Sunday, November 28, 2021

My Decorating Buddy Returned!

My decorating buddy returned to spend Friday night with us - all by herself!
Quadruplets don't get a great deal of one-on-one time as often as singletons do so this was a precious gift both to us and for Trystan and I thank Amber and Mike for sharing her with us. 

We stayed up late watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and eating popcorn.
I don't think Trystan has ever slept all by herself before (she and Logan share a a room at home) and I could tell she was a tiny bit nervous. No worries! Granddad decided to sleep in the guest room and Trystan slept in our room. Win! WIN!!!
She usually gets up on the early side do I these days.
I was up at 7:00 Saturday morning.....

but Trystan slept until a little after 10:00!!
I'm thinking that was a good thing and she felt comfortable here.
"May I interest you in a cup of coffee?" I asked.
We had the nicest day!
More Hallmark Christmas movies and a lot of decorating!!

I could not have finished the living room without her help!
She has a great eye for what looks good and came up with some really good ideas.

I may be one of the last people in the world to listen to music CDs on a stereo with a 5 disk player.
Remember the days when we would 'burn a CD?'
That's what I did to this one. It was a favorite and got scratched so I made a copy.
When was that??? Well over 20 years ago!

Trystan took this long picture telling me her mommy taught her how to do it.
She and I were both pretty happy with the way the living room looked when we got through!
It took us until 4:00 on Saturday afternoon before we stopped to clean up and get ready to join all the other Bells on a Family Movie Date!

It was so much fun to be a part of all the excitement of a movie outing with them.
The film was showing at Amber's favorite theater and we even ate dinner along with popcorn while we watched. 
That was Saturday night and I stayed over at their house after we got back and did last night's journal entry.

This morning Louis Dean and I met up with them all at church.
I love that we all worship's a true joy to my heart to watch these children grow up.
I'm so enormously proud of Amber and Mike and the parents they are.

Louis Dean came home and he watched football while I was back at the decorating and cleaning.
I am so far behind where I meant to be.....and now we have this Internet trouble. Or lack of Internet, I should say. Lillian called me all crying and upset about the nurse that gives out the medications.
I promised her I would be over to see her this week and bring her some peanut butter and sugar free strawberry preserves and a small loaf of bread.....and A&W Cream Soda wit Dr Pepper.
It's the little things that cheer us I'm going to buy her a new Christmas tree and set that up for her. Lots to do and I don't seem to have my normal amount of energy to get it all done.

But step by just keepgoing and pretty soon you have accomplished what you needed to do.

After driving around tonight looking for a place to scarf up some Internet (reminding myself of Sandra of the Mad Snapper!) I ended up where I should have come in the first place - at my friend, Pam's house!
Wonder where I will go tomorrow??


Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your new background! You may not have the energy you are used to, but it is still a lot more than I have! Trystan will always remember this special time with both of you, what fun you had!! YES, I still listen to C.D.'s on my C.D. player!

Bluebird49 said...

We still play lots of our CDs, too. It's really annoying when our internet goes out, for sure.
Trystan is a wonderful help! You all are fortunate to be all in one state.

Hootin Anni said...

I'm old school. I listen to 33 1/3 vinyls even. Along with classes & CDs.
My has she grown! A beautiful child & a great helper. Our dinner theater shut down during covid...a shame.
I finished some more decorating too...if any of the quads want to help...come on down!!

Hootin Anni said...

Classes = cassettes

Vee said...

I vote for going back to Pam's. 😁

Darling helper! I certainly could have used one this weekend, There now, listen to me. I had three helpers and they all did a wonderful job of cleaning up about six inches of rain soaked leaves on the back lawn. Phew! That would have done me in. And they brought in the tree from the garage. After that, I was on my own and it looks like it.

Lillian is blessed to have you. She will be so pleased to have goodies and a Christmas tree and you to visit with.

Deanna Rabe said...

I had Kyle's help with the tree on Saturday, thank goodness!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It's always an adventure with you! Love your post and your little Christmas elf! Enjoy your week!

MadSnapper said...

I hopw you get your internet fixed soon, being without it just about killed me. I used Publix and the YMCA. love your perfect decorating elf helper..

photowannabe said...

Trystan is such a darling girl and growing up so fast. You are building precious memories with the Quads.
Your home looks lovely and boy you sure have more energy than me these days.
Lillian is so fortunate to have you. Give her an extra hug from me.
Sue of photowannabe

Rain said...

Awwww...sounds like a perfect time! Very cozy and sweet Linda! ♥

Debbie said...

such a fun were lucky to have tristin all to yourself and vise-versa!! she is such a sweet little girl and a wonderful helper!! i do remember all of the "CD" stuff, i even remember cassettes, i think i am old!!

my mike was home for a week and he helped us decorate the entire house for christmas. it is wonderful to have help and more importantly company. it's so fun to have a "girl" to watch movies with, my boys have a much different idea of a "good" movie...and hallmark movies are not on their list of a good movie!!

it is so nice you all attend church and worship together!!

Debbie said...

i left this note in reply to your comment to me on my blog: i remember when i took my lessons, i was not sure i would be able to learn how to knit. my knitting teacher, leanne, was so patient, so kind, she is the reason i stuck with it. she always encourages me and if i am to be truthful, i stuck with it so i could spend time with her and the alpaca. i have made the best friends in my knitting group, most of them are younger than me. i learned to crochet in the exact same way. leannes sister liz taught me to crochet and she too is kind and patient...and another "in" at the farm. i tried to knit socks, i gave up because i did not enjoy knitting them. they are tiny, knitted with 4 double pointed needles and my hands struggled with it!!

my feet are never bare, they are always wrapped in heat...i don't need socks but i would enjoy knitting them for others if it were enjoyable!!

Hootin Anni said...

Linda...I thought maybe you'd shared more Christmas decorating by now. Will check later this week maybe?

I finished my's a big hit!!!

Hootin Anni said...

Ps, the fireplace brick is called "used brick". The outside of our house is also in used brick.

Wanda said...

My dear Linda..I've so missed you and your posts. My computer is old and it had another problem. Thankfully my daughter was able to find the solution and I'm back on line.
Loved your post and getting to see Trystan helping you decorate. Goodness she is quite the young lady.
Due to a number of unexpected situations, my Fall Decorations are still up!! Fist time in years I didn't have them down the day after Thanksgiving.
But after our Annual Inspection at Villa Ramona today, I will get cracking and get Christmas bins out of the storage and take down Fall.
Sending hugs and love