURS early!!!
I thought the game was at noon and I knew they needed to be there an hour early - and so did I since I needed to do their hair before they put on all their equipment.
They were NOT there and that's when I realized the game was for 1:00!

Turns out the game was 12:45!!
That's okay, we watched the game that was playing. I rooted for the team in green since that's our colors!

HereI am in Locker Room #2 - first time I've ever been back there!
Grandmommy snapped the pic!

They are all ready to play....just waiting for the previous game to finish.
It's COLD outside and COLD inside!
Poor Louis Dean was practically shivering!

We came home shortly after the kids' game was over and I told them we would see them early tomorrow afternoon since there's no school on Monday.

While I got potatoes, carrots and peppers ready to cook in the air fryer, Louis Dean went to pick up some Hot Wings and we settled down to watch football on TV.
It was a good Sunday.....even though the Cowboys did not win. 

Between football games, I worked on repairing the very first denim quilt I ever made.

When Amber was a little girl, the bue and white flannel sheets with sheep on them was her favorite!
A few years later I used the sheets along with some denim to make my first quilt and it has remained Amber's favorite one of the many I have made. It's been much loved and much used!

I am not a true quilter.
I'm more of a whacker of denim and crafty type of a seamstress. 
I love redeeming something and this was not the first time for this quilt to be repaired.
It used to be heavy but now it is lighter. The time will come when it will light as air.
Amber is 36 and I made the quilt when she was 10 years it's had 26 years of use.
I didn't take a picture of the repaired quilt since I popped it in the washing machine, but I think it looks a lot better and I'll take it with me when we go back to the Bells tomorrow.

This is one of my all-time favorite picture of them!
I remember the moment I took it!
Logan is kicking Harrison and pulling at Trystan - who is NOT happy!
Kailey has her hand on Logan which makes them ALL touching one another.
They are as close today as 9-year-olds and they were when they were babies.
Grandmommy and I were talking today about how they were twoin a crib when they were tiny - one at each end - and they would scoot themselves over to the middle. Every time!

I will close tonight's journal entry with photos of two beautiful people!
Amber and Mike!

They are in Nashville celebrating what I think is Mike's 40th birthday!

They are just perfect for each other!

Even with parenting quadruplets......

They make their marriage their #1 priority.

I am so enormously PROUD of both of them!!
Their commitment to each other is what has made them such great parents.

" Great marriages don't happen by luck or by accident. They are the result of a consistent investment of time, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, affection. prayer, mutual respect. and rock-solid commitment between husband and wife."

PS......the shave kit is still missing! Now he thinks he must have left it at the ranch! 


Ginny Hartzler said...

Beautiful pics of Amber & Mike, and also a lovely one of you & Louis Dean. I hope they are having a wonderful time! I love your quilt as well.

MadSnapper said...

you are so right, they are truly beautiful together and apart and most excellent parents. a beautiful couple on the outside and the inside. I can't imagine having 4 9 year old kids and now i can't wait to see what happens when there are 4 thirteen year old. yowsa! that quilt is priceless. I like your quilts and you are a quilter.

Changes in the wind said...

Well you left us in the dark with the shaving kit but I assume you must have found it. What a whirlwind time but glad you were able to get everything in and have a good time. Amber and Mike are a great couple and know you are very proud of them.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got your well deserved ah moment and the pictures of the quads and their parents are great. They are a beautiful family. You are blessed to be able to give them a helping hand.

Bev said...

You need those AHHH moments with your busy life!

Hootin' Anni said...

That denim quilt is truly an heirloom!!!
Beautiful pics of the happiest couple on earth!! Happy birthday to him.
Scary story of your cats getting loose.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So glad you could make some memories with the quads. One day you all will laugh at the cat catching I am off to Publix this morning. We had some snow showers yesterday but none stuck for which I am grateful. It is very cold here as well. I love the picture of the baby cute. Make my arms long to hold a baby!!

Vee said...

Mountain Man here we come! This will be fun. ☺️

Loved seeing the photo from the Way Back machine. Those Bells have always been adorable.

Amber and Mike are very wise. They will have many years together when the kids are grown and gone.
They do make a great-looking couple.

Deb said...

Lovely post. So glad you can spend so much time with your grandkids. I hope the shave kit turns up. See you again soon. Have a great week. :-)

Estelle's said...

I just love and admire you love with all of your heart and adore your family! It shows! And, a fantastic and loyal Grandmother to all those precious children! You are a fine example of living life with zest!

photowannabe said...

I adore all your family photos. You are so lucky to be close to the Grands and can be a part of their everyday lives.
Hope the shaving kit turns up. You handled your disrupted AH .. moments so well.
You my Dear are a Quilter #1.

Carol said...

Oh your AH moment looks so cozy and warm. I can't believe how much the quads have gone.

Carole said...

Happy Days! Cheers

Bluebird49 said...

Amber and Mike look so happy, and the kids, too. I can't believe how "grown" Harrison looks! Wow.
Hope the shave kit turns up. Get an extra one for L.D., so you don't have to ride all over DFW! !๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜‰
I'm sure you could use an "ah" moment about now. ๐Ÿ’•

Deanna Rabe said...

I liked your words about marriage. It's so true. I'm proud of Mike and Amber and I've never even met them in 'real' life. However, through you we know and love them, too!

The kids of course are delightful, and we love them too.

You're doing a great job, Memaw and Granddad!

Debbie said...

amber and mike are so stinkin' cute, these are great pictures of them!! chuck and i have been married for 43 years and people always ask us what our secret is. we always tell them the 3 "c's", compromise, commitment and cupcakes...and what you said too!!

we through in the cupcakes to keep things light!!

Carla said...

Okay so where was the shaving kit? LOL. I'm so glad you got the furry fluffs back safely in the house. Yikes. I like to sew the quilts but mending is a challenge for me. I'm mending a dang sweatshirt for Pam. Uggh.

Amber and Mike are unstoppable. They're so cute.


Beatrice P. Boyd said...

A nice post, as always, about family, Linda. It's nice that the quads parents make time for together time and also that the grands help out with the quads. Hope the shaving kit turns up one day.