Monday, January 24, 2022

A Wonderful Sunday!

We had such a good Sunday starting with being on time for church meeting up with Amber, Mike and the kids, having all arrived at just about the same time! I dearly love worshipping together. 

Pastors Ed and Lisa Young are teaching a series called '7 Senses of Marriage.'
I would say that Louis Dean and I have a great marriage. I could not have found a better husband and he claims he has had two wonderful wives. His beloved Ellen went to heaven in 2000 and we married in 2005 after knowing each other just 2 months. 

The message was titled The Anchor - and that being the anchor in marriage is Jesus Christ. The message spoke to me on a couple of points especially.....
Contempt versus respect. It hit me in my heart that sometimes I act like I am superior or bringing more into the marriage or perhaps am more important to the marriage. Here lately, reminding Louis Dean to take his medicine and going with him to appointments so he won't get lost and know what I mean. Not that I think I have all my wits about me all the time but, still, I feel life changing for us a wee bit and I admit to being a little condescending (having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority) at times.  I have purposed to pay more attention to my attitude and focus on respect. 

I am really happy to be a part of a church like Fellowship and I am so grateful to have Louis Dean as my husband. He is a man among men.

We all sat in church together and then we all went out to eat at Chili's over in Dallas together.

Trystan loves to use the PIP app on my phone when she takes pictures and she taught Kailey how to do it, too.

They had a good time of it!

After lunch we hung out at the Bells for an hour or two. The girls and I colored and played Bingo and even did some yoga together.

Then we went to watch Mike's hockey game!

It was such a fun day!
Mike helps coach the kids' hockey team and enjoys the game himself.

He is a War Hawk now but used to be on a team named the Swamp Donkeys!
No matter the name, I will always yell and cheer for him!
But I DO like War Hawks better!

Credits for the photos go to the Bell Girls!

We came home and watched THE most exciting football game of the year as far as I'm concerned!

It was a nail biter and they were neck and neck nearly the entire game.
Since I was born in Kansas City and since the Dallas Cowboys are out of the running - I am rooting for the Chiefs to go to the Super Bowl - again!!!

Sunday night I noticed we had yet another possum come to dinner.
The food bowls were completely empty this morning so I have added celery and some stale bread to the bowl for their supper tonight.

It's been a wonderful Monday!
I didn't leave the house but I did get dressed and even put on a touch of make up and fixed my hair.
Today I worked in the kitchen - taking down the Christmas things and bringing back what I had stored away during the holidays. I've rearranged soem things and generally had a good time cleaning and nesting. Louis Dean took the car to Walmart to get the oil changed and did a little shopping while he was at it. I'm happy he didn't insist on changing the oil himself as he used to do. Sometimes you have to let someone else do the work. He did shop and bought some of his comfort foods. Those fifty-cent mini pecan pies get him every time and you know he's not supposed to eat much sugar! He ate two that he'd bought on Saturday so I hid these. Shhhhh......don't tell.
I know he will be making spaghetti soon. He bought three HUGE jars of spaghetti sauce!  He enjoys cooking and it makes him happy to do it so I am going to suggest he cook at least once a week. Usually he waits until I am gone....and I don't want him to think that's the only time he can have the kitchen.


Bluebird49 said...

Wishing you good thoughts!💕

Hootin' Anni said...

Bud used to put those pies in the cart, and I'd take 'em out. lol

Love how all the photos are 'framed'.

Deb said...

What a nice, uplifting post. I love that you and Louis Dean and Amber and family all worship together. Great thoughts on marriage from your pastors. Nice pictures of your weekend. I hope the week goes well for you both.

Vee said...

Interesting thoughts on marriage. John could only fry cornflakes so he was not a worry in the kitchen. If he had cooked like Louis Dean, I would have been thrilled. 😁 Have a happy week!

MadSnapper said...

I buy Bob 6 of those pies, he loves the chocolate best but will eat any of them. he is allowed one per day. on another week, i buy him sweet potato pie and cut it in 7 pieces, 1 per day. when he had lost his appetite i got a tray of 6 cinnamon buns. he also gets a fruit or 2 per day. he has lost 10 pounds since the knee was done 6 weeks ago. before the surgery i had him off sugar but when he could not eat, sugar was calories. i love the photo of you and your war hawk and agree the name is better than swamp donkeys. but i do love donkeys more than hawks

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I got out to church this past Sunday too. It was extra nice because one of my sons went with me. It is nice to have family to worship with. I miss the days we had a pew full of nothing but my family when they were all young and still at home. You are definitely bless to have such a good man to be married to. I think its a good thing to have someone with whom you can grow old with. I lost my husband over 20 years ago and never found anyone else. It's a lonely way to live. God bless you both with many happy years to come!

LC said...

Isn't great how our young family members introduce us elders to the latest fun techie stuff! You are so fortunate that family is near enough to worship together. What a blessing!

photowannabe said...

Love this post and how your heart is so tender towards your sweet man and family.
Dave and I meet our son and family at church every Sunday too. I love that time of worshipping together. We often go out to eat afterwards too, Chili's is one of our go to places also.
Ouch to some of the things you said about ways we react in our marriages. I too will be INTENTIONAL (my word for this year) in my attitude and focus on respect with Dave and with others too.

Carole said...

I get what you mean about respect - I've always thought it strange that many people treat strangers with more courtesy than their own families! Let LD loose in the kitchen! And let him clean up as well... I have learned not to rush in to clean up because quite often my better half will get to it... he just operates with different priorities... Cheers

Carol said...

I am thankful that you and LD have found each other and get along so great together. I need to learn to be more patient with my husband. He is a great provider and he does love me without any stipulations. I love him and miss him when we are apart.

Deanna Rabe said...

Thanks for sharing what you got out of your Sunday message at church. It's good food for thought and something we all should be aware of in marriage.

Tim doesn't cook much, but he makes breakfast burritos for Sunday breakfasts!

I'm happy for your happy times with family. Such a gift!

NanaDiana said...

I love this post, Linda. You have such a wonderful relationship with LD and those kids. What a blessing all the way around. I have not been in church in a long time. At some point I will go back.

Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana