Thursday, January 6, 2022

It's COLD in Texas!

 It's been a really cold blustery Thursday here in the country!
While we don't have the camper's propane heating system operating, we do have an electric heater we are using inside the camper and a small mostly-for-looks fireplace heater in the front room AND a really good Dearborn heater in the bathroom that runs on propane.
Even so......I have been COLD today and I'm not really complaining as I would rather be too cold than too hot!

I meant to do some deep cleaning in the front room but I decided to cut up denim instead.

I took this pic from the camper door which is two steps up from the front room.
We leave the door open and the cats have the best time chasing one another racing in and out and then up and down!

I enjoyed doing stockings stuffed with all kinds of gifts - but they must fit into the stocking - for Christmas presents from us to everyone on Christmas Eve so much that I have decided to do it again this next Christmas, too!
I had a bit of a challenge finding enough stockings and some were more narrow than others so I would have to change out from one stocking to another depending on if the gift would fit in there.
SO.......I used my stocking as a pattern for the denim ones, making them just a little bit bigger.
I made the red and white stockings back in the 70's and had Summer and Jesse write their name on the white cuff and then I embroidered their signature. When Amber and Ben came along, I made stockings for them from different fabrics. I still have theirs but only my stocking and Summer's remain of the original set. It is definitely time to make new ones.
I not only have some blue denim but some black jeans also.
I started not to use those but then decided they would look good with black and white checked fabric for the cuffs and toes. It's going to be fun making these throughout the year and embellishng them according to the personality of the receiver.

We took a hot chocolate break that was just heavenly!

Our Waco friend, Linda, made some chocolate bombs.
You plop one in a big mug of hot milk and it dissolves into some serious goodness!
Louis Dean got the white chocolate one.....

and I had the peppermint!

They were so good and just perfect for this cold January day!

I caught the sunset this evening and went out IN THE COLD to get the picture.
This does not look like a cold weather sunset to me but maybe a sizzling HOT weather one.....
except for the bare trees.

I've stayed busy inside and Louis Dean has been working in his utility room organizing and cleaning.
Who KNEW he could do such a good job?
HIs challenge will be NOT to trash it when he tries to find something.

So while we stayed in, Sherry and Dean went out in the cold around 6:00 tonight to rescue some bees that were about to be bulldozed. They were in a container out in some woods that were being cut down.
Probably in preparation for the solar farms that seem to be all over the county now. Vast amounts of acreage all being bulldozed completely down. The were successful in retrieving the bees and placed them in apiary where they will occupy the Hive #4 spot.
Hopefully when the weather warms up, I will go out with Shery to check things out.
We lost a couple of hives this past year but they have more than made up for them by the hives they've rescued!

I am going to close tonight's journal entry and het into my long sleeved flannel pajamas and join Louis Dean in the bathroom for a glass of wine in front of the Dearborn heater!
That's the only warm place here and I'm really glad it's big enough to hold two chairs and a small table!

You MIGHT be a redneck if you drink wine in the bathroom in from of the heater!
Just sayin'.....


Deb said...

Hi Linda. I love your denim projects. Stay warm and enjoy the country!

Ginny Hartzler said...

It may be freezing cold there, but your camper looks SO cozy!! And your photo of the sunset is absolutely divine!

Hootin' Anni said...

That is in the bathroom (not teasing or begrudging)!!
Love the cup of your hot chocolate with the bee.
Your denim project sounds like some serious fun!!!

...would enjoy watching the cats play.๐Ÿ˜Š

Sandi said...

White chocolate hot chocolate sounds divine!

Changes in the wind said...

What a sight it must be to see you two in front of the heater in the bathroom with a glass of wine:) The denim stocking is so cute, what a great idea and love the black with the checkered fabric idea.

MadSnapper said...

I would be considered red neck since I follow where ever there is heat. I don't like to be cold, but I also don't like to be HOT. I am a medium person, i think the black denim will be beautiful. I love black. so glad they are saving the bees and sad about the bulldozing.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love that your going to make stockings out of your denim stash! Great idea!

We got snow last night! It’s cold here too!

Vee said...

Always a fun project! My project is dismantling Christmas on this snowy day. It just feels wrong. My natural inclination is to turn on the lights and make some hot chocolate. Those bombs look like a seriously good idea. Time to scout the internet. Those "farms" are going up everywhere here. Imho, they are a pox upon the land. Glad that the bees were rescued! Just like Sherry and Dean to do. Stay warm, folks!

obscure said...

I love your stocking idea! My grandfather used to do that for all of us when we were little (although without the beautiful handmade stockings) and it's one of my most vivid childhood Christmas memories!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Trying to keep warm there seems to be a challenge for you. Hopefully your cold spell won't last long. I cannot stand being cold and often layer up the clothes but then I feel so bulky I can hardly move. You need some electric blankets there for sure !

Bluebird49 said...

The stockings sound so cute!
I know it's fun to watch the kitties playing. They have provided some serious intertainment!
I'd rather be cold,btoo! Being too hot is just miserable, but I love to get under a throw when it's chilly. It's going to be the 20s tonight๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

photowannabe said...

Ha Ha...Love your closing lines ....
You two are awesome.
Stay warm and have fun making those very creative Christmas stockings. I think the black and white check will be great on the cuffs.
Enjoy your time of just doing what you want to do there.
Good the bees were rescued too.

Luann said...

Nothing wrong with being a red neck unless the collar gets way to tight. LOL Jeff Foxworth would be PROUD! I am proud to claim you myself but then... I might also be a redneck LOL

Carole said...

You are the most clever redneck I've ever known. Stay warm. Cheers

Wanda said...

Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do! I think it's kind of romantic in a bathroom sort of way! My poor dearest has such a time with being cold. He's so thin and frail right now. You too are just too cute. Most darling couple I have ever known. Love and Hugs..

Visits With Mary said...

Here on the Texas coast we've had some cold nights at last. The days are cold to cool to mild. Sure better than the 80's we had for most of December. Stay warm, Texas winters don't last long.

NanaDiana said...

While it might be cold there- your place looks as warm and cozy as cn be. LOL about the bathroom! I love that you are always up to something and doing some project. Good for make me want to do more, too.

God bless you and LD in this new year. xo Diana